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  1. Alliance with who, I hear you asking? Well, you, of course! And also my doctors, husband, teachers, new co-workers, new boss, local librarian, probably the baristas at my favorite coffee shop that just reopened... This summer for me is really the pinnacle of the idea that no man is an island - with all the transitions and new tasks going on, I'm going to be depending on the people around me more than ever: One grad school semester just ended, but a new one is starting soon (May 17th) and I'm taking twice as many credit hours as usual so I can get sta
  2. Hi All, I'm back for the 2019 Holiday Challenge and I'm wanting to go back to the basics: walking, snacking, sugar & cleaning. Nutrition Quests Limit the amount of sugary products per day – I will get the hang of this sugar beast at some point… Baked goods (biscuits & cakes) = No more than the size of my palm or Loose goods (chocolates & lollies) = No more than half the size of my palm or Packaged goods (ice cream & chocolate bars) = No more than one package size Slow down after work snacking – I ha
  3. I’m back again I was originally thinking of skipping this challenge but then I though screw it, I’ll do the challenge! Food/sugar is currently my biggest problem at the moment and I’ve dedicated two quest to it to try to help that issue. The Challenge:  Nutrition Quests No two in a row sugary snacks & deserts – Because I have an issue with eating too many sugary foods (usually chocolate) I will be implementing the no two in a row rule and hopefully in the future I can make that rule last longer: I will not eat sugary snacks &/or de
  4. It's been a few challenges since I was here on Nerd Fitness so now it’s time I got back into my fitness routine. For my next challenge, I’m going with a 10th Kingdom theme. I did this one before, a few years ago, but since it’s soon International 10th Kingdom Watch Week, I thought it would be appropriate to do this again. And since I still don’t particularly enjoy the 4 week style challenges, I’m going to do another double challenge at 8 weeks like I did back in 2016 and 2018. That should put me at February 11-April 14, with a week in the middle for a brief rest, I th
  5. Sometimes in life you can focus on growth. Other times, you need to just buckle down and focus on not losing what you've built. This challenge is (primarily) the latter. So I started my new job and it is a hot mess. There are two different classes being held in the same classroom at the same time and all admin can do is shrug their shoulders and say we *might* get a set of dividers in "a few weeks". But when/if they do come, they'll only be 4 foot tall. Oh, and did I mention that we start with students on Monday? I've also been actively banned from actually discussing t
  6. PACT Plan Challenge 2 "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise" I'm continuing my plan to Put Away Childish Things (PACT) which you can read more about here. I will be continuing my daily calorie goal, taking the next step in my sugar goal, and adding in a sleeping goal which will be the big focus of this challenge. I also plan to maintain my habit of walking every day, but will not report on it in this challenge. June Goals Eat one or less servings of sweets per day - YES/NO One day per week with NO
  7. This challenge, I'm heading into the darkest forest to fight some serious monsters that threaten the nearby village... OK, it's not really like that. Actually I'd prefer a dark forest. This challenge I'm going on an eight day business trip to Las Vegas. I've got a three-day prep class there, followed by a crazy all-encompassing exam for a certification for work that I've been preparing for for YEARS now. Then three days at the trade show. I would rather fight monsters than have to figure out how to work out in Las Vegas. Seriously--it's usually 90 degrees at night
  8. So last challenge was all about getting back into participating in the forums. I didn't stop exercising, though some bad news about my cholesterol (it's high) and a little winter "puffiness" has got me keen to up my training and improve my eating habits. This time around it's all about getting ready for the massive "Boulder Bolder" 10K at the end of the month, as well as getting back into archery and keeping up my strength training. Plus, in the interest of a healthy diet, I'm going to focus on positive eating habits rather than limiting what I can and cannot eat. Except for add
  9. Does anyone else get crazy intense sugar cravings? I have a dangerous sweet tooth and I've been trying to cut down on my sugar intake and eat more cleanly. Sometimes I'll try going cold turkey and other times I'll try slowly reducing the amount (I've gone from 5 tablespoons of sugar down to 1!). I feel so discouraged because eventually I get these insane cravings that persuade me to do horrible, horrible things (like venture out into a snowstorm to buy cookie dough and then eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies) and then I feel like all of my progress is lost. Does anyone here have tips that he
  10. Endor

    C.R.A.P. [Endor]

    After a while lurking in the logs I'm back for a challenge. Completely nutrition related challenge, I'm going to stop eating CRAP for 4 weeks. Goals: - No carbonated drinks - No refined carbohydrates - No added sugar - No Processed Foods This basically puts me back into Paleo which always makes me feel good and gives me more energy. I'm expecting a rough first week as the Sugar fairy has me in her power again and the carb monster is at the party too but I've done it before and I can do it again!
