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Found 6 results

  1. I had plans for this challenge. I am not using them. It's time for a special monk challenge. I need to get in touch with my inner girly monk, and I will be using my blond guru for this. After all, aikido is about elegance, and who is more elegant than Miss Piggy? Miss Piggy's Life Lessons Spirit, Determination, Grit, Confidence, Pursuit of Dreams, Beauty, Being Tough, Kicking Down Barriers with Martial Arts, International Star, Best-selling Author, Diva Kicking Down Barriers: Strength and Mobility I will lift the one I love. I will stretch the one I love. Spirit: Meditation I will meditate. (That's meditation depicted there, right? Pretty sure.) Toughness: Prioritize Sleep and Rest I will sleep well. I will schedule rest breaks timed for better performance. Kicking Down Barriers: Eat Enough I will eat enough for my metabolism to run right. (And maybe try to get some data.) Determination, Grit, and Confidence: Know What I Want I will practice knowing what I want. (This will be partly in a journal, but I also want to practice knowing what I want when I hit roadblocks in the dayor encounter task resistance, so this will evolve.) I will practice rewarding myself for incremental progress on goals to reinforce grit. Diva: Look Fabulous I will incrementally increase my fabulosity. And possibly refuse to age. International Star and Bestselling Author: Art is Important I will make art. I will make things around me beautiful. Diva Bonus: Be a Rockstar I will give myself bonus points for being more rock n' roll. Templates Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Totals Strength: At Least One Exercise Yoga Walk Eat Enough Sleep: Full Lights Out by Midnight Meditate Dopamine Increments Write Schedule of Rest Write Down What I Want (in a Journal) Make Art Make Something Pretty Fabulosity Improvement Bonus: Rock n' Roll Totals While that is a lot, most of it is things I am doing or have been working on, or fun things. It's more about noticing what I do that serves a goal, or opportunities to do something that serves a goal. I am a busy person, being a big international star, so I will just do what I feel like each day, and track it. After all, why should moi do anything she does not feel like, hmmm?
  2. "Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You're no outlaw - at least, not anymore - but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. You're unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever." Since falling back into my Destiny roots, I have been enjoying the hell out of the Destiny 2 since it became Free to Play. I also recently purchased the newest "season" called Shadowkeep, along with access to the next 3+ seasons being added in the future which include specific missions and new guns/armor. I've always played the Hunter due to its awesome taste in clothing attire. I mean, they have cloaks! What more could you ask for?? The suave and bravado they bring is also enticing, so, with this next challenge, I will channel my inner Hunter and rock the crap out of these next 5+ weeks! Goal 1: In the Boots of a Hunter- Way of the Pathfinder I managed to get 233.85 miles walked in last challenge. In my eyes, that's a TON! Since working at Costco, I'm averaging close to 15k steps a day when I work there. Mathmatically, every 2k steps equals 1 mile, so that's how I came up with the miles walked last challenge. This time, I want to try and get more than 233.85 miles. I'm shooting for 250 miles walked this challenge! (Also, speaking of boots. My buddy Jesse found a pair of Frye sueade leather boots at the thrift shop and got them for me because when he saw them, he thought they "looked" like me. He bought them for $6 when they regularly run close to $300!! They also look like hunter boots from Destiny lol!) Possible Points: +3 END, +2 DEX Goal 2: Brand of Daring and Ingenuity- Way of the Warrior I've been working out consistently for since June and have seen some great results in my physique and health because of it. I've been slacking the past couple weeks due to some elbow pain, but I know I can still push myself without hurting myself. I want to put a little more emphasis on body weight training these next 5 weeks and tone down on so much of the heavy lifting that can flare up the elbow issue. This constitutes my two favorite BW exercises: pull-up/chin-ups and dips. I can do 12 chin-ups, 8 pull-ups and 8 dips right now. My goal is to push those numbers to 15 chin-ups, 12 pull-ups and 10 dips before the end of the challenge. I can do this! Possible Points: +3 DEX, +2 STR Goal 3: Manage the Holidays- Way of the Current As most of you know, I'm working 2 jobs right now and with the holidays coming up (plus my birthday Nov 14th) I need to manage my time better than ever! Sleep and time management with the Wolfpack is crucial and I need to make the most of my time with them count. And while I'm working both jobs, I need to be productive and an asset to both companies. I can do this! Possible Points: +3 WIS, +2 CON I'm not gonna beat around the bush this challenge. I got a lot of work ahead of me and little time to do it in. So, it's time to strap on my boots, throw on my cloak, and get to work! I'll see you out there, Guardians! Wolf
