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Found 6 results

  1. Particularly with the holidays (and health issues that are destroying my love of holiday food) here I've been struggling to stay consistent one well, anything. So I finally buckled down last week, ordered a night time probiotic with sleep blend, and some protein that is supposed to taste like mocha caramel (heres to hoping!) to supplement my food and try to keep my stomach in check so I can finally get back on the workout wagon! Finding time between family, decorating, and cleaning has been no easy task either. But thats it, enough is enough, I need this, my health needs this, my body needs th
  2. I had started off so well! During the pre-challenge week, I got all my ducks in a row, loaded the freezer with frozen fruit for my smoothies, and the fridge with greens and veggies for my salads. I did my running and biking as I would during the challenge. Over the weekend before challenge began I went on not one, but two grueling mountain bike rides. Come Monday, I was a little tired, but I got up at my usual 5am, drank my coffee, got the dog and headed to the trail. Cruising along, not even in my first half mile and BAM, l'm on my face. I went down like a sack of potatoes. I hit
  3. Great Creator, I see my enemy, but they're cunning and fierce. I plan to attack on the dawn of the second sunrise. I know I cannot face them in battle alone, and you have provided the allies I need to succeed. It will all end with them or me, and if it's war to my dying day, so be it. These spirits of the Shadow do not oppress me alone, but every living creature in this land. It was you who saved me from the Shadow's deadly grasp. It was you who appointed me with the sight to see beyond this physical realm into where the spirits deal, your realm and the enemies'. You gifted me with great ski
  4. Alright, Where to begin? I work 50 hours a week, at two jobs, an Asian Restaurant and a Deli. I'm supposed to be studying game design but I may have just failed because I didn't submit any work in the last month because I've had an increase in migraines and was told two weeks ago that we have to move by Jan 16th. I suffer Severe Depression, and am on Meds for it. I also suffer Anxiety. I've been going through a rough spot of late due to all the stress and am struggling to not shut down. I could sleep all day, quite literally. I am a nerd, I love books, video games, art and alternativ
  5. As vegetarians/vegans, it is impossible for us to eat B12, as it only appears naturally in meat and in small amounts in eggs and dairy. B12 is important. (That link is a great resource if you want to know more.) So, where do you get yours? I use a vitamin and fortified non-dairy milks (most coconut and soy milks have about 50% DV), but if there is an alternate, better source, I would like to know about it. I've only been a vegetarian for about two months, so I can't wait to hear what more veteran veggies have to say.
  6. So I didn't do all that fantastic on my first challenge. I did complete it so I’m OK with not being fully successful. I really wanted those shoes but alas it wasn't meant to be. I did however learn something about myself and about the nature of challenges. I plan on trying a new approach this challenge. A lot of my challenge will be similar to my first challenge; the difference is in the measurable results. I’m not measuring my diet right now as I’m eating better than I have been each week on my own without focusing too hard on it. I’m still struggling with my unhealthy relation
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