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  1. Greetings and Salutations, friends! My name is Ryan and I go under the moniker "Wild Wolf". But, most people just call me Wolfie. I've been Rangering since 2014 on and off, seeing many highs and many lows during that time frame. I've also been apart of Nerd Fitness since 2012! Recently, I was feeling really good about my challenges until about November of last year. I was laid off from my day job which sent me into a spiral of self doubt with a sprinkle of depression. I AM the provider for my large Wolf Pack™ and when I heard the news I was being let go (along with 120 other people) I started to panic. Between a mortgage, bills and everything in between that needed to be paid, I set off to find another job ASAP. Little did I know it would take me over 2 months to do so! I finally landed a job in late January, and my official first week was last week. My mood has drastically changed and I feel like I'm starting to gain some traction. FINALLY! During the time period where I didn't have a day job, I started a book series called: The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Now, these are EPIC FANTASY style books, with some reaching over 1100 pages long. Yeah.... big ass books. I started listening to them on Audible because the 4th book in the installment, Rhythm of War, was about to release. I consumed books 1 (Way of Kings) and 2 (Words of Radiance) in about 17 days, lol. I couldn't stop listening! I'm nearly finished with book 3 (Oathbringer) and looking forward to hopping on to book 4 right after. To give you a brief summary of what The Stormlight Archive is, please read THIS. I only link the summary of the series because I would end up taking 15 pages to explain it myself, lol. The books are AMAZING! My challenge, however, deals with the Immortal Words that each Knight Radiant must speak, starting with the First Ideal: Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination It is within these words that strives a code to live by, A foundation, if you will. There's so much meaning in these words that I think about them almost daily. And, what exactly do they mean to me, you ask??? Life before Death: Living each day to it's fullest. Don't wait for tomorrow to get something done, or forgive someone, or tell someone you love them. Don't let a day go by where you regret NOT doing something. Strength before Weakness: To me, this doesn't really have a lot to do with physical strength. This is choosing to be strong in those moments of weakness. This is choosing to do the hard thing over taking the easy route (which isn't always the right path). This is building up a mental capacity to kick each day in the nuts and never let stress or anxiety or depression to bring you down and make you question your self worth. Journey before Destination: I forget to enjoy the ride of life sometimes. I worry too much about the end results instead of relishing in the journey that gets me there. Smile at the little things. Don't take life so serious because it WILL weigh you down. You have a choice. DON'T. LET. IT. This is what my respawn challenge is about. I speak the Immortal Words and hold fast to the First Ideals each and every day. My Goals: Stay Active Stretch/mobilize DAILY Time Management Feed the Creative Monster™ That's it. No fluff or crazy shenanigans. Just get back to basics and stay engaged on the forums. So, let's drop in and get ready to kick some ass! Wolf
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