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Found 8 results

  1. It seems fairly obvious to have a mental health forum, yet there isn't one. There's even a mindset part of the Academy. What's up? We need this forum/subforum. Included in this forum should be a subforum for eating habits, one for addictions, one for motivation, one for mindset, perhaps one exclusively for depression, etc.
  2. Alight, First Challenge Down and Successful! Let's step things up a bit. 0- I will continue and increase frequency and intensity of last challenge quests. 4 sets of BBW circuit 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Sat) 15 Minute Walk Daily 4 Pose Yoga set twice daily or held for 2 times the duration Black Coffee 15 min meditation daily No to 2 or more food temptations 1- Climb 1 time per week (Fri) 2- Replace 1 Walk with a 15 min Jog 3- Draw and or Sketch 1 hr a week cumulative (I'm an artist who has fallen out of the habit) I'll be posting progress and will link it to deviant Art 4- Read 1 non-fiction Book Thinking of Level-up Your Life but I'm willing to take suggestions As a reward for last challenge success I'll be saving up to buy a new pair of climbing shoes. I've yet to come up with my reward for successful completion of this challenge cycle, any suggestions?
  3. Hello! I am Michelle, online usually known as Renn. I am 19 years old, and I have been quite unhappy about my body for years now. Now that I have gotten medical help for my joint and muscle problems, I decided it was time for a change. So here I am! My goal is to lose 20 kilos/about 40 pounds, a pure loss of body fat and condition improvement - I don't care about muscle. As for now I don't have a deadline. What I like to do: Game - World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Skyrim, Garry's mod, Sims 3, Heroes of the Storm, Pokémon - those kind of things. Mostly PC, although I'm a nintendo fan too. Dogs - Doges are love, doges are life - seriously though, one of the reasons I really want to lose weight is because I want to own and train many dogs, and I need to be able to give them what they need. Archery - I have actually only done a beginner course once, but as soon as I got money to spare, I want to just buy a longbow (traditional) and start shooting some arrows again! Books - Whenever my butt isn't stuck to my pc-chair, you can find me lying in my bed reading a book - Fantasy and Sci-Fi; Hunger Games, Eragon, Wolf Brother, Game of Thrones, that sort of stuff. I really want to make an RPG-style achievement system, goals and rewards, so if you happen to have suggestions for that or for Really easy-mode fat-loss workouts, please do tell me. Keep in mind that I haven't done the slightest of excersises in years, so my condition is at an absolute zero, and I'm not the healthiest of persons - I mainly suffer from hypermobility, wich means I'm quite flexible, but it also gives many joint issues and pains. (For example, I can't do squats. My ankles just can't make that bend.) Have a good day! ~Renn
  4. Alright so I’ve been pretty diligent about dieting and exercise since January . It’s now 5 months later and I’ve lost close to 42lbs, (yay!) however, I’ve created a horrible habit of eating fast food, and making up for it by eating less throughout the day to create the “calorie deficit†to lose weight. Though I am losing weight, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most of my lift, or my progress. While I am focused on losing weight ( I’m currently 184lbs, long term goal is 160lbs) I feel like my body would benefit a lot more from dropping my body fat percentage, and that’s something I don’t think I’m doing with my current faulty diet choices. I guess my question is, what are some tips you guys have used to wean yourself off fast food? How do you keep your composure? And How have you managed to drop your body fat percentage, in a healthy way?
  5. Hi all. Last year, around this time, I started on the path to improving my physical fitness as a means to improving my mental health. I made dietary changes (particularly, cutting out Energy Drinks) and did some basic bodyweight exercises (based around the Angry Birds plan) I was/am literally at the peak of fitness in my life - more so than when I wrestled, or when I played American Football. So I reached a point I was happy with and then... Stopped. For one, while I enjoy the results, I find working out itself ultimately leaves me feeling empty. At first I could burn through the exercises relatively quickly, but later on I was having to set aside 40 minutes to an hour which was difficult to work in to my routine and access. Also, the activities, while strenuous, were boring and left me feeling breathless but unfulfilled. On top of that, and to my annoyance, I don't find any kind of sports or exercise interesting (to watch or take part in) and have very limited access - I can sometimes eke out an 8' by 2' space to exercise in, during the daytime, when I'm not working. The nearest gym is roughly an hour away, and while the area I live in is not terrible, I don't feel comfortable leaving the house without a reason. So, fellow nerds - am I a lost cause?
