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  1. Look here for last challenge -> it pretty well describes what I am up against. The TLDR version, Life is hard. My mom needs a ton of care, and expects it with little regard for anything else and is not the nicest of people on a good day. Work is insane since its this time of year. Add in work drama that is “My perception” and I have almost no spoons left most days when it comes to lunch, but I can’t give in to the lack of spoons since too many people need me. I AM TIRED. I am overwhelmed more days than not, and I can’t just throw up my hands and hide in a blanket fort. It would only ge
  2. Sooo I fell off the face of the Earth last week because surprise! Roofing. Which is to say, I found out midday Friday our roofers were going to be around to replace the roof Monday. Roofing is done but not without discovering a family friend hired to insulate the roof 5 years ago snowed us and pocketed the cash, and discovering the leaky bastard skylight did a number on the roofing boards and a bunch needed replacing. And now I am out an additional 5.2K beyond budget (but like for 1, I can't not have a safe roof and the insulation will pay for itself in 2 years).
  3. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” While this quote is widely attributed to Winston Churchill, there's some who argue it's true source. I'm off topic, please pay no heed to my ramblings. It's easy for me to lose track sometimes... Ok, ok all the time. I've been on this site for sometime. During that time I've never followed through any of my side quests to complete my end game quest. It's not entirely uncommon for me to begin anything and sprint right into the field of battle, if you will, and for some time I will excel, push through the
  4. The last couple of challenges I've been working on my relationship to food. I've stopped binge eating/restrictive eating completely with the help of some awesome rebels in the Intuitive Eating accountability group <4 The last step of Intuitive Eating is "Gentle nutrition". Which basically means: eat like a normal human who cares for their health :p There are some more things that I want to be working on this year, but this time I'm not going to try to do them all at once. As many of you know, I love watching YouTube, and one of my favorite youtubers posted a video yesterday
  5. Blessed be the Fruit. I am back! I need some motivation with current life goals. So of course I turn to my NerdFam<3 This summer has been crazy for me with traveling and having Jamison (our 14mo half son) every other week. But we are in a groove now and I am ready to start adding some things that I need and miss back into my routine. The Ranger Guild being 1st one my mind! I miss ya'll. I have a new guilty pleasure. And I think @Wolfpool has mentioned it before on his thread. I am addicted to The Handmaid's Tale And since the 2nd season just ended with a HUGE cliff hang
  6. When people talk about stress management, I get this image in my head of a man or woman sitting in a bar after work, her suit jacket draped on the chair and sleeves rolled up as he says confidently "I manage the stress department. Those guys are killing it!" and takes a confident swig from their glass of whiskey, neat. I don't like whiskey, and I look terrible in suits. Stress is significantly impacting my well-being. Last night I was awake for 4 hours. I have panic attacks, and while I'm usually a stress eater, lately, I've lost my appetite, and feel too upset to eat.
