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  1. Well, the last 6 week challenge I tried was almost a total failure. I think I've addressed some problems so now i got no reason not to start again! In being the overtly automotive nerd I am, I'm gonna give this challenge a theme. Might even make it more fun. Step 1- Power to Weight Ratio- Quickest way to get a little bit better at everything is to shed a few pounds, so Goal 1 for this challenege is to lose 15 pounds, or 4-5% body fat. Currently- 5' 7.5", 197lbs, 20%BF(Army tape test standard) CHA+2, STA+1 Step 2- Extend the Rev Limiter- For some extra top-end speed, i will practice runni
  2. Hey All, Wanted to get some feedback on people's experiences/thoughts on returning to a linear progression program (a la Starting Strength or StrongLifts) after being off of one. When I started, I used a linear progression (think SS with rows instead of cleans) and made good progress, even while cutting. Eventually (after about 4 months consistent use), I maxed out...then kept grinding away for 3-4 more months but had no improvements to show for it (generally still in a caloric deficit, although not as consistently as the previous 4 months). Technique started to suffer, I was demotivated.
  3. I acquired (and have been playing through) the new Tomb Raider. I’ve been enjoying the game so much, I’ve been inspired to base this challenge off it, and Lara Croft. I am making the swap to the Warriors! I’m focusing mostly on lifting heavy things, and since I was successful with my most recent challenge, I decided it was time to change things up. Train: Stronglifts. 3 times per week. Spark challenge. 5 times per week. (www.fitocracy.com/spark/) Eat: Cooking. 1 new low-cost high-yield recipe per week. Discover: Raid tombs. Visit 6 places that I’ve never been to in the Pfluge
  4. Hi everybody! So a coworker has been working out with me lately which is great to have someone to chat with at the gym. But we're both pretty motivated so we don't sit there and gossip. So that's a +1 I started Starting Strength and I'm on day 3. It's great so far, still working out kinks in my form. But today was the day that I was attempting to bench the bar. And I did. And it was awesome!!! So that's +2 Then, right before my last bench set a guy came over to me. I had seen him earlier doing barbell rows in the squat rack (which forced me to use another kind of rack, but that's okay).
  5. Oh, hai, Channing. Nice to see you. So, looking through my movie library a few weeks ago, I noticed I had an inordinate number of cheesy dance flicks. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, since I'm a former dancer (and still one at heart). This challenge has nothing to do with dancing, but everything to do with stepping up. I've gotten comfortable with my lifts, times that work for me, and my dietary routine. Time to step things up, and push myself to the next level. Step Up my Workouts Part 1: Maintain my 3 workouts per week. Combo of weights and Zumba. Get the personal trainer at m
  6. Loren Wade's Routine Challenge My last challenge was minimalism: I redesigned my living space, switched to a standing desk, sold 90% of my belongings, and sold my car in favor of biking. I currently lack overall discipline in healthy habits and a routine. This challenge will be focused on leveling up my life by following a loose schedule, eating right more often, writing again, and learning self defense.The Life Habit3 Hours Distraction-Free Writing WeeklyThe Fitness HabitsStronglifts 3x WeeklyKrav Maga 2x WeeklyThe Nutrition HabitPaleoLean Gains.Clean Paleo + Whey and Rice.Weekly Cookups.Nig
  7. Howdy! I'm excited to join this as it is my first challenge with the Rebellion!! I titled this the way I did because I've decided to put on some serious muscle, get a summer job, and maybe even some responsibility! So, without further ado... Goal 1: Get Stronger. Specifically I will: Squat 200Ibs x5, Bench 170Ibs x5, OHP 100Ibs x5, Pendlay Row 120Ibs x5, Deadlift 175Ibs x5, Chin up 3x12 I have been fooled for a very long time by the mass media of the fitness industry, bouncing from "instant result" program to "instant result" program, and wondering where the results were.
  8. Whoop for the Battle Log!! This is going along with my challenge as a Warrior. 4/15 Squat:115 lb x 5 140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5150 lb x 5 Did a 150 just to see how it felt to squat my bodyweight, it was awesome. OHP:45 lb x 555 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 5 That last set was a good push. Deadlift:85 lb x 5105 lb x 5105 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5 I was supposed to just do 105, but the guy spotting me encouraged me to go harder and I loved it! My goals were: Squat:140, OHP: 70, Deadlift: 105I accomplished: Squat
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