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  1. This is my last challenge before finishing my MPhil Dissertation. At last, I feel good about working on it until I could have it finished. I have the deadline a week before September 24th and I've written 18 pages (of 50-60) at this moment, so for this challenge I've thinking about what kind of lifestyle can help me passing this month the best way. Goal #1: One page a day I must write 32 more pages in order to present the dissertation to my examining board. Each page counts 1 point and the goal is getting more than 30 points. Easy? It seems so, but I've bloc
  2. Busy day but I'm posting quickly before bed... I'm back for my third start. In the past I've gone strong for two weeks and then fallen off. I t's not even a conscious decision. I lose focus, stop paying attention, get distracted, and then get angry at myself and have difficulty getting back on track. So this challenge it's about staying on track and really paying attention. I'm sticking just to the basics, no frills. I feel like I really need a win under my belt to prove to myself that I can do this. And I can! I have before. Food - Track everything on MFP. This is
  3. A blow requires follow through to produce power. I've never properly followed a training plan approaching a race, but working towards my first full marathon I can't afford to slack off. Inspired by awesome women, yet again. Goal #1: Marathon training 3x/week Following the Jeff Galloway plan, with walking intervals. Goal #2: Meal prep, continued This worked really well for me last challenge. Goal #3: Support the training Multiple things here: Stronglifts 1-2x/week (1x if I have soccer that week) Would also like to hit 1x/week active a
  4. As you may have noticed if you’ve followed my challenges, I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and I love exploring my local area so I’m having a lot of fun with Pokemon GO. Rather than fight the urge to play I’m going to take advantage of it by planning my exercise around it and buying in-game currency as a reward. I’ve deliberately never played a game with micro-transactions as I can’t justify spending money on it, but if it’s truly motivating me to kick ass in fitness I'll make an exception for Pokemon. Usual Activity 3x Stronglifts 2x Gym visits, at least one by bi
  5. Last time I tried something new, and it went fairly well. It was just all the same ol', same ol' stuff I had trouble with... After a month of not getting enough sleep, and suffering the consequences, redeveloping my sleep habits will be my main focus this time 'round. My new job is shift work, and with 2 on-call nights/week (essentially means I'm 'working' for 25+ hours straight twice/week) and keeping a couple of shifts/week at my old job, I really feel like sleep is the key to my happiness, my sanity, and my success. For reference, my weekly schedule looks (more or le
  6. Out of Character Post - Introduction Hi Rangers! This'll be my first challenge with the Rangers, and my second challenge overall. This challenge is going to be a written a little differently from most, so let's get right into it. The first thing about this challenge that's worth noting is that I'll be writing most of the posts in character. In character posts will be in green. Once a week or so, I'll be writing an out-of-character recap of the week, but outside that, I'll be letting Rebel Five take over. Fellow Rangers and anyone else reading are free to respond in or out of cha
  7. Placeholder because Hawaii. I'm in it. Be back next Monday! Goals: Powerlifting something something Zombies Row and stuff NF daily (when not on vacation) Adult Ranger minis Catch y'all later nerds! sent from the depths of the Ionian Nebula EDIT: So here are my goals!