  11. I'm working on reducing my sugar intake. I'll do pretty well until someone brings me sugar (coworker brings donuts to work, classmate bakes me cookies, lab partner has ice cream she doesn't want to eat and offers to me and Sunday night potlucks). It's not like I look at and say "oh I shouldn't eat this" and eat it anyway, I don't think at all. I forget I'm trying to limit my sugar intake, I forget that I'm overweight and need to cut this. It's like I'm being possessed or hypnotized. All I can think about is eating that sugar until it's gone, and once I do, I feel horrible.
  12. Hey again nerds! I wouldn't be me if I weren't neatly squeaking in under the wire to start this challenge on time. Our Cast of Characters: Merrin: Me! 31 years old, foodie, recovering junk food addict, soda free for 1.5 years, lover of avocados and bacon, novice teacher, journeyman seamstress, bubbly introvert, depressive, baker of cookies. Rebecca: The name for my Depression; the Monster I frequently try to kiss on the nose. Ifrit: Boyfriend! Main supportive force, disliker of avocados, expert bacon cook, incredibly weird, incredibly intelligen
  13. Sleep. GOOD. Squats. GOOOOD. Sugar. BAD! (Okay...when I typed that, this particular scene from "Friends" totally popped into my head): SLEEP GOAL: My sleep goal is simple. I must go to bed (actually go to bed and not fall asleep on my couch). SQUAT GOAL: My squat (and other exercise goal) is simple. I must get my butt on my treadmill in the basement and walk at a steep incline for 40 minutes 3-5 times per week. I must also do ALL the squats. Right now, I can do 3 sets/5 reps of bodyweight squats. In fact, I posted a Nerd Fi
  14. Sooooo...it's been a long time since I've participated in a challenge. Let's just say it was due to some random Turtle difficulties... I just don't know what my "Big Why" is anymore. The best I can come up with is wanting to feel confident/look good in a bathing suit, but that doesn't seem to be important enough to me when I want to eat a cheeseburger with fries as soon the weekend has arrived... Seriously, I can pretty much nail my diet Monday-Friday afternoon(ish)...and then all hell breaks loose. I'm healthy and I'm happy, but I've become extremely stagnant/co
  15. Hello! I just joined this community and I´ve been encouraged in my introducton post by @Raxie to join the 4 week challenge. This is my first challenge and I'm trying to get out of a really dark period of my life, so the goals are not going to be too ambitious, just small steps to start managing my life again. EDIT: After IAmInfinite's comment I decided to update my challenge with a reward system. I'll level up every 100 XP (experience points), and this challenge allows me to score a maximum of 200 XP (it's my first challenge so I decided to double the points
  16. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Pluses from last challenge: No-spend September - I spent approx half of what I did during August Downsides: even with these cut-backs I was spending more than what I should budget for ==> Optimisation required Minuses from last challenge: TV habit has spiralled out of control I am crashing asleep on the sofa/after putting baby to bed I have put on about 6 lbs since starting my new job 4 weeks ago This challenge's plan: Identify where I have been tripping up Work out how to stem the tide Work out any steps to reverse the t
  17. Hello friends! I am not dead! Just been a busy bee while simultaneously being a sloth to cope with some emotional stuff. So I'm late, but not without gumption to make this challenge a great one! My inner television character is Leslie Knope, from the best television show ever Parks and Rec. In the show, there's this mondo rich and evil company called Sweetums that manufactures (you guessed it) candy and other diabetes-causing nom-noms. Throughout the show, there are several efforts to thwart this evil establishment of sugar and this challenge I am pursuing
  18. Hello, introductions are always so tough. Well, let's start with the basic. My name is Alexander, 22 years old and I'm from Sweden! I like daydreaming and coming up with all sorts of fantasies in my head, it's amazingly fun. So, here's the thing. I have always been struggling with my weight, I eat when I'm bored, stressed, sad and the whole spectrum of emotions. After so many years, it has turned into an extremely hard habit too break and I need your help! A place that I can turn to in my darkest hours, when the craving for "sugar" is strong. It feels nice joining Nerdfitness and it's communit