  3. Becoming a member of the League, The Justice League! The Age of Heroes Wonder Woman has made it through the first test (Muddy Princess OCR), and is now facing the next (Waterra - Heroes in Training). She has joined the Justice League to fight against an Earth destroying evil (Darkseid) that might just break her spirit and mind. His parademons are non too bright, but they are already here on Earth in their thousands, every single day, to attack. Mike seems nice and docile, but he has a nefarious plan - stop Wonder Woman from attaining spiritual and physical health. Stop her from doing bible study in the mornings (5am get up time), stop her from sleeping enough at night (21h30-21h45) and don't let her near water (1x bottle - 750ml/day)! Rag Doll wants W.W. to flounce around with no strength because ... it's Wonder Woman ... child of God ... strength to beat them all (when properly trained)! She will do everything in her power so Wonder Woman doesn't get to morning or afternoon training. If there is one thing Wonder Woman needs to do, it is keep up and improve on her current strength level after her rib muscle injury. Darkseid is not an easy opponent. She has to do morning exercises (strength) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Self Defense lessons for the children of the Justice League, on a Tuesday afternoon, as well as walk on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Wonder Woman normally uses her Lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, projectile tiara, sword, and shield in a fight, but Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, would prefer her to become proficient with a fire arm as well. Therefore she is to wear her f.a. of choice (CZ75B) at least three times a week on her when going out (EDC / concealed carry), and do dry fire training. And all this while being her usual stylish self (makeup / style-ish dress - dress right and nicely for the situation - 3x per week). Lastly, but not the least, she has to sort out her finances, as the Paradise Islands are in ruins, and they can't spare a dime for Princess Diana to live on while saving the world. Themyscira has to be rebuilt from the ground up, ready to face Darkseid when he comes in 11 weeks. If anyone can do it, the Amazons can. Together with her team (NF friends) she will face the parademons who are already on Earth. To win the prize, Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana of Themyscira, must reach at least 80% for each goal in 4 weeks. Pass for each goal is +-75% Spiritual and Physical Health: (80% of 28 days = 22 days) (Pass = 20 days) Bible study (First 15 and sermons/daily reading) - get up at 5am to do it. Sleep - go to bed before 21h30, latest 21h45. Water - drink at least 1x bottle (750ml) per day, and unofficially cut back on coffee again. PRIZE: A new Clive Cussler book. Exercise: (80% of 24 training sessions = 19 training sessions) (Pass = 16 training sessions) Morning exercises - after bible study on Mo. We. Fri. Afternoon exercises - Tu. We. Th. PRIZE: 2x new weight plates. Fire arms and Style: (Almost) Every day carry of f.a. - 3x/wk Dry fire training - 3x/wk Dress stylish for the situation - make up when appropriate, neat exercise clothes when outside in public view, neatly dressed when out in public in general, at least 3x/wk (i.o.w. don't dress frumpy!) PRIZE: For each 3x dressed and/or makeup put on, I can buy 1x accessory. (Pass = 9x) PRIZE: For 8x dry fire training and/or edc I can choose something at the gun shop. (Pass = 16x) Finances/Stats: Eish! The usual finances - January and February to be done. Keep my measurement stats up to date, but not for prize. Just because... PRIZE: An Easter Egg filled with either caramel or cremé! (Pass = Jan./Feb. done)
  4. Everything that is worth it, is an uphill battle! (Landon Kyker) I'm standing on this plato. I've already climbed some steep hills the last couple of years, but there are more ahead of me. The last two months' battle was to get back to being strong and fit, as well as the emotional/personal battle which is ongoing. Now to continue on that trail yet improve in some other areas. Then it hit me, there is a huge area which I want to focus on: my personal image! I won a mother's day makeover prize last year and the change was shocking to say the least. I'm not a makeup, accessories, dress to impress kind of woman, but I can look better and not like a frumpy housewife who doesn't care about herself. Because I do care about myself and by caring about what I look like, I show respect not just to myself but also to God and the people closest to me. So I joined the "Frumpy Fighters". It was put together for moms of all ages, by a mom. I like that in her free 3-day course she places emphasis on spirituality, health and fitness, and then appearance. Your body is a resource - use it, embrace it, maintain it! I don't just