  8. Well, time for a new challenge... or more accurately a continuing of the previous one. Goals will be basically identical (and will probably continue to be until they truly become habits LOL). Stronglifts 5x5 3/week. Current best sets Squat - 145 lbs Bench - 100 lbs Row - 80 lbs OHP - 75 lbs Deadlift - 165 lbs Couch to 5K 3/week Will be doing weeks 7 & 8 (and last day of week 6) which only adds up to 7 runs... will decide what to do after that when I get to that point. Currently, the speeds I am using on the tr
  9. Now that I´ve got your attention, welcome to my challenge! In regard of my maybe provoking title I´ll start with a little disclaimer: Yes, I´m german. No, I´m no Nazi. I don´t want to prove any political points here, I just love trashy films and to play with stereotypes. Kung Fury is a masterpiece in playing with stereotypes and bad puns, aims at typical 80th and 90th cliches - in short it hit´s my sense of humor perfectly and who doesn´t like it is invited to avoid my challenge. I´m not harming any board rules here! I just loved this film so much and had
  10. This is going to be kind of a placeholder. I have moved to NJ! I went to a work conference last week! I joined a gym Saturday! I went to a brewery Saturday! I started my new job today! With all the new and exciting things, back to some basics. Quest 1: Lift 3 times a week, do something else 2 times a week (long walk, yoga, group exercise class at work, running, etc) Quest 2: Fruit or veggie each day Quest 3: 40g of protein a day logged on MFP - I will undoubtedly eat more, but this is the easiest way to get me to log and not get hung up on calorie
  11. I haven't had time to put this together properly, but I need to get this started. I'll revise this post but the basic structure is going to stay the same. Part 1: Stronglifts. I'm going to continue my stronglifts progression at the typical 5#/workout. I did the last month in the morning, but for now I may switch to after work. I can superset chores with lifting for additional productivity and I won't feel rushed. Ultimately, I think this will help out with sleeping more. Goal: 12 sessions. Part 2: Diet. Last challenge, I tracked a lot and monitored the res
  12. Welcome to my latest challenge thread. Pokemon GO edition. I was sick most of my last challenge, and the challenge before that wasn't so hot either. Time to get back, and have a good challenge. Since Pokemon go was release, I have gotten myself back out there. I've been walking each day. Since I have been so motivated to get out there now, I figured I would structure my challenge around it My goals are pretty similar to what I had last time. This time, I am just not down and out right away Goal1 - Gym Battles Like an aspiring Pokemon Master, I need
  13. So thanks to all of you fantastic help here, I was able to pinpoint the nefarious shoulder mobility issue keeping me from my low bar love. While I rehabilitate: I'll be starting from scratch with some high bar goodness. I'll need your help on this one rebels. Excuse the butt wink, I'm working on it. First attempt: Maybe a breakthrough?: Is the second video any better?? Excuse the weird quality. And thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  14. Respawning, Rowing, and Rangering The last challenge (and frankly the two before that as well) have pittered out rather pathetically for me. Some family drama I've been dealing with somehow morphed into my spiraling into a super-down-on-myself-really-dark-time, the likes of which I haven't had to deal with since high school. I've been treating myself so poorly, eating awful foods, not sleeping, not cleaning, not meditating, etc etc. Though somehow I've managed to continue lifting through this (I guess that habits locked in haha) which is a positive. I physically and mentally fe
  15. The title may change, but as you may have surmised from the tags... I hurt my back again. Same thing. I'm an idiot. This is why you DON'T stop doing your PT exercises when you feel better people. *smacks self on forehead* So now I must stop being an idiot. For zero week, PT every day. And NO LIFTING. 3 sets of 10 of whatever I can do daily (ab tightening while laying down with knees bent, ab tightening while doing bridges, ab tightening while doing supermans) Glute stretches in the morning Glute stretches in the evening Pigeon pose in the m
  16. Hey everyone, sorry about waiting so long to get my challenge thread up. I had a really back time last challenge. Just pretty much bailed the whole thing. This time I was going to come back firing all cylinders, but I am really sick. My kid got his first ear infection. He wasn't do so great last week. So of course, the wife and I are now all sick too. Two days ago, I thought I was already doing better. I have gotten a lot worse the last two day. With that said, my first week of this challenge, is going to be cootie recovery. Assuming that it does
  17. Grymm

    Enter the Grymm