  19. Like many, I laughed at the idea of being "addicted to food" for a long time. But the more I've considered it, the more I've realized: being addicted to certain combinations and kinds of processed foods is quite real. One need only review several Google searches on the topic, as well as statements from physicians and neuroscientists that various combinations of food spike dopamine and serotonin levels pretty high, which, just like cocaine or meth, can lead to tolerance and require more and more of the same to get the same "high". Anyway, I'm here to ask the question: how do you act
  20. DAO Spoilers Last month was a good month, I swear! We did good and we’ve even expanded our little travelling party to include 2 dwarf merchants, Sten a Qunari killer, I mean warrior, and Leliana a Bard/Chantry sister. We helped the villagers of Lothering as best as we could. Once we found and made camp, we got word that Lothering had been overrun by darkspawn. It’s important, now more than ever, to find allies and use the Grey Warden Treaties. Alistair, Morrigan and I have talked about the treaties and we decided to head to the Circle Tower first.
  21. Instead of challenges I'm switching to this method for a bit. That way I can have some kind of accountability and still be part of the forums. I have a respawn post I made if u want a back story. So let's just jump right in. Today I had coffee, heavy cream but no sugar. Keeping sugar out of my coffee is ONE good thing I have stuck with. As a hungry as I am now, I am fighting the urge for fast food and just eat the healthier lunch I brought. And I had a delicious breakfast of pecans, banana, and cottage cheese. Better than the sausage and biscuit I've been craving. A few good things today.
  22. The title is a total lie, it merely ties the challenge back to Buck Rogers. I'm going to keep doing the same stuff I've been doing since winter break. ETA: I should have just called this a rerun. This challenge will be even D.U.M.B.er than the last. Biking: I'm going to bike as much as I can. Too much of it will be on the trainer because of our schedules. Other Stuff: There's a lot of other stuff I ought to do (I'm looking at you mobility, you too kettlebells), but I probably won't because all I want to do is ride my bike. Eating
  23. Hello! So as part of my venture to cut out all foods that are bad or unhealthy, I have recently been looking into minimizing, or cutting our sugar intake all together and was just seeing if anyone here has already cut out sugar or is aware of how this can be done. I was reading the article from nerdfitness on why sugar is bad https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/06/17/everything-you-need-to-know-about-sugar/ and it has motivated me to stop eating sugar as much as I can. I was wondering if it is possible to bake things such as breads and muffins but just excluding
  24. I'm going to join the challenge from now until 3/27. Better late than never! I've been quite busy with various adventures lately, however, I'm back. I've been spinning my wheels in terms of my health making small tweaks to my movement, eating, and relating habits. It's not addressing my underlying apathy. Some times, I get so sick of the "effort" and willpower it takes to make healthy choices. I've let this slump last too long, since it turns out the "effort" is worth it. I feel, look, work, and play better when I make consistent investments in myself - regardless of how busy I am. Actu
  25. So the new forums are up already, so I may as well set up my new challenge. This is a continuation of my last challenge which whilst generally good, needs to be worked on to increase consistency. So with just a couple of tweaks my goals are just the same as January's challenge. Goal One: Strength Training I will still work with the Angry Birds bodyweight exercises. The main aim is consistency in the number of workouts per week, whilst still improving myself each session. Critical Hit: 3 workouts per week/12 for challenge Hit:2+ workouts per week/8-11 for challenge Block: 1+ workout per
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