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  1. SuperDude is a nickname from being called "Dude" most of my life and adding the hero part to it because that's what I am for my kids. I am starting this challenge from a good place. I have been working on my fitness for two years now, starting with running and eating better and lost 20 lbs of fat. I then realized I didn't want a runner's body and started working out, using beachbody's programs and then following Nerd Fitness program and lifting weights this last winter. I followed the GOMAD diet for two months to bulk up. That worked pretty well, as I gained back 20 lbs of mostly muscle and
  2. This is my 2nd challenge so far, but my first one as a Scout. I'm starting a bit late as I have been away on business travel since Monday and I didn't have a chance to post before now. Fitness Goals: 1. Complete 2 day charity bike ride (Breathe NH) on May 18 and 19. In order to achieve this goal, I am following this training plan: Apr 15 Tue 10 - 15 mi, Thu 10 - 15 mi, Sat/Sun 30 - 40 mi Apr 22 Tue 10 - 15 mi, Thu 10 - 15 mi, Sat/Sun 30 - 40 mi Apr 29 Mon 10-15 mi, Wed 10-15 mi, Fri 10-15 mi, Sat/Sun 40-50 mi May 6 Mon 10-15 mi, Wed 10-15 mi, Fri 10-15 mi, Sat/Sun 40-50 mi May 13 (week
  3. Hey everyone I'm new here and new to my new program i started a few days ago. Ive done cardio kick boxing for a few years on and off with no real diet. Ive gone through a few phases of gym weights which consisted of resistance machines that i found out later are doing most of the stabilizing for me also without diet. My results have varied from adding some muscle and losing some weight but never the results I've wanted (although the effort I've put in has always been average) Im 23, 183lbs, 5"10 i want to lose my belly fat but gain muscle in the process. I am now doing full Paleo. Heavy lif
  4. Hey everybody, This is my 6th time participating in the Nerd Fitness challenges. I have managed to level up my life in many ways through this process, and plan to continue during this challenge. Here is a link to my previous challenge http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/22527-kyliewyotie-regains-his-motivation/ In my last challenge I overcame an almost complete lack of motivation. I was very pleased with the results. I want to keep on pushing myself with increasingly difficult exercise, and to improve my eating habits even more. Stage 1: Eat right, 80% 85% of the time,
  5. So - I've learned chronic cardio does not work for me. I've been lifting all winter and seeing great results, but now that the weather is getting a little nicer, I want to start running again. A typical run for me is 3 miles/30 minutes. Any advice for a weekly schedule/balance for cardio vs strength? I also enjoy taking HIIT classes, which I was doing up to 4x per week over the winter, but I'd probably cut back on to replace with cardio, since the weights aren't very heavy. My thought is 2 days/week of cardio, 2 days/week of heavy lifting, and 2 days/week of HIIT (lighter weights with some c
  6. Hi, everybody. I would appreciate some feedback. I started lifting weights seriously a little more than four months ago, at the start of November of 2012. Before that I was a runner and triathlete, relatively tall (6'0") and definitely skinny (153lb). After a long series of running-related injuries, I decided to make a change, and work on getting bigger and stronger. (Hence my user name, which I admit is aspirational.) In November, I started the StrongLifts program. I kept at that consistently until February, when the 5x5 routine started taking too long. So I switched to a 3x5 routin
  7. Hi everyone, Ive been reading lots of articles from nerd fitness and decided to sign up since i have a bunch of questions that i hoped Steve would be able to answer but ill settle for the next best thing. Before i ask my questions ill give everyone some of my details, I'm 23 82kgs and 5"10. My Goals are to burn fat and put on muscle (everyones goal I'm guessing) Ive been training past couple months but just this week after reading so much about pale and strength training I've decided to give it a go! My workout which is from nerd fitness is : Monday: Squats, benchpress, wide grip pull ups,
  8. I have been only working with barbell training for five or six weeks now and I am still considering myself a novice. I've got the Barbell Battallion ebook from this site, I've watched the videos for doing the lifts properly, but I think the thing that has helped me out the most is Ripptoe's Starting Strength book that is highly recommended by Steve. I was working my deadlifts yesterday next to another young lifter who was dropping his weights hard for his deadlifts. One of the gym trainers came in and asked him to please stop dropping his weights. He then watched me do my deadlifts to make s
  9. After completing my first challenge, and finally successfully running a distance of 5k, I'm ready to step up my running training to the next level. Here are my goals for my second challenge. Goal #1: Run a Half-Marathon Starting Point: Ran 5-miles on 2/22 (~47:30 at an easy pace) How to get to 13.1 Do all of the following once a week: 1. Intervals - I love them! 2. Middle-distance runs 3 - 6 miles at a quick pace (this will be my weak point) 3. Long runs - 6 - 12 miles at an easy pace My stretch goal will be 1:37:36 (I want to beat GreenMatt's time on the Scout's Leaderboard) A sub-goa
  10. I started lifting weights again the other day. I have been benching the same amount for 2 weeks now, and instead of it getting easier (which I expected) it seems to be getting harder? Thoughts? Eiric S
  11. Hi! I'm a 25-year-old newlywed mechanical engineer in Central PA. I started weight training back in September, and quickly became obsessed. I found Paleo in December, fell in love, and completed a Whole30 in January (www.whole9life.com). I'm not ready to do another Whole30 just yet, but I found nerdfitness about a month ago and wanted to sign up for the forums so I could join the next challenge My life is like one long episode of Big Bang Theory, although I wish it was a little more like Firefly or Battlestar Galactica. I married my very own Sheldon Cooper last year, but I wish I looked a l
  12. Woop woop! I've signed up for my first adventure race! The Dirty Dash - http://www.thedirtydash.com/race.i?id=42&t=Oregon - and I am SO excited! My 27 weeks leading up to the race will be all about training to have a blast getting dirty! But WHY? you might ask.... Because I want to WIN a few Mountain Trail Competition titles (horse events) and the physical improvements I'll gain by training to get dirty will go a long way to helping me be competitve! Win Win! For the first week of the year I've been focused on getting my shite together.... just in time to jump into this challenge
  13. Hello all! New member to the website, nice to meet ya! I suppose introductions are in order, my name's Michael. I'm 20 years old and have been "working out" for a good portion of my life. Playing sports, occasionally going to the gym or on a run. My diet never was never really...that healthy. I tried to eat healthier but it never really stuck with me, something that I'm hoping to change through being a part of a community like the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. I work (in a bowling alley), so I'm surrounded by junk food/sodas all the time, and it makes it hard to resist the sugary/fatty temptati
  14. So I've been doing my SuperLifts 5x5 for about 5 months now. I'm really starting to see some serious progress, but as I work harder, I'm finding my body is starting to get some aches and pains (as one would expect as you push your body harder and harder). One thing that is starting to get me a little concerned is that my left achilles is beginning to get really sore on a frequent basis, and it doesn't seem to go away (I haven't really taken more then a 4 day rest in awhile so that could be part of it), but just curious if other people have sore achilles and if so, if anyone has any tips or
  15. I just started weight lifting a little while ago with a buddy at work. He and I both prefer multiple muscle group exercises like deadlifts and squats (he's teaching me dumb-bell snatches this week too). Deadlifts and squats are both pretty intense and there is no safe way (nor is it probably ever advisable?) to do both on the same day. But even during the week, should I be doing deadlifts on M, squats on W, and something else on F? Does it matter? Any other advice on structuring a weight lifting routine? I know some people will alternate push/pull exercises, others will alternate different mus
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