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  1. Hiya there, I've been browsing this forum for some time now and am amazed to find so many fellow nerds like me, and, I finally feel ready to tell you about my goals. I wish to gain muscle weight, abs and be strong in general. I also wish to increase my stamina. Right now, I can hardly run for a kilometre at a stretch. As a student, I don't get much time to hit the gym or a good diet (the college provided food is really, REALLY BAD). I have put on belly weight though, to shed which, I've taken to running for the past 4 weeks (daily 1.5 km). What can be a good plan to gain muscle wei
  2. Hello beautiful people! I'm writing from the wonderful city of Boston, USA. I'm a third year university student studying bioengineering. My weight is always something I've struggled with. I was blessed with a wicked slow metabolism(thx mom) and my parents didn't enforce the good values of nutritional education as I was growing up. My first two years of college were not good, as I carried those uneducated eating habits with me in extreme ways. I started mega binge eating to cope with stress, closet eating, and only exercising minimally which ultimately led to horrific skin, weight gain, and pre
  3. I've always been an 'overeager beaver' who jumps in head first, tries to make huge changes overnight and then (go figure) falls flat on my face and fails miserably. SO I'm definitely into trying small changes and actually succeeding with my goals! Here's my first 4 Week Challenge! Diet - Replace hot chocolate with tea - Eat a veggie at one meal every day Fitness - Complete the beginner bodyweight workout 3x per week Level Up My Life - ALL dishes must be cleaned or loaded into dishwasher before bed every night.
  4. Hi all! I am here because I'm tired of feeling, well, tired! I am in my fourth year of nursing school and married with a basement suite to manage which have been my main excuses for not taking better care of my health. The challenges of all the above, especially nursing school, have made me incredibly mentally strong (I'm not full of myself, I swear!), but I feel I am lacking in physical strength. I am inspired by black widow and want to be able to kick ass like she does! I also have some GI issues that would be helped a lot by cleaning up my diet, which currently consists of anything qu
  5. So I'm a little new to this whole forum thing and definitely new to collective fitness things... A little about me: Sandavia Student, Office Wizard, PC Gamer, Ensign Trekkie, Trivia Team Captain, Pun Enthusiast My story starts almost a year ago when my health started to spiral into oblivion. At first, I attributed my exhaustion to poor sleep habits, high stress and regrettable food choices but as I began making tweaks to my water intake, started going to bed earlier, and chose healthier food options, I barely noticed a change and couldn't seem to catc
  6. After a bit of a hiatus, the Slayer is back! I'm a little frustrated because I'd made some great progress, and then I started law school and fell back on some old unhealthy habits I thought I'd slain along the way... Unfortunately, the undead don't like staying dead, so here we are again. The story goes that I've been staying up way too late, buying way too much food from vending machines between classes, and generally neglecting keeping myself grounded. I've been getting moving a lot because I've been dancing a couple of times a week, but I'd like to be working on getting str
  7. hello, all! i'm new here. i'm pretty small, partial to pastries, more inclined to sit and read than go for a run. really love nature and cats. currently, i'm studying abroad in a totally foreign country and have been a bit over my head, hit by culture-shock, bad anxiety, and isolation. i'd really like to get back on track and because i feel my mind and body are so connected, here i am! i'm visiting the druid group because i love yoga and definitely need some more balance and reflection in my life. with that lil introduction over, here's what i'd like to implement in the next mon
  8. I feel like I've been drifting for quite awhile now. Keeping it simple to 2 things, so I can focus on them. Everything else I know I should be doing not going to take up challenge space for it right now. so taking inspiration from some of my new favorite shows over the next few challenges. This challenge- Lian Yu. Train 30 mins daily- this can take many forms. Stretching, core work, strength work, cardio, , practicing forms. Have quite time/meditation at least 5 mins at least 3 days a week
  9. I'm a college nerd who is also working a part-time (up to 36 hours) job with a thirty minute commute time to and from school. I work in a fast food resturant so while I'm up and moving grabbing orders, takeing orders, cleaning the dining room I'm also in a place where I am constantly surrounded by junk food. I also have problems with my blood pressure, as it tends to not only run low but will dip if I haven't eaten enough sodium during the day. I am not on any type of BC at the moment but my doctor saw no change in blood pressure when I was on it. I noticed that I was in worse shape then I t