  7. Hello guys. Rhia Wolfe here. I have not been doing well with my fitness. Fitness has taken a backseat to so much of my life. I need to turn this around and remember that it needs to be a high priority on my list. i'm working with Stacy with NF Private Coaching. One of the things she told me today is what I'm going to focus on for this challenge. I know I'm a week late, but I want to return to the message boards. Miss you guys. So, what Stacy told me that seems to ring true is that yes, nutrition is more important than the working out. You can't outrun your fork and di
  8. Endor

    Fight in the shade

    Long Term Ranger...first time Monk. Long post but it's mostly for me so skip to the goals if you like I won't be offended I've been away from NF for a few months. I haven't told anyone IRL...and I haven't said it out loud...but privately I'm fighting through a sea of work stress and other issues and I've been dealing with it by internalizing and self sabotaging and I've been mostly aware of it the whole way. Ridiculous I know but also irresistible, a cycle I have seen over and over in my past, very damaging but hard to resist. I've been working 60 to 70hr we
  9. It's been a long time... Too much has happened in the last...18 months to even try to condense it all. To sum it up; put on 10kg, became sedentary, have a very stressful job. Time to fix things! Quest One: Lose weight - My final goal is to get to 60kg. I'm currently at 72.4kg having lost 2kg since rejoining this site - Whole30 Weekly shopping lists & meal plans - I want to make Wednesday a shopping day and food prep day because it's my day off Practice a Whole30 diet 5 out of 7 days, to keep it sustainable longer term
  10. Originally I wasn't going to post a challenge thread. But I will just miss y'all too much. I will be working some of the time while I am overseas (three weeks out with two weeks of vacation, so I cut a deal with the devil...) So if I'm already working, I have to check in. :-) Bae and I are going on an ADVENTURE most of this challenge. We'll be hitting Copenhagen, Berlin, Cinque Terre, Florence, and Rome. We have been together for 6 years and never taken a vacation (aside from traveling to visit family and some weekend camping trips.) This was supposed to be our honeymoon, but that
  11. This will be a work in progress since I am ultimate stress-panda right now. Hopefully will have some time to breathe post race this coming weekend and then finalize my goals for the rest of the challenge (aerial will definitely be on the list once I have time to brain and breathe again!) For this week my only goals are: UPDATED GOALS as of Week 2! GOAL 1 - ENDURANCE - Run at least once per week and do a good walk at least once per week (hikes also OK, and if I run or walk more than once that is also OK!) GOAL 2 - LIFTING - I MISS LIFTING. Slowly ease back in
  12. Laidir here! I know I'm late for joining this challenge but I'm hoping to set myself up with some basic healthy habits before the next challenge! I'm finishing my Bachelor of Nursing next week (shameless brag!) and I need to start taking better care of myself. Stress has done a number on my body and I just discovered that I've gained 25 lbs throughout the program and am now technically a little bit overweight. Which is super weird because for the longest time, I could not gain weight no matter how hard I tried (I wanted boobs, what can I say :P). Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes all ru
  13. Quick sketch of what I'm thinking of this challenge: It's going to be busy at work, it has the potential to be stressful, and I need to manage that: Sleep - check in with the Black Ribboners a few times a week, and continue to work on habits. I may start modifying wake up time, Cooking - eat some damn veggies (I've been slacking...made a huge amount of braised pork shoulder Sunday though, so I'm set for protein for the next several days). I have both broccoli and Brussels sprouts in the fridge though, so there's no excuse. PT - the shoulder is doing
  14. Challenge 26 - Mistr keeps it together My last challenge was to make more slack. That was largely successful. December will be a test of all my balancing act skills. Normally I get worried about the holidays. This year I'm worried about being out of the country for three weeks in January. I need to make sure that my usual responsibilities at work and home are all covered. Not to mention planning part of a vacation to exotic locations. The holidays get to take a back seat this year. Goals: 1. Maintain a positive attitude. I can do this. Be nice to my fam
  15. Hi everybody, it's been a while I've been wanting to work on my anxiety from new points of view, and I've found a nice resource in Kelly McGonigal's book about stress. It is a pretty interesting book, maybe not as good as her previous work on willpower, which I absolutely recommend, but it has some nice ideas I want to test. I will divide this thread in 3 types of posts, as I did in my willpower thread (if you want to take a look at it, check my signature), to make it easy for everyone to find the main ideas in the book instead of needing to read all my ramblings mixed up in t
  16. Intro: I had a productive first year in NF, and then the wheels came off. Amidst the perfect storm of mental and physical burnout, injuries and illness, family and work stresses, I went into a bit of a dark place. I went back to bad habits of eating like crap, making excuses not to exercise and isolating myself from everyone. It took longer than it should have for me to recognise and confront those issues, but I’ve done that over the last couple of challenges, and I feel like I’m getting back to a better place. This challenge, I’ll start the transition towards becoming more active again.