  6. Hi all! I have a bad left hip - I tore the labrum training for a half marathon and had surgery four years ago. Recently I found out I tore it again and will be having surgery to both repair the labrum and reshape the hip joint in about a month. For the past four years, my hip has really been a prohibiting factor in my ability to train. I can't run anymore, and I find it difficult to follow many workout plans because they like to incorporate things like jumping jacks or jump rope, etc, which causes me pain for days afterwards. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to replace the impact parts of workouts - particularly a solid alternative for jumping jacks. When I'm home or have access to my gym, I bike, but I am on the road for about half of every month. I like the 20-Minute Hotel Workout, but I'd love to find something I can do other than jumping jacks or pretend jump roping to get my heartbeat up on the alternate days. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi everyone I am currently training for the zombie apocalypse, because who isnt afraid of that and because it is more fun than training for a half marathon or survival of the fittest competition My current work outs are burpees, sit up, bodyweight squats and pressups each morning adding one more each exercise days (i do three days on, one day rest on a cycle). the rest of my workout consists of interval training or practicising sprinting varying differences without a warm up (because the zombies wont give you a warning). I am able to do all the exercises, with varying levels of grace though, even managing 7 pulls up then 7 chin ups in a row I am also training for running with a backpack and looking to start archery once my university starts its classes again My goal is to get to doing a prisoner's set of all the exercises above; for those of you who dont know what that is it is 20 then 19 then 18 etc of push ups, then burpees, sit ups, pull ups and body weight squats Unfortunately no one i know likes being healthy. My family isnt very helpful, mother just out of operation, father has slowed down since his thirties now that he is back in a long term relationship (and he is two counties away), step father is an worryingly overweight and my girlfriend suffers from depression so her motivation exists in some nether region where it occassionally comes by to visit. this is the reason that i am joining nerd fitness, and because i like the idea of the levelling up system although ive altered it a bit for myself levelling up for me doesnt just mean seeing a monument or doing some cliche piece of recognition it is something that has developed you as a person which is why i have already gone through the events of my life and found 11 that i found gave me a sense of being more than i was previously. I still have over 55 separate things i want to do and looking forward to adding to my list that i never thought i would do. So if you have any questions, want to offer any suggestions or have any ideas for good workouts for the zombie apocalypse please give me a shout - however a small note i am very thin (by choice) and like to keep it that way so suggestions on how to bulk up or do bodybuilding exercises will be read but not taken with that much consideration. Got to do what makes you happy --------- Workout info for week one Part 1 1. 100m run at 10kph (increase by 0.5 per set), 25 kettlebell squats with 12 kg weight, 10 box jumps, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups DO THIS FIVE TIMES 2. 1km run at 12.5kph, burpee to box jump x 10, 10 kettlebell squats with 12 kg weight, vipr crawl 10m with 12 kg vipr, 4 pull ups 3. Row 1km, 20 pushups, 20 trx rows (10 low row and 10 upper back), 20 overhead squats Run 500m, do half of exercises Row 250m, do half again Part 2 1. 100m run at 10.5 same rules, 30 kettlebell squats (15 each arm, same weight), 12 box jumps, 6 pull up, 12 press ups DO five times 2. Run 1km at 13kph, 13 burpee to box jump, 14 kettlebell squats, vipr crawl 10m, 6 pullups 3. Row 1.2km, 28 pressups, 28 trx rows 28 overhead squats same rules of half
  8. Hey all, I just stumbled across the forums whilst developing a nerdish work-out regiment and I was delighted to find that the RL-RP system dovetails beautifully with what I've got planned. If you've got any suggestions, propositions or additions to my workout game I'd love to have them (feel free to skip past the crap about bettering myself and move right on to the bold, dice rolling workout section!). Well, I've always been a fat kid, not really socially awkward but still into general nerdery (i.e. gaming, comics, learning, grammar, and various collecting), generally I fit in as well as any fat kid can. I weighed quite a lot in my sophomore year of high school and got into a weight-loss program with my mom which left me fairly happy with my weight by the time I graduated. College went well aside from mound of financial aid I accrued. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and am currently a writer, putting almost none of my schooling to use, while making no money. Luckily I'm married, my wife works part time as a banker at Wells Fargo and is currently in her Senior year of college. While I enjoyed school intellectually I went from a Large shirt to a 2X; soon to be outgrown, you might say I gave birth to a big-ol' fat-ass degree and now I'm tore up from the floor up. A friend of mine introduced me to Magic: The Gathering in college and I started frequenting tournaments at game shops; always curious about D&D I picked it up about 7 months ago wherein I was sucked into the vacuum of the game. I participate in 4 campaigns a week and have a strange love for the dice that I can't really explain to the point that I've been attempting to integrate them into everyday situations; selecting numbered on my wife's homework to help with, deciding how many beers I get, activity gambling with a friend. Now that I'm self-employed and large as ever I thought that there might be no better time to try to get into shape than now; as I've tried in the past and lacked stick-to-itiveness I thought employing the dice would make the activities enjoyable. I'd like to lose weight, eat better, and be more active whilst maintaining my love for Whiskey, and Meat! Dice Roll Workout In the past I've attempted to workout without being able to stick to it, I've acquired an elliptical, a Kiect for the Xbox as well as the Wii Fit so, I'm hoping to put them all to use through my somewhat unhealthy fascination with dice. So here's the plan (also why I love this RL-RP system), the exercises and reps/time will be adjusted as I become better at exercising and as I level up, i.e. die sizes will increase as will the modifiers associated with them. I'f you have input on good low-impact, at-home exercises I would greatly appreciate them (I'm really open to suggestions because I haven't a clue how to work out) but the gist of working out is this: After an Extended Rest Roll 1d6+(mod)-----This is the number of exercises I will complete today (D) (may increase to 2d4) Consecutively Exercise may be completed in 1 of 2 waysIntervals throughout a session/dayTo calculate intervals--- (E-S)/D Where E=end of session/day and S=Beginning of session/dayActivities: Set alarm to correspond to time intervals or roll after each workout in continuous session Roll 1d20 I can't seem to get the table to post but if you care to look I've attached it as a word doc. Dice Roll Workout Table.doc
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