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  1. Terinatum's Main Quest July 29th through September 8th Achieve Balanced Strength throughout My Body Hello Assassins! I'm really excited to be here during this challenge! I want to heal the parts of me that have been damaged, ignored, and punished for the last 48 years. If I can create a balanced body, strong and agile, then I will be able to DO the things that I think up and I could feel more jazzed and content. Since joining in February, I'm already pretty jazzed and happy; just want consistency and development. My first challenge was getting myself to work out a minimum of 5 min. every day. It felt good and, surprising, I liked it a lot. Then I jumped to some outlandish demands during my second challenge and didn't stay on target. However, I found running to be exuberating. I had to pare down my lifting and BW exercises halfway through this last challenge, when I had so many pet-sitting jobs come up (not complaining ). Today and as many tomorrows as I can muster, I won't accept any excuses. I'm going to keep moving forward, because it's what I WANT. So, equalizing my muscles is the Quest I accept. Three goals to make this happen. 1. Lose Weight. Get a deficit going and keep the fat cells shrinking (calories per day should be 1800 - 1900 in order to lose 1.0 - 1.5 pounds per week). This will be done by tracking my calories and making wiser eating choices each day. I am willing to start doing some stock up cooking at the beginning of the week as well. My stats are as follows: v 5'6" v 248 lbs. v chest = 42 5/8" v s. plexus = 48 3/4" v waist = 52" v hips = 51" 2. Get stronger. I will be doing BW exercises and lifting every other day. Some examples are below. v lat pull down -- 150 lbs, 3x10, up 5 reps/wk (pull up work) v pushups -- knee x10, up 3/wk, reg. x1, up 2/wk (chest, triceps) v regular row -- 110 lbs, up 10 lbs/wk, 3x10 (back) v plank -- hold for long as possible, up to 10 seconds, 2x3 (abs) v air squats -- 3x10, up to 3x20 (full body) v knee raises -- 3x10 incl. bench, up to hanging raises x5 (abs) v lunges -- not until PT says I can, up to 3x3 - form! (full body) v superman -- not until PT says I can, up to 3x20 (back) 3. Limber up. I will be following Kelly Starrett's MobilityMod. All of these exercises will be held for 2 minutes, 2 sets, twice per day, every other day (opposite strength w-o). Examples of areas to work on: calves, knees out, squat - foot - shin angle, hip flexors, etc… Side Quest sugar slaying This will be working on my relationship with sugar. I am closer to reducing my sugar intake to a lifetime manageable level. I have a few wrinkles to iron out before putting it all in place. The goal is to question my eating decisions with respect and honor. I will not hassle myself about my choices, but rather look for the answers as to why I want something. Then talk it out. Yes, with myself! LOL I do that part quite well. I'll also be checking in with some rebel peeps this challenge on an accountabilibuddies thread called Sugar Slayers! Life Quest working on my business I need to work out the details of going into business for myself. I have spoken with Social Security and now know what I can and can't do while on disability. This will mostly be creating paper trails and documenting client details. And of course, taxes! I will work 5 hours per week on the business side of things. So, this is it for now. I have tweaked my challenge goals before so I won't be surprised if it happens again. I will also not judge myself as incompetent as I've only been doing this for a little over 5 months. Stay motivated and adaptable, that's my motto for this Quest. Good Luck to Everyone. Chat Soon, Teri
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