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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Surface-Dwellers! Well, I have not been successful my last two challenges and was knocked off my path by a deluge of poor choices. Interestingly enough the Deluge attempts to thwart Aquaman's initiatives in Aquaman Rebirth #1. Thus, I myself will take on the Deluge in an attempt to gain complete control of my fitness life. My goal is to get back in the habit of regularly going to the gym and lifting. This is what I like, it makes me feel, I like feeling stronger and I like knowing that I can push myself in this way. Thus, to defeat the Deluge I will: Lift at least 3 times per week using the Stronglifts 5x5 program. Do a cardio activity at least twice a week (bike, run, swim, 1 mile or more walk with my dog, mowing my lawn with a push mower, etc.) Tame the wild shrubbery around my shed. Self-Care - because it's important to re-charge - finish the book Star Wars: Scoundrels OR beat (i.e., just finish, not necessarily 100%) Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. Deluge is a terrorist organization within Atlantis and can be defeated with diligence. I will give it a health of 25. Each activity done will deplete his life by 1 health. However, if I fail to meet a weekly goal (i.e., I only do cardio once in the week), then he gains 2 health points back. If I do MORE than the weekly minimum, I deal him an extra 1/2 health point of damage. Here we go!
  2. I have been having trouble with keeping challenges going. Taking a simple tack for the moment and will aim for the following in the next 4 weeks: Daily Salad Daily Workout Daily Spanish
  3. So I have noticed that I do the best in challenges if I theme them with nostalgia from my childhood. So: APRIL 2016 -- Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOO! Make a Workout Schedule -- Stick to it Swim -- MTWR 45 to 90 Minutes -- Good Effort For thinking about going swimming FSaSu... +1 Strength Training -- Add a Push Up, Pull Up Progression, and a Squat to what you can do each day Make Sure to Stretch throughout the day (Swim Alternates, just in case of storms or if serendipitous times occur: SCUBA diving or Kayaking, Archery, Disc Golf, Hiking.... wow I need ideas for fun activities to do while it is lightening) Whip that Mountain Dew Addiction -- Success if no Mountain Dew is consumed through challenge (pass/fail!) Chuck the Stress -- Panthro Says Relax Read, Listen to Music, Write, Color -- Anything that turns my brain off from the incessant worry mode for 30-minutes Keep Spanish Lessons in Sight I will finish the Duplingo Tree! Bonus: Practice not being clumsy with random balance drills
  4. Still on the quest for the non-creaking movement! Some mini quests to find your way! Diet Goal: 90% meals made at home -- too much fat, salt, and sugar out there -- not enough veggies and fruits Exercise Goal: Back into a routine -- hit the pool and the strength training with flexibility! -- MWF Swims, SuTR strength training or yoga Life Goal: Relax, damnit! -- this escapes me -- always anxious -- always feeling crazy -- so, got to rediscover activities that mellow me out Week 1: Try It Week 2: Stick With It Week 3: You Got This Week 4: Stay on Target Week 5: Almost There Week 6: Epic! Sometimes you have to grind to level up a bit Total Swim (10/18) >= 90% = +2 sta 55%55% Strength and Flexibility (12/18) >= 90% = +2 str, +2 dex, +2 sin 66%66% Dine In (44/120) >= 90% = +2 con 36%36% Make Time To Chill (24/42) >= 90% = +1 con, + 2 cha +2 wis 57%57%
  5. I am ready to dive into my first 6-week challenge. My 6-week goal is to lose weight and firm up so that I can fit into a US Women's size 8. To accomplish this I need to lose at least 5 inches around my waist, (I know that I cannot spot-reduce, but that is my trouble area, and I hates it, so that will be how I measure success) Goal 1: Tai Chi twice every week. Ideally this will be once in my class and once with my tai chi buddy, but I will still practice even if my buddy is not available. Goal 2: Weight lift 3x every week. I have free weights, I have a bench, there are zero clothes hanging on it right now so WTF am I waiting for? Goal 3: Eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Too many times I chose the less healthy snacks because they are quick and available. I am committing to cutting up the cucumbers and jicama in my produce drawer and having them ready to add to a meal or grab as a snack. Life goal: Get a job as a classroom teacher. I just earned my California teaching credential, but since I have an okay job with benefits right now I am not pushing myself to go out and apply for teaching jobs even though I know that I would be happier in a classroom. My starting stats: Height 5'5" Weight: 156 Waist: 34"
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