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  1. ZOMBIES ATE MY RANGERS CHALLENGE! For those that do not know, this was an amazing game originally for the SNES system in which you would adventure through levels 1 or 2 players and gain items/weapons while attempting to save your neighbors. You could die by losing health or by losing all 10 neighbors. I loved playing it as a kid and really need to put it on my retro pie when I get a chance. So I will start with 10 lucky Neighbors/Rangers to be saving. Neighbors: @raptron @Tanktimus the Encourager @DJtrippyT @Jarric @Lifter5 @WorldSparrow @Rinna @Artemis1 @sozzielou @Rurik Harrgath @Thom Ulfhedinn @Sloth the Enduring @Xena @mr_willes @maegs @Rebel Five @bker1370 How Rangers die, simple, I miss doing things I am supposed to be doing in my training and life. Groupings: pills/stretching - miss either each day 2 dead Rangers. lifts/pulls/workouts - miss any each day 1 dead Ranger. low carb/no drinking/correct calories - mess each day and 1 dead Ranger. daily habits - more than 2 missed 1 dead Ranger. So pretty much if I miss a day of taking my pills or stretching, I kill two of you guys. I made this one so harsh because it is so simple to do, there is really no reason to miss a day. Missing a workout, pull ups, lifting etc. One of you are zombie food. This is pretty simple to understand. Injuries will be given special treatment, excuses will not. Caloric intake. I need to lower my carbs to less than 100 per day(some special considerations may apply, not excuses). Absolutely no alcohol unless I am at a special event, and then keep it low calorie/low carb. My calorie limit is 2,600 per day, super heavy training days it may be slightly pushed up, but is not an excuse to go to 7k calories. Any of these messed up in a day results in a dead Ranger. My daily habits are pretty simple, things I should be doing any ways. I can miss up to 2 a day, special considerations when I have things like work all day then a late hockey game I go straight to. More than 2 missed in a day though and one of you guys die. Chores: none - 1 dead Pretty much get at least one thing off my chore list done per day at least. If I fail without a seriously legit reason then one of you die. How to earn bonus Ranger: 3 days of all dailies - 1 bonus Ranger 5 days of lift/pull/workout - 1 bonus Ranger 5 days of pills/stretching - 1 bonus Ranger I can earn up to a max of 20 Rangers. Bonus items: 5 guys cheeseburger 5 guys cheeseburger Chipotle bowl(no rice/wrap) Thai bowl(no rice, 4 buddies) Chipotle bowl(no rice/wrap) Thai bowl(no rice, 4 buddies) wings(3 wings) wings(3 wings) Wegmans Pizza slice Wegmans Pizza slice Pretty much for each bonus item task completed I roll a D10 and get the coresponding item. All food bonuses must fit inside of the intake criteria for the day(calories/carbs). Bonus items disappear once received and a reroll will be added to their slot. Bonus item tasks: Notch all posts on deck Finish all beams Finish framing Finish setting up filter Finish setting up 12 gallon Finish building 75 gallon stand Clean entire Nerd Room Organize minis Organize an entire set of MTG 7 days of healthy intake 7 days of exercise 7 days of stretching/pills SUPER MEGA BONUSES: Finish with X Rangers: 20 neighbors: Rib Eye/Shrimp and a nice low carb side, then go ruck 5 miles with 20lbs 15-19 neighbors: Go buy a new fishing rod/reel 10-15 neighbors: Have a nice dinner out wherever you want 9: Not amazing, Buy something small fish tank related 8: Not too good, open 2 magic boosters 7: Average, you get nothing < 7: You suck, go RUCK 10 miles At 30 lbs That is it, hopefully I can keep everyone alive!
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