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Found 10 results

  1. It seems fairly obvious to have a mental health forum, yet there isn't one. There's even a mindset part of the Academy. What's up? We need this forum/subforum. Included in this forum should be a subforum for eating habits, one for addictions, one for motivation, one for mindset, perhaps one exclusively for depression, etc.
  2. Alight, First Challenge Down and Successful! Let's step things up a bit. 0- I will continue and increase frequency and intensity of last challenge quests. 4 sets of BBW circuit 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Sat) 15 Minute Walk Daily 4 Pose Yoga set twice daily or held for 2 times the duration Black Coffee 15 min meditation daily No to 2 or more food temptations 1- Climb 1 time per week (Fri) 2- Replace 1 Walk with a 15 min Jog 3- Draw and or Sketch 1 hr a week cumulative (I'm an artist who has fallen out of the habit) I'll be posting progress and will link it to deviant Art 4- Read 1 non-f
  3. Hello! I am Michelle, online usually known as Renn. I am 19 years old, and I have been quite unhappy about my body for years now. Now that I have gotten medical help for my joint and muscle problems, I decided it was time for a change. So here I am! My goal is to lose 20 kilos/about 40 pounds, a pure loss of body fat and condition improvement - I don't care about muscle. As for now I don't have a deadline. What I like to do: Game - World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Skyrim, Garry's mod, Sims 3, Heroes of the Storm, Pokémon - those kind of things. Mostly PC, although I'm a nintendo fan too. Dog
  4. Hey, guys! I'm in between jobs at the moment. I don't have enough money to sign up for the lifetime membership at the moment. I'm really bummed about that, because it seems like there is a TON of stuff that could be very helpful to someone like me. I'm actually seeing someone about a job next week, so hopefully will be able to join the ranks soon. I'd love to delve into the material available here. Anyway, that being said, I was wondering if there are any cheap/free fitness solutions until I'm employed? I'm currently doing one of the things I got in the emails that get sent out. Here's my ro
  5. Alright so I’ve been pretty diligent about dieting and exercise since January . It’s now 5 months later and I’ve lost close to 42lbs, (yay!) however, I’ve created a horrible habit of eating fast food, and making up for it by eating less throughout the day to create the “calorie deficit†to lose weight. Though I am losing weight, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most of my lift, or my progress. While I am focused on losing weight ( I’m currently 184lbs, long term goal is 160lbs) I feel like my body would benefit a lot more from dropping my body fat percentage, and that’s som
  6. Hi all. Last year, around this time, I started on the path to improving my physical fitness as a means to improving my mental health. I made dietary changes (particularly, cutting out Energy Drinks) and did some basic bodyweight exercises (based around the Angry Birds plan) I was/am literally at the peak of fitness in my life - more so than when I wrestled, or when I played American Football. So I reached a point I was happy with and then... Stopped. For one, while I enjoy the results, I find working out itself ultimately leaves me feeling empty. At first I could burn through the exerci
  7. Hi all! I have a bad left hip - I tore the labrum training for a half marathon and had surgery four years ago. Recently I found out I tore it again and will be having surgery to both repair the labrum and reshape the hip joint in about a month. For the past four years, my hip has really been a prohibiting factor in my ability to train. I can't run anymore, and I find it difficult to follow many workout plans because they like to incorporate things like jumping jacks or jump rope, etc, which causes me pain for days afterwards. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to replace the impact
  8. Hi everyone I am currently training for the zombie apocalypse, because who isnt afraid of that and because it is more fun than training for a half marathon or survival of the fittest competition My current work outs are burpees, sit up, bodyweight squats and pressups each morning adding one more each exercise days (i do three days on, one day rest on a cycle). the rest of my workout consists of interval training or practicising sprinting varying differences without a warm up (because the zombies wont give you a warning). I am able to do all the exercises, with varying levels of grace thou
  9. Hey all, I joined this morning. I'm working on a dice-based workout regiment that involves waking up and rolling 1d6 or 2d4 every morning to determine how many exercises I'll be doing for the day. I then plan on rolling a d20; for each workout, the # will correspond with a predetermined exercise, A roll of 1 will require I do 2 exercises while a 20 will either be a free pass or the exercise of my choice. Finally I will roll dice, specific to the workout to determine the # of reps or the amount of time I will spend doing the exercise. I've got several workouts on the list now that work well
  10. Hey all, I just stumbled across the forums whilst developing a nerdish work-out regiment and I was delighted to find that the RL-RP system dovetails beautifully with what I've got planned. If you've got any suggestions, propositions or additions to my workout game I'd love to have them (feel free to skip past the crap about bettering myself and move right on to the bold, dice rolling workout section!). Well, I've always been a fat kid, not really socially awkward but still into general nerdery (i.e. gaming, comics, learning, grammar, and various collecting), generally I fit in as well as any
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