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Found 12 results

  1. I have been absent due to some real life issues and such but I am back Since I have been away I have gotten braces on my teeth. 2nd time I have had them. Overall Goal: Lose 40 lbs by June 9th Challenge Goal: Lose 5 lbs 1. Walk 30 minutes daily 2. Drink 20 oz or more of water each day 3. Body Stretches; each morning and night
  2. Hi! I'm normally over at the Assassins, but due to being off for a while I need to get my general fitness back up to snuffs - and since that's kinda your guy's specialty I'm hopping guilds, from being over at the Rebels to kinda try to figure my stuff back out. Last challenge went fairly well for the most part, but I still have a ways to go on most of the same general lines - either a leveled up version, or the same with better consistency. Namely the running... (Any and all advice from anyone with experience getting stiff joints to cooperate and work again without whining - HALP!)
  3. Full Blog Post here: https://airawear.com/index.php/blog/shoulder-stretches/ Hey guys, I just published this article about shoulder stretches you can do anytime (very work-friendly!) but I wanted to share a short-and-sweet version here for you. You must be either a young kid or a truly healthy person to have never gotten stiff shoulders in your entire life. Unfortunately for most of us, we don’t fit the above bill. That includes me, and probably you too. Maybe right now your shoulders are stiff. Tense.
  4. I have tried for a long time to get healthy and fit, but I fail each time :/ I usually try to workout with squats, push ups...etc but my body can hardly do that so I will start off with stretches for my body and neck to make me feel stronger and more able to do more advanced things. I am ready to do this! Monday here I come! 1. Walk 30 minutes each day 2. Neck and body stretches every morning and night.Various stretches in addition to; wall sits, planks,calf raises, and glute bridges. <-- I assume those can be done everyday. 3. Drink water with every mea
  5. After a long bout of depression really weighed be down for several years I am ready to commit 100% to getting in the best shape I can be, especially since I am inching toward 30 years old! I would not say the depression is cured but I know getting in shape will finish off the amount that is left.I will go ahead and start this challenge on the 22nd! 1. Walking 30 minutes a day 2. Body stretches every morning and night I have a list of stretches for arms, legs,neck, and body 3. Workout, each morning. I will have 2 separate sets of work
  6. Okay so my last challenge got derailed with my kids getting sick. I hung in there however and scraped by with a few points. This challenge will be a continuation from the previous one with some slight variations. Goal One: Gardening - Stamina I still need to maintain and grow my garden. Late spring means lots of mowing, I also want to ramp up my vegie garden so it can produce more food for my family. I hope to get at least an hour per day in the garden. Excluding watering. I have roses flowering in the rose garden that we can't see because of the weeds. I need to clean that up. The lawn is
  7. Here at La Maison de Anything, November has passed, and not without its usual catastrophes. An impatient woman ran a red light, striking Ifrit in his Smart car. He was lucky enough to escape with severe bruising to his shoulder, elbow, wrist, and ribs. The muscles in his back may have torn. (The clinic hasn't said so yet.) Ifrit also just started a new (full time, off schedule) job, so he needed a car, immediately. We spent a day shopping around, and found Red Sonja. She has heat seaters, good giddyup, and not bad mileage. In the upcoming weeks, Ifrit will go to small claims in order to have
  8. I have never been able to sit on my heels. Ever. I've been a ballet dancer, a practitioner of kendo and yoga, and I've never been able to sit on my heels. Even at my most flexible. Now I am young and female, so the answer does not lie that way. Better yet, I've found what appears to be a solution, I just want to know if anyone has tried something similar and how often. Other options are also welcome! Shril p.s. I can touch my toes, Penny. Just not my sit bones to my heels.
  9. Objective: Build up a better self-image to help boost confidence and motivation. Hopefully to gain better mental health and positive attitudes towards exercise, diet, & life. Quest 1: post daily affirmations, in any form (picking something I like about myself or posting a motivational picture or quote). It will be a big challenge for me, I am a very negative person. Quest 2: Daily morning yoga and/or Piriformis muscle stretches and/or meditation. Going back to a staggering-type challenge, waking up 5 minutes earlier. Then I will increase by 5 minutes each week. My herniated disc
  10. Hi guys This challenge for me (my second, just moved up from recruit!) is about losing as much fat as it is possible to lose in a sustainable manner. I weigh 172lb, and according to my estimations, I should weigh no more than 156. I have made a huge impact in my fitness level by taking up jogging, but I'd like to start branching out, as well as generally doing more. I also have huge issues with coordination, posture, flexibility etc, and if these got improved along the way, it would be a great thing. Last challenge I aimed fairly low, as I wanted to really make sure I would stick with it.
  11. I just started training for a 5k for this challenge. I'm using the Zombies! 5k app, so I don't have to plan any runs myself. What it doesn't give me much guidance on is stretching. Does anyone have a good, simple, short list of must-do stretches for after a run? Right now I'm just sort of vaguely stretching out my legs in half-remembered things from who-knows-where. I need things that are simple to understand and simple to execute, so that I don't get too overwhelmed.
  12. Any recommendations for stretches for after a workout or a cool down routine or does everyone just stop lifting and head to the locker room? I found with running that I need to stretch or do something otherwise I end up hurting my back. Any good resources on how to do stretched properly?
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