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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys and gals-welcome back to the wacky world of Wild Wolf! With this being the last challenge of the year, I really want to push myself and make this a worthy end to 2016, which, IMO, has been one of the craziest, most swanky years of my life. So. Much. Has. Happened. SO many epic NF meetups, so many new sports, new friends and new opportunities. It’s just hard to sum it all up into words but this year has changed me for the better. Right now, I’m dealing with a new injury: my groin/abductor. I strained or pulled it while going too deep in my squats and an issue with my form. I
  2. You probably haven't heard of me. And that's fine. That's the way I want it. My name is Petra Romanova. My sister's name is Natasha. Yes. That Natasha. But she's missing. She left on a mission to Wroclaw a few weeks ago, and we haven't heard anything from her since. Barton's looking for her now, scouring most of Poland along with some of his friends from old SHIELD. He'll find my sister. Eventually. But there's another problem. Nat leaves without telling anyone. It's the way her missions work. And she's always back to fulfil her usual obligations as a m
  3. WELCOME TO ASSASSIN SUPERPOWER TRAINING Sign-ups are now closed. >>>Team Roster<<< Welcome to Assassin Superpower Training! Over the course of the month of May, we're all going to be leveling up our superpowers of choice! We Assassins are a diverse bunch, but we do have the following in common: Most of us probably haven't been bitten by radioactive spiders. Most of us aren't genius billionaires. However, we also have the following t
  4. Hey, So I have always loved superheroes since I was a little girl, but I was always deterred by a lack of money to go buy comics, and then the fact that there's SO MUCH MATERIAL. Where does one begin? YiS, Fia
  5. I'll fill this first post out more when I'm home, but here are my goals for this challenge, just to get them out there. Goal 1: Recover from the holidays...and then some What this looks like: Body fat goal: 26.25%Start of challenge: 28.27%Where I ended in 2014: 26.97%How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.72%Waist size goal: 38.5"Start of challenge: 39.75"Where I ended in 2014: 38.75"How much I need to reduce beyond 2014 levels: 0.25"Supported through maintaining an 80/20 Paleo diet. Having all my Non-Paleo Tokens (NPTs) for meals and snacks in one pot during the last challenge hind
  6. I have had a couple of weak challenges in a row, and I was unsure if I was even going to participate this challenge. I decided that at least part of my lack of motivation was not having something to train towards. So, I have signed up for a Half Marathon on 20 September in addition to a Warrior Dash on 4 October. I have done my best when I had a clear, inspirational mission. But I met my weight loss goal in February (and since then have gained it all back, but that is a different story), and had to cancel my earlier half marathon race plans because of scheduling conflicts, and have since t
  7. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! It's good to be back! Last challenge sucked butt for me, so this 6WC is about getting back on track and doing the damn thing! And since I didn't get to lvl up last 6-weeks... I'm very dissapointed... But things are gonna be different this go-round! My name is Wolf, I am a father to 2 wonderful and handsome little wolf pups, Racer and Declan, and I enjoy fitness, superheroes, food, and just being a plain ole badass, lol. The last 2 6WC's have been about becoming, "The Big Bad Wolf".. a feat that I was only halfway able to achieve. A nagging back injury held me out
  8. Hello everyone! This is my junk food free, (particularly chocolate and biscuits) accountability thread. I'll be posting on here daily whether I've managed to resist these unhelpful foods in the quest to get my bf % back down to 27% or lower by the end of this challenge. Thank you for you support, and please be tough in keeping me on track! I'm determined to finish this challenge as well as I started it!
  9. The Scout Forum will be rocked for the next 6 weeks by a series of titanic struggles taking place in the skies overhead: Fitness #1: (pu)S(h)uperman Vs Flex Luthor: I'll be continuing with strength work from the last challenge, applying lessons from last time to my regular workouts to achieve better progress. I'll also be bringing in some flexibility work: At least 3 sessions per week, following other workouts, of stretches for scullers, mainly aimed at things I'm not so great at: neck rotation, and hamstrings, plus back mobility work to keep that bendy. Points available will be +6 divided be
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