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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'll try to keep this short and simple. So, onto the questions! Questions Can you manage stress eating with meditation and physical stress management techniques? Or is this a more advanced technique to work towards? Is "sympathy stress" a thing? How long do I have to go through the "this sucks" phase of reducing sugar in my diet until it becomes second nature? If you dealt with stress eating, what have you done to keep it in control/end it? Longer Explanations Stress Eating I personally crave sugary, sweet thing
  2. Goal #1: Elements practice 6x / week I finished the current round of the Movement Multivitamin, but before I get back to Floor 1 practice, I'd like to work on the basics some more. Enter the Elements program, where I'll be working on three movement patterns: Bear, monkey and frogger. While I have no big problems with the range of motion in any of the basic variations of these, I'm sadly lacking in strength and stamina - especially my legs start complaining after about a minute or so of froggering about. This could definitely need more work, so that's what I will do. The program will take
  3. This challenge is more or less an extension of the last one: Goal #1: Floor 1 practice (6x / week) My mangled foot is on the mend, so I can finally get back into my unsual routine. Since I didn't make much (or rather: any) progress in the past couple of weeks with the Floor 1 program, I'm still stuck at phase 1B. I'll stay there until my foot can take all the jumping that's supposed to happen in phase 2. I've also started my yoga classes again, and I hope to make it back to kettlebell class this week. Goal #2: Keep the Sugar Monster at bay (2 - 3x/week max) I've been doing okay wi
  4. ... and somehow kicking it up a notch, through no fault of my own. Goal #1: Floor 1 I'm still working on the GMB program "Floor 1", still in the very first phase of the beginner's program. As long as I can't consistently hold a crow pose, that's where I'm going to stay. I have managed to hold the balance for a couple of seconds (PR as of today: 15 seconds!!!), but there are still days when I don't get the balance at all. Though considering today's new PR, I hope to progress to the next phase sometime during this challenge. For now, F1 practice will happen 6/7 days a week. If work allows,
  5. I'm not sure if "challenge" is the correct term for the next couple of weeks. While there will be a lot of work involved, my challenge is surely not going to be spectacular, there won't be any huge milestones to be achieved, and progress will be slow, at best. Goal #1: Floor 1 I'll be starting the GMB program "Floor 1", which is supposed to teach me essential strength, agility and body control over the course of 14 weeks or so. The program has me working on that 6 days a week, alternating balance, strength and flexibility days. While I will have probably few problems with the flexibility ba
  6. So here I thought I'd start a regular kettlebell routine again, looking into the Simple & Sinister program. I did some initial benchmarks to figure out where to start and how to progress eventually. Enter not the kettlebell, but the possibility of Patellar Tendonitis. Exit my challenge-plan-to-date. Now I'll need to figure out what all I can or can't do in order to fix the buggy knee. Since it's been buggy for the past 11 months and didn't even hint at getting better despite all the physical therapy and strength training I threw at it, it seems like I need to do something different. Me
  7. Since my life is going to remain pretty busy with both work and pony-sitting until mid-October, at least, I simply don't have the energy for an elaborate new challenge. The best I can do right now is to not fall off the wagon entirely in regards to stress eating and neglecting exercise. So this is going to be a pretty unexciting holding pattern, trying to keep me from sliding back into bad habits. Goal #1: Beat that Sugar Monster Number one on this list is still my fight against the Sugar Monster. It turns out that even if I reduce the days when I eat the sweet stuff, I can still go totally
  8. On my way to a healthier and stronger me, I'll have to keep it simple in the next couple of weeks. I'll have a lot on my metaphorical plate, both work related as well as private, and as the stress level rises, I will have to be careful not to have too much on my literal plate as well. In order to stay sane and not revert to bad habits, I'll do the following Keep the Sugar Monster in checkKeep movingStay flexibleKeep cookingGoal 1: Keep the Sugar Monster in check +2 CON +2 WIS The more stressful life gets, the more obnoxious the Sugar Monsters become. But I will keep them at a distance, at le
  9. This is my first NF Challenge and I am pretty excited. I’m trying to get hubby on board too! I’m not new to weight loss – I’ve lost 185 lbs from my highest weight of 365. I am very active now but I have trouble staying the course with my diet – especially when it comes to sugar. I’m a total addict, and I need to stay far, far away from it. I don’t do Paleo (hope you won’t look down on me for that!), I am a clean eater at heart. Makes me feel energized and amazing – when I freaking stick to it! I’m REALLY excited to be here with all of you!! So, here are the goals. I don’t
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