want to build my body, I want to make it look good in clothes too, get some style going. What are the use of gainz if you can't show it off sometimes GOAL 1A: FIRST 15- I get up at 5am, put the coffee machine on, start exercising, and then later relax with a mug of coffee and bible study. Unfortunately I don't always get to finish my bible study, or sometimes just don't have time left to do it early morning, before I have to start with breakfast, packing hubby's lunch, clean the kitchen, make the beds, feed the pets, etc. etc. So after listening to pastor Landon Kyker's first sermon on Uphill battles, I decided that I will start my day with First 15: 5min. Bible reading -> 5min. Worship -> 5min. Prayer, and then I'll do my exercises. I'm aiming to start Monday to Friday this way. GOAL 1B: MORNING EXERCISES (Physical and Mental)- Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays will be BW exercises at 5am. I can't do it 4 or 5 mornings a week, that is just too much for me. I've tweaked the exercises a little bit from last challenge, and will list them in another post. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Bible study mornings after First 15, continuing with Joyce Meyer's Win the battle in your mind - 100 thoughts (loosely translated). GOAL 2: AFTERNOONS- Mondays: OFF (Rangers' mini exercises focus) Tuesdays: Self Defense with the boys - when possible Wednesdays: Walk long distance Thursdays: Walk with Adam Fridays: OFF (Rangers' mini exercises focus) or catch up on my exercises GOAL 3: FINANCES- Not just all play, some serious work too: January finances to update. GOAL 4: FRUMP TO STYLE- I have to "style it up" when I go out or stay in. I don't have to dress up, just look neat and hopefully a bit stylish, and NOT like a Frumpy Mama. Focus on the following: Basic makeup: mascara and lip gloss/lip stick (the rest will just melt off in this humidity and heat, I tried yesterday); No-frump clothes: neat top and pants/skirt/shorts, or dress. No track suite, oversize t-shirt, etc.; Aim for 3 days a week, so let's say 10-15 days this challenge. I'll also try to go through some of the style worksheets from Frumpy Fighters and Style for 40+ groups every week. PRIZE: Sunglasses... (my last pair just broke) GOAL 5: SLEEP- I have to go to bed earlier. 21h15 finish up whatever I'm doing and get everything ready for next morning (meat out to defrost, start dishwasher, shower, etc.) 21h45 in bed, lights out! PRIZE: IF I am in bed between 21h15-21h30, then I get a bonus point. For every 5 bonus points I can buy 1x accessory for style scarf bangles ballet flats uuhhhmmm help me think, please I'm not good with this or another scarf? GOAL 6: FUN, FUN, FUN The boys and I have this tradition when I buy them new sleeping t-shirts, I get plain ones and then draw a picture on the front of their choosing. Didn't do any last year, but this year there are some tall orders: Yoda with a seagull (because of this YouTube song), Halo's Masterchief, Intro scene from T.A.B.S. (Totally Acrobatic Battle Simulator), an anatomy drawing of the human body (for work we are doing this year). And I wanted a Wonder Woman t-shirt, but decided to make it look like her uniform, not have her face. Those dark lines, maybe some gold applique at the top and bottom... So this is for FUN! Try to finish one t-shirt a week. Serious fun! I have to practice E.D.C. and dry fire drills (drawing and holstering): 1x house drill with Brandt, clearing rooms, getting under cover, changing magazines; 3x morning draw and holster drills when I put my f.a. on And just to have it on, and not forget: Measurements, taken every Sunday morning. Will edit later with pics of stylish superheroes, have to start dinner and feed the pets...
  5. Totally random, but if you could pick ONE fantasy outfit to be acceptable in your day-to-day wardrobe, what would it be? This could be a costume from a favorite show or movie, or pieces of a fantasy-themed outfit you think would work well together. How about it? I would pick this, from Once Upon a Time's closet: But without the pigeon. Not like the poo would show up on the outfit.... I'd just prefer a falcon is all.
  6. Hi gang, For a long time now, I've been in the mindset that, once I'd lost a certain amount of weight, I'd go back to my true love of martial arts. I've loved martial arts since I was a kid, but hadn't pursued an education in it as an adult due to my weight (I'm 5'3, 240 lbs, and female). I have two friends who have taken up Jujutsu--a man and woman, both overweight. They've seen success with it, and I have a similar build to my friend. My issue is this: I want to make sure I'm choosing a style that I can do physically, and will be of benefit for me in the future. My main goals are weightloss/getting fit, and improving my mental discipline. While learning self defense is a plus, I'll be gaining that no matter what style I choose, so I'm not considering it as high a priority. Does anyone have any advice/thoughts on potential styles that would be a good fit for me?
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