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Found 3 results

  1. Metaphorical rapids of life I mean. Winter in Boston is fickle and confusing (it was 60º F today...) and even with this relatively mild winter I found that being overly specific about what training when was stressful. Since that's a surefire way to make me avoid things, I'm not toruring myself. If it's snowing, I can do body-weight and yoga in my apartment. If it's not I can run and use barbells. And if my least favorite teacher is the zumba sub I can not go to that class. So there haha. 1. Dance/Yoga/Run 2x week 2. Strength train 2x week. Must do at least 3 different exercises for three sets to count. 3. Learn to squat and press with a barbell. This one makes me very nervous, but I've been wanting to try for a while. I just bought starting strength, so I'm going to try to start teaching myself and if that doesn't work out I'll fork over money to a trainer. 4. Accounting! My month theme is money, and I'm going to start logging my jewelry making hobby as if it was a business. It's going to be a terrible business, because I don't sell anything. But I want to learn about accounting, and doing helps. I have been taking online courses in accounting fundamentals, so I want to try applying some of the concepts to my life. Anyways between dodging life's river blocking boulders and doing things that scare me, this should be an interesting challenge.
  2. Dren

    Life Is Good

    Age: 29 Height: 172 cm. Weight: 69.5 kg. GOALS FITNESS AND FOOD: Go to the gym at least 4 days per week, ideally 5. This is the routine I want to return to: Push Day, Pull Day, Swim/Active Rest, Push Day, Pull Day, Rest. Stretch every night before bed. Take a packed salad + protein + complex carbohydrate lunchbox, plus fruit, a big water bottle and/or flask of herbal tea, every day I have classes (4 days/week).LEVEL UP MY LIFE Be out of bed by 7:30 am every weekday. Work 9 - 5 every weekday, and set SelfControl to block social media sites until the end of my work day. FITNESS ROUTINE PUSH DAY: Weight training with emphasis on "push" activities.PULL DAY: Likewise, but opposite.SWIM DAY: Half an hour gentle swimming at the 30 m pool at my gym.ACTIVE REST/REST: In addition I tend to a 2 hour dance class on Tuesday nights and at least one or two nights of social dancing at other points in the week. I'm hoping to go for many long walks with the new boyo as well.(Weights and reps info to come after my first session back) NOTES Photos to come!I've decided to start a challenge again because I've fallen into some bad habits over the last month - I was doing very well, then had a great holiday/field trip (11 days hiking in Wales + a long weekend of dancing) which made me very happy, but knocked out my routine. I'm an MA student and am feeling the pressure from my studies. I also recently had some relationship issues, which are now resolved. My response to these things was to sleep as long as possible every day! I'm seeing a counsellor now, as a 'real life' accountibilibuddy - I thought checking in with the lovely folks on the forums here might help with the day-to-day.
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