  10. Hey team! I'm Andrew, I'm 22, and I used to be pretty fit. A few years ago I moved out of my parents' house, had a break down, and have gained a steady ten or so pounds a year since then. I weighed myself recently and the scale put me at 188.8 pounds. In that moment I very, very suddenly found myself motivated to get back on track. My mom has been a yo-yo dieter for years, so I did a bunch of them with her (Atkins was the worst, good god) but never had any real results. I've been following NF's posts for ages and had always meant to do one of the challenges, but never really got around to it
  11. Long time lurker, sporadic participant and dedicated student. I have tried doing the challenges, but the timing never works out for me, so I am going to give this daily log thing a crack. My goal: Do a pull up. Then do some more. And get stronger and lose a little weight (goal is to lower bf%). Stats: Female 150 lbs 5' 3" 21 yr Chest - 38" Waist - 31" Hips - 40" former athlete Approach: 1. Bodyweight training 2. Karate 3. Active Rest Days 4. No binge eating! My diet is pretty clean, so I need to focus on energy in/out. It's the student stress life that really gets to me and makes me
  12. Well I found this site from the Art of manliness podcast. I found this work out from the email blast form Art of Manliness. All of these work out are killers and are with in my price range (Free.99) Im working in dips and squats from my desk at work figuring any little bit helps. And being this is day 3 or 4 of Nerd Fitness Im going to try to add some reps tonight after my 20 minute walk. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/08/05/the-prisoner-workout/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheArtOfManliness+%28The+Art+of+Manliness%29 http://aom.is/rYH-J
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Carlee and I am a "struggling" graduate student living in Maryland. You know who it goes with school: lots of debt, classwork, and a whole new level of balancing. That's my life for you! I have been following the site for several months now (bordering on obsessive) and finally have built up the courage to join the community for real! Life has had many ups and downs for me and currently I am fighting to maintain. I am really posting so that I can have another support group at my side when things get tough. And tough they have gotten! So let me start at the beginning so
  14. Introduction: Hey, I'm Josh, and this is my second challenge! I like road bikes, but I live in the city and I own a mountain bike, so it's really more of a mountain bike on a road. I also love bodyweight exercises, but I have a really hard time getting out of bed and consistently doing it. The only time I have available to workout is the morning because I'm still in college (MY LAST SEMESTER!!!) I live an active lifestyle and my job requires a lot of energy, as my career demands physical fitness (I work in the theatre, so actually, my name is currently Jack Raymon. Detective Jack Raymo
  15. I am a brand new character here at NF, and a little late off the starting block, it seems. A little about me: I'm a mom to a very active and curious 2 year old. I am a full-time student, finally going to college again after a 13 year "break". I am a voracious reader and gamer, but I have cut down on that since my child's birth. For this, my first challenge, I set the goals at novice level. Main goal is to lose 5 lbs and 2 inches from my waist. Starting at 191.2 and 41.5, respectively. Sub-goals: •Track my food in Myfitnesspal at least 5 days out of the week. •Workout on Tuesdays and Thur
  16. Bonjour fellow rebels, I'm Pierre from Courbevoie (near Paris, France), I'm French-American, currently studying economics and management in university. Now for the important stuff, I try to work out as much as I physically am able to, so every 2-3 days depending on how hard I pushed myself in the last workout, because of my time table I can go to the gym every day if I want to, only problem is recovery time. My sports passion is karate, I've been doing it (with a few year break when I moved) since I was eight, and reached the brown belt, and now I'm taking it back up. That's what mot
  17. Hello Level 1 Rebels!! A small intro: I'll be honest I think I gave a small intro about myself a few years ago and for some unknown reason didn't do the follow up, maybe it was a lack of commitment or some not so smart goals. Here I am though with some new and more achievable goals, and an upcomming year of school stress that will need to be directed in a postive and productive direction!! I'm 25 years old and working on my 3rd college diploma. After a few years in the business industry, I was losing my mind sitting at a desk everyday feeling like I should be contributing more to society o