    Mission 1: Stronglifts - I haven't consistently lifted in a long time and I'm coming off a 2-year stretch where I didn't do any chest or lat work because it felt like it would pull my shoulder out of the socket. In the fall, I had done enough rehab that I was cleared to play volleyball (which I never stopped, but I did switch to setting exclusively) and had no other restrictions. So now I'm going to start from square one, enjoy a period of newb-gainz, and see where I'm at. I'm going to start at 45# (65# for pulls from the floor), incrementing initially at 10# for squat, 20# for DL, and 5# for
  18. Welcome swolemaidens and brobarians! As you might have read in my last challenge I´ve been struggling due to some back issues, bad advices from the doctor and inner demons bringing bad habits back to being a habt. Also the semiprofessional band thing didn´t went as expected, I got also pretty disappointed by my guitar-mate. But if I wouldn´t be fighting I wouldn´t be a warrior, don´t I? That´s why I´m doing this challenge like a real King of the Iron Fist Tournament! Every round, every stage of the game fight of the struggles, improve your defense, attack your enemies and adapt to
  19. Two days late, whoops. Goal #1: Meal prep on weekends Two veggies, breakfasts, lunch for a day or two minimum. And some kind of salad ingredients / veggie snacks. I've come to terms with the fact that laziness is the barrier to getting enough vegetables mid-week. Travelling and eating out for a week got me excited to cook my own food again. Goal #2: Marathon training I haven't signed up, but I'm seriously eyeing the Monumental Marathon (Indianapolis, November) and I've started the Jeff Galloway training program. Ran 9 miles last Saturday despite being on
  20. Behold, my adventure map! (roughly corresponding to my town) For more backstory visit my battle log. After hiking rangerously through Mt Moon I expected to emerge triumphant into the daylight but instead fell into the pit of Zero Week where family issues, comfort eating and travel got the best of me. All was not lost as I still fit in one workout and two walks and did some meal prep to get my diet back on track. This time I will be taking a tour around the Safari Zone (wildlife reserve visit/fitness goals) and looking for Mew on the docks by the S.S. Anne (v
  21. So I am getting back into the gym. I also decided to give the Stronglifts 5x5 app a try and I like it so far. (Although I really need to bump my weights up for a couple things since I'm flying through reps. I didn't know my maxes and so I just went with the base numbers it told me) I dont see see myself continuing SL for a long time though. I workout 3 days a week. Monday and Friday are lifting days and Wednesday I do a spin class for some cardio as well as speed in my legs. As I progress through the app I keep getting the same two workouts. So I started looking for a
  22. Ok so it has been quite a long time since I did abchallenge,. But I figure giving it another try can't hurt. At the end of August, I will be competing in the Highland games at Green Hill (Roanoke, VA). I did surprisingly well at my first comp this year, setting 4 PRs after not training or really lifting at art this pat winter. Now that I am back in the gym I am hoping I can do even better! (Edit) Here are the basics for my goals 1: Lift using the Stronglifts app 2 or 3 days a week. (On 2 day weeks I'll take the spinning class at the gym)
  23. Tweaking goals ever so slightly this month, as I enjoyed the simplicity of the last challenge. Just working on some weak points. Goal #1: Do Stronglifts 5x5 three times a week If I'm honest with myself I'm getting a little concerned. Failed squats, OH press and deadlifts during Monday's session (failed squats and deadlifts for the first time too) and workouts are getting LONG. Add to that douchebros who (again) like standing in my personal space in an empty gym while I fail, and a period that won't start, and it's all feeding the anxiety. I agree with the trainer who wa
  24. Hey guys! Almost finished with my first month on Stronglifts. My first foray with deadlifting socks and the fact I was using a squat rack by a window and had something to rest the phone on means I filmed myself. I'm sorry I didn't capture my feet, but I have a strong aversion to portrait mode. Hopefully you've got enough to go on... https://vimeo.com/168666565
  25. Ah can't believe the new forums were up Monday and I haven't gotten this yet. I've had it saved in a word file since Saturday but I slacked on actually posting it. Soooo May’s challenge will be a continuation of April’s. I’m switching some of the finer points of the grading system around but otherwise it’s basically the same. I’ll be continuing on with my same story from last time, and I’ll be using zero week to post the plots I owed from weeks 3 and 4 of last challenge. It’s Once Upon a Time themed, which is kind of a huge guilty pleasure show of mine and full of kick ass femal
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