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  1. January 1, 2018 Weight: 361 Bench Press: 95 x 6, x 6, x 6, x 11 --> 105 Barbell Rows: 95 x 6, x 6, x 6, x 8 --> 105 Squat: 135 x 10, 145 x 4, 155 x 3, 165 x 2, 175 x 1 --> 155 45 Degree Rows: 45 x 20, x 20, x 20 --> 50
  2. Greetings from Arcelas the n00b! If you are reading this right now, it means I have successfully posted it. 2018 (The year we all become murlocs) Quests 4 Week Challenge Quests: Quest Line: Lose 59 lbs. Hit my daily step goal of 10000 steps. 5000 the first week, then add 1666.66 (repeating of course) steps each week until 10000 is reached Quest Line: Get Out of Debt Cook as many meals on Saturday and Sunday as possible to reduce dining out spending by 50% (dropping from $220/mo to $110/mo) Quest Line: Become Much Better At Magic
  3. Emboldened by all the returning rebels, I'm putting myself in the game and coming back to play. I missed the structure and the accountability, but most of all, I've missed you lovely people. So hopefully, and slightly shamefacedly, I'm going to try - for the third time! - to finish my last challenge. A few tweaks for the new goings-on and priorities in my life, but mostly the same. I'll include the original challenge below in a spoiler, but here's the basics: Exercise: Muay Thai 3x/week. One of the changes that happened this year is that @Bighara and I switched from our schoo
  4. Hi all! I need some help finding a lifting plan that works with my half marathon (and soon marathon) training. Running is my sport and my primary focus. But I know strength training is crucial for injury prevention and just general health. I want to start doing big lifts because frankly, I don't want to waste hours at the gym when I can get a workout done in a few moves. But I can't find a lifting program that won't get in the way of my training. And everything online is long lists of exercises I don't know how to put into a workout. A couple notes. I'm in between tr
  5. Hey everybody! When I first created the battle log I had written a very extended intro that doesn't make sense anymore. To be honest I'm not sure it made much sense back then. I'm just replacing it with this... "This is just a training log!"
  6. Well, my isnpiration for this challenge is the hunger games... Allthough the books where awfull, and the movies were kinda meh... I don't know, let's see where this goes. This month's challenge is all about getting hungry (Hunger Games... you know... )Well, not really starving-to-death-hungru, but kinda hungry... I decided I really need to know if I'm hungry, thirsty or just want to put my teeth in something tasty. That's why I will start intermittent fasting. So I will set a time I can start eating each week. If I feel good enough to keep fasting I can fast longer. Goa
  7. Hi everyone! It's been a while. Sorry. Things have been going great actually. I went from that weird low calorie whole foods diet, to counting calories and eating a ton, to finally just eat whatever I feel like which apparently has been low cal, low protein. Nevertheless I've lost a lot of weight, waist, hip and thigh size which was and still is my goal. Unfortunately that means muscle mass too. I've hit a wall on Starting Strength. Actually starting to probably go back a little. Most likely due to the low calorie, low protein thing. But at the moment I'm really happy
  8. I'll begin w/ the basic format that Hazard lays out in the "Start Here" thread: Here I Go: Pick a Main Quest: Begin the first 4 weeks of a advanced 5K plan (I have the endurance as I just completed my 5th Half Marathon) w/ a focus on building speed (Goal PR in a 5K I have the week after challenge concludes on Thanksgiving Day). Pick 2-3 SMART goals: Run all prescribe runs for plan formulated by Endomondo: "Experienced Going faster plan targeting 5-15KM race distances for runners that are already active" 1 day per week Strength Solutions Course at A
  9. HAHAHAHAHA. It was worth tendonitis just to get that challenge title. So, for those folks who’ve lost track at home, I’ve been having some tendonitis issues in my left knee for a few months, and mid-August I tweaked it really badly and I think it’s developed into ITB syndrome, so I’m spending this challenge doing rehab work and not inflicting any more damage. While I’m at the knee rehab, I have a couple of other nagging issues that need fixing, so I’m going to go for the three-pointer and include those in THE REHAB CHALLENGE. My twelve-step program:
  10. Strength training challenge is HERE, brosciencers! I spent all summer doing conditioning work to prep for my annual Savannah Century bike event, so I'm ready for a change up both mentally ("wallballs? AGAIN?") and physically, as six conditioning workouts a week have put me in a state that I can most easily describe as cat-like: sleeping 18 hours a day, eating everything, and prone to biting. I was going to call this challenge The Crossover Episode and dedicate it to the greatest TV crossover of all time, Magnum P.I. meets Murder She Wrote, but then I rabbit-holed dee
  11. My life is a literal interpretation of the chorus to Chumbawamba's hit song 'Tub Thumping'. It's true, I get knocked down. Over and over again, knocked down. And just like in the song, I get up again. Always get up. So this is me getting up again. I've been here before, looking at fitness and health again after getting knocked waaaayy down. I moved to another username to signify an even deeper reboot. I chose to do this because my life is very different than when I went on my 91 lb weight loss journey three years ago. The TL;DR of it is this: I found out that I am diabe
  12. I'm back with a shiny new program! No barbells this time (well, they will make an appearance later in my program), but I am still focusing on strength. For those of you that followed my previous thread, you'll remember my disillusionment when I realized that a lot of the authorities on strength training are d00d-focused. And the self proclaimed father of them all is a sexist turd. (Not all male fitness gurus are sexist by any means, but there is a lack of representation of women in the sport, which had me feeling excluded at times.) With the help of some friends, I fou
  13. First challenge time! Yay! Can you feel the antici...pation? My Overall Goals: Lose at least 16kg to get back to my weight before I landed in the hospital Keep my platelets at a safe level consistently (between 80,000-150,000 per liter of blood) Get a job performing at Universal Studios Japan Look fantastic for upcoming weddings, including my own! An explanation behind these goals, for anyone who didn't see my forum introduction: I have Hashimoto's hypothyroid and polycystic ovaries, diagnosed as a teenager for both, and despite having a healthy d
