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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone else get crazy intense sugar cravings? I have a dangerous sweet tooth and I've been trying to cut down on my sugar intake and eat more cleanly. Sometimes I'll try going cold turkey and other times I'll try slowly reducing the amount (I've gone from 5 tablespoons of sugar down to 1!). I feel so discouraged because eventually I get these insane cravings that persuade me to do horrible, horrible things (like venture out into a snowstorm to buy cookie dough and then eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies) and then I feel like all of my progress is lost. Does anyone here have tips that help with sugar addiction? Is it better to go cold turkey and suffer the withdrawals or try to wean myself off?
  2. Ookay, going on my second challenge. It's not very well thought out, but I'm trying something new. Based on my last challenge, where I had like, 3-4 separate goals, that's just too much. I'm gonna focus on two goals this time. But here's the thing, I'm not entirely sure how I'm gonna do this. I'm a big food addict. I'm a compulsive eater, and eat my feelings, and get really bad sugar cravings. I'm trying to own this, but I'm really super good at denial. Food is life, food is love, and I hate it. Which then makes me hate myself. Not an uncommon feeling among many of us, I'm sure. But also playing a part into my weird food relationship is my depression. When I get depressed I'm either stuffing my face til I puke or starving myself til I faint. There is no in between. [siiiiigh....] But, according to terry Prachett, "Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name." I'm calling you out, self, and addiction, too! So I'm going to try to cut out junk foods and such because of my tendency to overeat, but I'm worried, because I'm poor and the only food I'm able to afford right now is processed carbs and junk. Ah, adulthood. Here's the daily plan so far: I'm starting out with oatmeal sweetened with 1/4 c craisins and 2T brown sugar for breakfast and 20 ounces of water. The fiber should help fill me up for lunch, and the water should help "top me off", so to speak. Lunch for the next couple days (starting tomorrow, at least) will be a tuna salad sandwich with eggs for eggstra protein, and another 20 ounces of water. A snack at 3:30, if necessary, will be a serving of hummus and a small piece of naan (because mom bought me bread and I can't afford veggies right now...). I'm not sure about dinner yet. I have tons of ramen, boxed mac and cheese, etc., but none of that is particularly good for me... Part of what goes so wonky with my diet is just being able to have ice cream for dinner and mochas for breakfast and such, so I'm going to try to quit those almost cold turkey - starting at up to twice a week for skinny mochas (aiming for once a week, then maybe less than that by the end of the challenge), and once a week for ice cream, and a similar aim for the end of the challenge. Instead of the two (or three, or four) sodas I've been indulging in a day, I'll start weaning myself off them - one a day for a week, then five a week, then four, then three, then two, then hopefully one a week. I'm not sure how to grade this. These items are what I've started identifying immediately, but doesn't even begin to count the doughnut I get every now and again with my coffee, or the gelato I sometimes treat myself to at lunch, or the cookie at the grocery store check stand that wanders into my basket. I'm hoping that by focusing on some things and reworking specific habits, I'll subconsciously get the picture? Don't get me wrong, I want everything to go away, but small steps, I guess. So here goes. I'm starting tomorrow, so I can get my oatmeal and sandwiches ready and get possible feedback from other fine Nerds. Here goes.
  3. Hello! I'm a 56 yr old female who is just returning to physical activity after five months of physical therapy. Soft tissue injury was caused by SI joint dysfunction and rotated pelvis. Just started pilates and yoga to prevent future injuries, and we returned to the water for rowing, last week (indoor winter training ended). I have been an athlete for three years, since I took up competitive crew rowing in the master's division (that's an age group, not a skill level). However; telling myself that all this exercise entitles me to sugary treats has been my insanity. I'm ready to give up sugar, but I swear it is addictive. Quest: Lose 40 pounds, get healthier, enjoy long life with athletic husband I married 34 yrs ago. Mini quest 1: Cut my sugar intake down to 10 grams per day. mini quest 2: Practice Yoga at least three times per week Mini quest 3: Watch MELT DVDs, learn techniques and practice them at least four times per week. Tracy Indiana
  4. Hi! If sugary sodas are your nemesis, like they are mine, and you are participating in the upcoming 6 Week Challenge, you may want to check out this Player vs. Player (PVP) challenge. Hope to see you there and we can all work on kicking those empty calories out of our diets together, using some friendly competition!
  5. If sugary sodas are your nemesis, like they are mine, and you are participating in the upcoming 6 Week Challenge, you may want to check out this Player vs. Player (PVP) challenge. Hope to see you there and we can all work on kicking those empty calories out of our diets together!
  6. This isn’t going to be long or fancy. I’m a sword fighter – not a belly dancer… Main Quest: Achieve 20% Body Fat - Goal 1: Substitute healthy foods for sugar cravings (I have an addiction) - Goal 2: Consume sugar only once every seven days (still too much, I know) - Goal 3: Eliminate all grains except some rice (basically paleo) Life Quest: Have a violin or Spanish lesson daily. I guess I’m not allowed to have side quests yet. Motivation: I have discovered TRUTH about food/fitness/weight management and want to LIVE by it – not just know it – so when I tell others about this life-changing truth, I’ll be living it, not just preaching it. I want to eventually get to the point where I'm certified to help people change their eating habits for scientifically proven health benefits, and I can't start unless I live it. Peace and Courage be with you all.
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