  18. Hi guys! I'm looking to work my way into a paleo diet once I'm away at school and buying my own groceries. I have a few problems though... 1) I'm not very experienced when it comes to cooking 2) As a student I don't have a big budget 3) Not a big vegetable eater 4) I have an intolerance to fish(a lot of fish makes me sick) 5) I'm not sure what to replace breakfast stuff like toast with that doesn't involve eggs (eggs on their own make me kinda nauseous as well) and snacks (I usually eat crackers as a chip alternative lol) Basically what I'm looking for is easy to make and not very expensiv
  19. This is to be the summer of my greatest academic and physical challenges! I'm going to be stepping it up a notch for my very second challenge and let me tell you... Well, mostly anyways. I've got 15,000 words to write by August 26th, but I'd like to be done earlier than that, as I have friends and family coming out to visit me pretty much for the entire month of August, and the last two weeks of July. It's going to be chaotic, but I don't want my work stress to ruin the progress I've made so far with my health. Even though last challenge I didn't end up losing any weight (what's a number
  20. Hey y'all, So I am a super-stressed out, incredibly busy college student and I want to break the cycle of my current unhealthy habits before I graduate (roughly a year-ish from now). I need serious help. With everything. Workouts, nutrition, motivation, all of it. Any and all help would be supremely awesome. Here's a bit of a breakdown- Workouts I like Lifting thingsDoing things that have a practical applicationI don't like RunningGoing to the gym (because the super-skinny girls do horrible things to my psychological state and the buff guys in the weight room intimidate me) Nutrition I
  21. I'm ready and raring for my first challenge! I want to be tip top for this summer, and to do that I need to buckle down. So here are my goals: Main Quest: Drop 10 lbs whilst gaining muscle mass! Side Quests: 1. Follow CouchTo5K 2. Complete the first set of Bodyweight exercises in regime 3. Follow daily diet plan including juicing and high protein content, eliminating processed foods wherever possible Life Goal: Finish my exams and papers! Don't let the stress of it all get to me.
  22. I am thrilled to have stumbled on this forum, it's exactly what I need. I know it's supposed to mainly include workouts and food logs, but I suspect it will become a catalog of triumphs and obstacles. I've never been big on journals on diaries. I'm haunted by the paranoia that others will read my private thoughts or scrutinize my public ones. Even worse, I fear the gut wrenching embarrassment I may feel when my future self reads my past self's thoughts. I am also fairly confident that no one really cares what fitness/healthy lifestyle goals I achieve or which struggles I endure along the way.
  23. v Main Quest: I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. o No fast food, hot Cheetos, or soda. o 30 minutes of cardio at the rec/park every day. o 7-8 hours of sleep every night! o Do not eat in front of TV or computer! v Life Quest: Get a 4.0 this semester o Study 6 hours/class spread out throughout week o Study SMART, not HARD! o Two office hours per week (Different Prof.) v Measurable: Take measurements and pictures every week v Attainable: Take a picture of every meal throughout the day & add calories consumed with Pixlr. v Realistic: 1 pound per week is do able, not out of this ga
  24. Hey Everyone! So this will be my 2nd challenge. I'm an undergrad studying at university looking to get a B.S. in biomedical engineering. I originally thought I was going to go to med school and then the difficulty of classes (and the amount of time it takes) hit, so right now I'm exploring options and looking into internships. Anyways with fitness, I've really been thinking about getting into weight training and the more I read about it the more excited I am to get into it. I'm not that sure on how to start, but luckily my school offers a weight training gym class and I'm taking t
  25. Hello, hello! I'm Christina, and I've been a lurker for some time now. I credit NF as one of the resources that has re-sparked my interest to become healthier and fitter. I'm a 20-something university student from Vancouver, Canada. Once upon a time, I dated a bodybuilder who taught me lots about exercising and eating right. I was once in shape, but have let years and years of schooling and extracurricular involvement get in the way of being healthy and feeling good. I started my final year in Fall 2013, and just didn't feel healthy. Halfway through, I've made a commitment to myself to live
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