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Found 3 results

  1. Hello gang! I hope everyone had a great holiday Mine was not as pleasant as I had hoped, my house guest was very difficult but after she was gone I was able to just be for almost a week and it was lovely. This is the first new year I have actually taken measurements, and due to my holiday "eat all the things" I got to find out that I am larger than I have ever been So this year I am changing that! I will lose 24 inches off my measurements over this year. Current Measurements : Calves, Thighs, ect are per side. Calves - 17.5" Thighs - 27.75" Hips - 45.5" Waist - 38.5" Underbust - 37" Biceps - 13.5" (need to add my measurement at belly button) Weight (As of Jan 1) - 190lbs This Years Health Quest Overview: I will embrace my new hellish workouts - I will get in LISS on my off days with a goal of 10k steps or 30 min of yoga. I will meal prep twice weekly, and I will only have ONE F'it meal a week (minus my 2 weeks in Italy in may, that eating will be epic, lol). I will drink my damn water... seriously - minimum of 64oz a day And I will make myself feel pretty damnit!
  2. June Challenge : Team Cap needs reinforcement A Civil War has turned everything upside down. It is a time full of upheavals and changes. The heroes of our world have left their old paths to remain the protectors we need.... My personal life is also on the edge of changing. This change has been looming for several months now, but has been sped up by recent events. Long story short, I decided to go back to college to get the qualifications I need to work in a job I like instead of doing things that stress me out and don't interest me. The idea has been in my head for about a year now and I decided a couple of months ago to apply for fall semester. Which also means moving to another town, finding a place to live there and a job. Since my parents decided to seperate last month and sell the house, that means I also have to take the stuff I've stored there over the years back, which means a lot of sorting out and giving up stuff, too. It also means, I don't know exactly when I'll have to move, which means my quest need to be movable as well (which is the main reason, that I won't continue with my ring training). QUEST 1 - Strength Kettlebell+Bodyweight workouts, this month I'll be doing Density training. Three times a week or every second day would be great. QUEST 2 - Kettlebells Still on my Swings goal, soon will be half time! QUEST 3 - Muscular Endurance Various Kettlebell+Bodyweight workouts, usually for time. QUEST 4 - Nutrition No sweets, no snacks, no seconds, occasionally IF. QUEST 5 - Life Change This entails: sending out applications for school, looking for/securing a place to live, and a job as well als preparing to move.
  3. Hi everyone, so last night at the bar, I made a bet with a friend that I could do 100 consecutive push-ups until April 1st, 2015. Today I did a test and scored 50. I still want to keep my most of my regular training routine (more heavy bodyweight stuff), and do the rep-challenge as supplemental work. My idea was to do a set of push-ups every morning and try to increase the number by at least one rep. My question: What are your ideas? How would you train for that? Has anyone done this kind of challenge? Cheers and thank you for any advice.
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