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Found 17 results

  1. Quest 1 - RUN Plotting to do a half in the fall and now I need to get that to happen! A - 12 runs B - 11-9 runs F - less than 9 runs Quest 2 - POWER THROUGH! Just finished my first month of doing Strong Lifts ... I'm gonna keep pushing it! A - 12 SL workouts B - 11-9 SL Workouts F - less than 9 Life Quest - SUIT UP I've been putting off getting clothes that fit my flabbier form ... time to dress well rather than Buy 2 pieces of new clothing!
  2. Hey guys, I'm pretty new, and I've got what's probably a typical question for new folk: What is the safest (and quickest) way to determine a 1rm, 5rm, or 10rm on given exercises? Now I realize the simplest method is pick up progressively heavier things until I can't with proper form, but is this the best way to do it or should I treat it more like a progression? How often do I test this while moving up to my actual max? Should I test this for different lifts on different days (not going to test OHP and BP on same day, but mixing legs with presses to test, etc.)? I am not
  3. *Disclaimer: No elephants will be eaten or hurt in any way during this challenge. So how DOES one eat an elephant? LogiKoo knows it's one bite at a time. However, IllogiKoo has really been struggling lately with the whole "one thing at a time" mentality. I have good intentions, but I look at everything on my plate and I become paralyzed. Consequently, nothing is "eaten" and more things are added each day. This challenge will be focused on teaching myself to just get started on that one thing (while continuing the good habits I stumbled toward in the last challenge). Goals:
  4. Well, life has been interesting. Got into a good grove working out with a coworker, start playing hockey in a local beer league, started playing with software defined radio, wrenching on a beater suburban, lots of goodness. Then I slowed down on working out with my co-workers, had excuses not to play hockey (Sunday night), and put on more weight than I needed. Oh, and let my housekeeping go to entropy. Goals and metrics are easy. Every day - one action against entropy to clean/improve the house. Sunday night - hockey - starting tonight.
  5. I will edit this with more details, but I wanted to get this out here now before the challenge gets too far along. I liked some stuff that happened during the last challenge and I learned a lot more things about me and what makes me tick. So, my challenge won't be much different from an underlying plan, but the goals will be structured a little different as a way to keep me motivated. Run 40 miles - I know that number doesn't look like a whole lot, but as the temperatures dip I'm always less motivated to go outside and run. But, that number does require that I pretty m
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a few days late but I'm here. I worked hard last challenge on improving my time management. I made great progress, and want to continue on this idea. I plan to establish a minimum level of fitness for everyday. So if work/school/family etc get in the way and my whole day goes to hell I can always hit at least my minimum. I want a preflight checklist of sorts, that needs to have every box checked before
  7. Hey Everybody. I am currently out of town for work, its going to be a rough one. Some of you may remember that not to long ago I was working long days with only 1 day off for about 3 months. Well I had some time back to normal, and got sent off to help out a different facility. I'm in jersey, doing 16 hour days for 10 days. Ok so my gripping is done, please forgive my complaining lol. I will be home on Tuesday the 24th, and plan that to be the real start of my challenge. In the mean time I am just trying to make sure I don't loose the marbles I have left. (I do have a plan so I don't st
  8. Hi All So ive abandoned my previous battle log coz I thought its time to get serious and therefore I need a new log... So lets start with why my battle log has this strange name.... while researching stronglifts I came across the story of Milo of Croton and thought that his story was an awesome guideline for what im wanting to achieve, I mean.... "His daily diet consisted of 20lb meat, 20lb bread and 18 pints of wine" awwwweeesssoooommmme I wish I could eat like that lol... but I will eventually be doing this full paleo ( I say eventually because I am currently not in control of meals bu
  9. Yup, I did it. I officially crashed and burned. As my arbitrary post in the Respawn forum said, I finally died from the long, slow death that is the curse of all soldiers: that strange mixture of cockiness ("I'm a soldier; I do PT every morning! I'm a calorie-burning machine!") and denial ("I only eat fast food because my schedule is so crazy and the DFAC food is horrible!"). Fact 1: it is entirely possible to out-eat your workouts. Fact 2: it is entirely possible to believe Fact 1 is not applicable to you. Bonus Fact! It is also entirely possible to rationalize total lack of gym time by sub
