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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, it's my second full challenge and I'm already having a rest, after going way off target with my first challenge! SO LAZY, YES?? That's right, I have no discipline to give to health, fitness and diet. No discipline, no willpower, no motivation, no inspiration, no knuckle down and do the work-ness, no just do it-ness, none of it. But wait! All is not lost! This challenge, I am making my overarching goal to ENJOY BEING ALIVE (since I don't do that very often). And I'm making it food and fitness related! (That's right, I said FOOD related!). As your intuitive-eater-in-residence, I declare
  2. Dear Druids, thank you for letting me play in your sandbox this round! Hello errbody! Welcome to the challenge in which Flea finally touches hers- er, gets in touch with herself. I don't pay enough attention to my body and what it's telling me, and I don't take enough time to focus on recharging and bettering myself. I have a tendency to just coast through the present while living mostly in the past or the future. Over the past 5 months I've started eating better and exercising more but not really paying attention to how I feel as a result. I didn't realize that running before work made m
  3. I recently “started†training in BJJ for the second time and I’m really excited to keep training. I’m not in as good of shape as I would like to be, and it’s difficult for me to make it through the class and sparring afterwards. Along with this, I’d like to improve my body composition. I figure the two will go hand in hand with this challenge. The hardest part of this challenge will be actually getting to my BJJ/Muay Thai classes. I tend to put everything else in my life ahead of my personal well-being, and I need to balance it out. I’m good at working and getting great grades,
  4. UPDATE (Nov 12): Thanks to all for the feedback! Most of the goals are now sorted out Hi. I'm a Wizard. Or at least I aspire to be a Wizard. NF has no caster types, though, so the Druids' guild is the closest match. I've always been one for multiclassing anyway, so it's all good. Speaking of multiclassing, I have some existing degree of fitness and exercise regularly, so this challenge contains very little goals in terms of physical exercise. Exercise is sort of like my therapy, so I'm all good there...for the time being. My diet is also relatively clean (no junk, no bread, no pasta and no
  5. "I'm prepared to scour the the Earth for that motherfucker. If (ENERGY) goes to Indochina, I want a n*#$$# waiting in a bowl of rice ready to pop a cap in (her) ass!" last challenge was nothing to write home about. life happend an i was mostly overwhelmed. i want to find a way to keep building my own business as a social worker, studying psychology, moving, reducing cigarettes and losing weight without it being too much to handle. so im back with a new set of mini - goals intended to maximize my physical and mental energy. GOAL I "You remember Antoine Roccamora, half black, half Samo
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