  14. Welp last challenge I was supposed to do some things and, in short, I did not do those things so this challenge I am simply going to do the things. These things include one thing that has been a long time coming which is my first OCR upcoming on the last day of the challenge! So things for this challenge must be related to getting ready for that thing. Without further suspense, here are all the things to do for this challenge: Thing 1: Track the Things I started out tracking solidly during a previous cut that lasted 2 challenges but then last challenge I got sick an
  15. I have been debating the pros and cons of each at their extreme ends vs a combination approach, but I can't seem to decide I was wondering if any of you had tried something similar. A full schedule of martial arts could be considered a strength training regimen on its own, but the flexibility aspect appeals to me (considering I am on the not flexible side of things yet). I'm not at a full schedule yet, but eventually I will be. For the mean time though I am considering adding yoga and strength training to my martial arts training. At my disposal for strength training: A weight ben
  16. Hello everyone! I feel like a lifetime member of the "Nerd" Community but am just recently a member of the "Nerd Fitness" Community. I recently retired from a career that began as a coal miner, truck driver, construction worker and morphed, somehow, into pcs, databases, healthcare, Information Systems and finally leadership within healthcare IS. What a ride! I chose the display name Old!=Slow (read the ! as 'does not') as an optimist. Currently, for me, Old does equal Slow. However, I am on an Epic Quest to change that. Over the past few years, I have had an up and down weight
  17. After a successful tracking chalenge last month, this time, I'm focusing on bigger, greater goals! This time with a reward (other than the happiness of seeing the scale tick back ^_^). So let's push our inspiration: This is Valkyrie. She comes from the Marvel Universe. She KICKS A**. Who would not want to become like her? GOALS - How it all starts 1- 4 weeks, 4 kilos lost. No excuses, just hard work () 2- Maintain exercise schedule: 3 weight sessions, 2 full dance sessions, 1-2 dance practices, 2-3 biking sessions 3- Continue nutrition tracking and goo
  18. Last few challenges have been switching focus towards getting ready for first OCR that was supposed to be in June. But we are taking a bit of a detour on the route to Sparta(n) and making a pit stop in New York. Over the last challenge, it was determined that the Spartan will now be my second OCR as I registered for a Warrior Dash in NY at the end of May(Thanks @RedStone ) Road Trip upcoming! So goals are going to be similar to the last few challenges but adjusted and simplified a bit based off of prior lessons learned and accounting for a slightly shorter schedule bef
  19. Ta-da! I have shaken off my cold with copious amounts of Dayquil and hot baths, and I am here, with you my Ranger brethren, to take on a new challenge. Which will be not terribly unlike my last challenge, but hopefully more amusing, and with 37.9% more bicycles, since the weather is better. I had a very intense challenge laid out with a very serious VIKINGS ARE BADASS theme, but it's like 75 degrees and sunny and I'm down some weight and the Justice League trailer looks fucking great and I'm just kinda in a good mood this week, and it didn't feel like the right theme. So I changed
  20. Hey everyone, complete newbie here hoping to have some fun with the assassins I've been a member of NF for about 6 months now, but never got round to checking out the forums. I very recently had to respawn so I thought 'why not'? After all, there's a lot of cool-lookin' stuff going on in here My personal challenge is a simple one of pure self-improvement; strength training, cardio, drinking more often, and eating more veggies (and potatoes, oddly enough - versatile things, spuds): At the moment I can do about 24 push-ups in a minute, I would very much like
  21. Another challenge, another chance to conquer. Let's do this! I'm super stoked for this challenge! I'll be doing a five-week challenge this time around, but I will be evaluating me quests on a week by week basis and edit, change, swap, or remove any quests as necessary MAIN QUEST Land a new job and get fit doing it WEEK 0 QUESTS QUEST ONE: badland training (WEEK 0) alternate between strength training and running in the mornings and do x4 per week (I'll be using the superhero app from six to start for
  22. Sorry for being MIA, work took away our wifi because planning a switch over before actually doing it totally makes sense. I finally got it back yesterday. Also, went to the chiro, had 3 adjustments, started icing my back/hips/shoulder every night, and I started a strict (as in I actually do it) warm-up routine. Those three things have made a good improvement, but I am still babying the arm as much as possible. Last challenge kind of became a mess because as much as I hate to admit it, if I don't see crazy awesome results (which normally isn't a great sign in the lo
  23. Hi, I'm posting this in the Women's Specific forum because my research has led me to learn that women have a lot more of this problem than men do. I went to my physical therapist for the first time this past week, and he informed me that while my ankles are tight (old injuries), my knees, hips and elbows are hypermobile, extending pretty far past the normal range of motion. I don't think I quite have hypermobility syndrome, as I only pass 2 of the 9-points they use for scoring that. He basically said that I have to stop stretching (bye bye, yoga) and work on strengthening muscles to protec
  24. Hi!! Ive been following NF for a while but i finally got off my lazy ass and started doing something to lose weight. I'm getting married in July, and while my gf loves me no matter what, my being overweight really bothers her and i can perfectly understand that, i started putting on over last 6 years because of how lazy I'd become since i stopped playing basketball. Firstly i want to lose weight so i can actually feel better about myself and more confident when i go out and just my general bearing. Secondly i want to be able to play again. Properly. Lastly i want her to think i look good
  25. Introduction: Loves Yeshua Class: Level 3 Ranger/assassin hybrid Hobbies: hiking, knitting, reading, & more Want to know more? Ask me.
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