  10. Hi all, I started doing NF's Barbell Battalion back at the end of December and loved it right up until a month or two ago when I hit a serious plateau. I know I haven't been eating as well and my work schedule is fucking nuts, but seriously... I've been struggling just to maintain my working weights. I decided to find a new routine, change things up a little. I suspect part of my problem may be psychological, boredom... So I checked out Strong Lifts and figured I'd give it a shot. He mentions that women might want to add 2.5# per workout to the bench press and overhead press instead of
  11. Hi Everybody, I came back last challenge, after a long break. I succeeded; in the last challenge, rebuilding my healthy habits that I had let decay. I started my vitamins (everyday) again. I made strength training (3 X a week) a priority. I also made sure to eat right (paleo, and in a calorie deficit.) I am very excited to participate in this challenge and keep the momentum going. Goal: 1 Eat Right​This is absolutely critical to my success. I want to get into the 1XX's for my weight this time, and eating right is 80% of my weight loss. So I signed up a food delivery program, that de
  12. Hey warriors - a bit of an intro since this is my first time as a warrior. i've been in and out of challenges all year, never quite finding something i can stick to that i enjoy. when i first started i loved body weight, found that i hate cardio, circuits are good but lacked motivation. Not at home from 6am - 6pm so finding a time to workout is difficult, unless it's short (cardio, blergh) or is just on the weekend. Boyfriend (who i work out with) has been thinking about strength training for a while. I asked a friend of mine who is a personal trainer and competes in judo professionally for
  13. I've named this challenge after "Phenomenal Woman" By Dr. Maya Angelou, may she rest in peace. If you don't know it, you should read it. This is in comic form if you're more of a visual person. Main goal: For this challenge I want to get down to 155lbs and my ultimate goal at the moment is 150lbs, which means 12lbs in 6 weeks. I've been loosing about 2lbs a week, so as long as I can keep it up, I should get there with some dedication. Goals: 1. Keep lifting 3x a week with SL5x5, I want to keep making progress on my lifts as well as loose weight. 2. Stick to 1,300 calories a day. I usually
  14. Hey All, I've started the Strong Lifts program, and I am on work day two. Since these are two very important movements I wanted to get some feed back into my form before I get into the heavier weights. I feel pretty good about the squats, though I think I may need to increase my flexibility in my hips so I can get deeper into the squat. This is really my first ever attempt at a deadlift, so I'm sure I've done a million things wrong. Squats Deadlifts Thanks!
  15. First post is copy and pasted from last challenge thread to define the main quest that I am. Goals for this challenge can be found a bit down the page. Quest for Spartan Strength I have always identified with being a runner. I grew up a runner. I got away from running and allowed life to consume me. I became soft. I put on weight. I got reeeal slow. For the majority of 2013, I have been focused on reclaiming my body and my athleticism. I set the goal to become a member of the 2013 Spartan Trifecta Tribe. And, I completed that goal last challenge period. As we close out 2013, I'm starting
  16. As an assassin, we need the ability to throw our own body weight around pretty easily. This is still at times a difficult task, considering 175 pounds isn't the easiest weight to throw around. So I am coming to a fellow guild for this challenge (and possibly the next one also, to build up more muscle, I was doing SL5x5 last challenge, but I never really pushed myself like I will do this challenge. How will I do this? Off days will be 1700 calories (Yes, I know what you're thinking. And yes I am aware), gym days will be 2300-2500 calories. So 4x1700 and 3x2500 averaging at about 2000 calories
  17. This is Kiwi reporting for duty - Im a New Zealand Girl, but travel a lot for work and adventure. Im a Scout and am currently undertaking my third NF challenge. As part of this challenge Im tracking what I eat everyday - also running in my trusty vibrams, planking like a boss and attempting to not procrastinate so much! So here I am - I have no intention of tracking calories etc this is just for observation at this stage to I can make small tweaks and learn what I can improve on.
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