  17. This will be largely a furtherance of the previous challenge, with some additional bits. So - Sleep: Get out of bed when I wake up, unless it's the damn fuzzball waking me up at 4 am because he's lonely. Start winding down at 9, in bed by 11 at the latest most nights. Collect a black ribbon. Suburi: Do it in the am. Wake up, pick up a weapon, swing it. Repeat. If not in the am, then in the afternoon. Use kata as suburi formats, working on smoothing out. Contact a couple of different locations about setting up a class. (this
  18. Howdy Y'all! This has been in many ways the summer of slack, not the least of which not participating in challenges, or commenting much on forums. It's been pretty status quo in terms of health and habits, so still some things to clean up, and some habits to get back into. Hence the reboot. Nothing fancy this time around, and, apologies to Sarakingdom, no planned Pratchett quotes (although I may have to find my inner Vimes at some point). So - Sleep: Get out of bed when I wake up. If it's before my alarm (damn you, summer sunrise!), tough noogi
  19. Ensi signing up for another round with the Druids! It's my third challenge with the druids, and this class has been really good for my well-being. I'm working with lowering the high expectations I have towards myself, and getting strong and healthy after a straining, stressful winter. I'd say we're going pretty strong! During the past two years, I've lost 20 kg, and I'm still going for another 5 kg. This would land me in 65 kg, which is my ultimate weight goal. There's no deadline for this, though; I'm mostly after getting strong and feeling good, and managing my anxiety issues and
  20. Home is now behind you, the world is ahead. A page has definitely been turned in my life: I have a new apartment (Fort Foxy) in my hometown where I’ll be returning this autumn, an internship in a new town for the summer, a new apartment (Internship Headquarters) in this town where I’m working this summer, new daily routines, new people, a new bank card, new workout pants (yay!), and a whole new hairstyle.......! Needless to say, I do feel slightly shaken up with all these changes after a long feeling of being slightly stuck in my life.
  21. Harihead is Mellowing Out and Moving Ahead. Last month was, shall we say, challenging. I'm now concentrating on finding a new job, managing the ongoing stress from my current job, and introducing better, more supportive personal behaviors and habits to help get me through the transition time. Life Goal: Return to the weight and fitness I had when I worked from home, instead of someone else's office. 3 Month Goal: Lose 15 pounds before I go to France this June. March: Down 4 pounds. April: 4 Week Challenge Goal
  22. Instead of challenges I'm switching to this method for a bit. That way I can have some kind of accountability and still be part of the forums. I have a respawn post I made if u want a back story. So let's just jump right in. Today I had coffee, heavy cream but no sugar. Keeping sugar out of my coffee is ONE good thing I have stuck with. As a hungry as I am now, I am fighting the urge for fast food and just eat the healthier lunch I brought. And I had a delicious breakfast of pecans, banana, and cottage cheese. Better than the sausage and biscuit I've been craving. A few good things today.
  23. Hi Rebels! Ensi here I'm a 23-year-old Rebel from Finland. I've been around for a couple of years, done a few challenges and found a place among wonderful people. Right now I'm very busy with my studies, so instead of participating in the next NF challenge, I'm going to put up a battle log... Which you're reading right now! I like to keep things simple and short, so here's what I do: - The Sweetest Day of the Week I'm a bit of a chocolate addict. I've been working on it since last summer, and I've reached a level where I can deal with having a small portion of cho
  24. I'm in the publishing biz. That means deadlines. When wrapping up a major (months long) project, I first get really busy days. Then I start working longer days. Then all I do is work basically 8 to 8, after a restless night's sleep that is consumed by fretting over how much I can get done the following day. Some of my peeps call this phase The Death March. It's the nature of the beast; you gotta hit the deadline. One of my fellow managers measures success in how few days her team actually has to do the Death March. (She's gotten it as low as 6.) The problem, you can tell, is that fitness
  25. I'm going to join the challenge from now until 3/27. Better late than never! I've been quite busy with various adventures lately, however, I'm back. I've been spinning my wheels in terms of my health making small tweaks to my movement, eating, and relating habits. It's not addressing my underlying apathy. Some times, I get so sick of the "effort" and willpower it takes to make healthy choices. I've let this slump last too long, since it turns out the "effort" is worth it. I feel, look, work, and play better when I make consistent investments in myself - regardless of how busy I am. Actu
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