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Found 9 results

  1. 2 years ago, I weighed about 235-240lbs. I was told by multiple people, at multiple locations, that I looked like Tom Welling from Smallville. Fast forward 730 days, and I've been told I look like John Belushi. OUCH. (No offense John) I want to go back to my healthy, sexy self. Along the way, I will be fighting a few Monsters: 1. BiPolar Bear - His sharp teeth and claws are great for tearing apart your plans. 2. The Depresssionator - His foul attitude and bad hygiene would be enough. But his "just stay in bed with skittles" attack is legendary. These monsters hav
  2. Hello again Rebels! Ken The Brave here, back for my next adventure. Took a bit of a break to spend time with some friends on vacation last week. (Vegas is amazing. If you've never been, totally get on that!) I've done some tweaking from my last quest and decided to give my missions a face lift in honor of the upcoming Justice League movies. (Who else is excited for the Wonder Woman movie? About time right?!) Main Quest: Join (or create) my own Justice League Our best friends are moving away later this year, and we haven't really made any new friends. We
  3. Next week another movie about my life comes out. I like the guy playing me, he's a handsome chap. And is he built or what? My red and blue suit mocks me from the back of the closet, reminding me of a healthier time in my life. I may be getting old (82 last I checked), but if you believe a man can fly, then I believe I can still get back in shape. I have a world to save, whether by journalist's pen or warrior's fist. Lo, as I call her, is getting tired of me sitting on the couch watching reruns of my great deeds. She asks me what I stand for anymore. The truth is I stand for the McDonal
  4. Greeting fellow NERDs, So I am the quintessential fat nerd guy. A lot of people do not notice this for two reasons: one, I hide in the dark a lot; and two, I am 6' 5" with an enormous frame. But I know. Yes, I know I'm fat, unhealthy, balding and looking down the barrel of 35. If I'm not in shape by the the time I need prostate exams, I will be very sad. And possibly dead. I'm on disability for a non-physical issue, so money is tight. Also they do not let me drive anymore. So all my workouts should be done at home, with body weight. Since I have 280 lbs of it, I should be able to make a
  5. Hey nerds - I'm going to try to post here daily. I'm in the process of slimming down while I get healthy. A little about me: I am an IT guy at work. I lift 3 days a week (more when I can) and should go back to running. Last summer I had a gout inflammation and went to the doctor about it. I got on the scale and to my surprise, I weight 347 lbs! I knew I'd gotten bigger but I had no idea how big I'd gotten. I spent a few months trying to cut back on eating out (for both health and money reasons). Then I decided to get serious starting December 1st. I began studying nutrition and changing
  6. Working on a show, as usual, has taken its toll on my family life. It was a busy six week rehearsal process, and we have two weekends of shows left. I’m planning on taking Hoop 3/4 at the aerial studio, but I want to use this challenge to focus my energies on playing with my son and taking care of our house, rather than on feats of strength and endurance. Not, of course, that I won’t continue to work out, and eat right, but that I’ll be doing those things while focusing on my own family life and home. 1. Man of Steel Six days a week, mixing it up. I’ll run, ride, lift, dance,
  7. Well, I've read Nerd Fitness before and used some of the recipe's when I tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. However, I am a newbie and have been reading over the info and now I just need to get some things in my life back on track. I've been reading over the blogs and success stories and finally had to say, "If you're not happy with your life now, why wait? What can we do to start fixing it now?" As with any quest I will start with where I am at the beginning. My real name is Michael, I just turned 30 last week and life has been kicking me in the proverbial groin for the last couple of yea
  8. "Meanwhile in Michigan" Someone who deep down knows how truly great people have the potential to be is yet to find himself. Yet to find the inner potential screaming inside of him. When suddenly he hears it. "Get your ass up!!! You are ruining everything!!!" He jumps as there is no one else in the room. Frantic he looks in the mirror and realizes he is not the person looking back. For the first time since he was a child he can see the real hero inside begging to be set free. "Just give me a real chance at life and I will amaze you. We will go places and do things that you thought were
  9. Some of my friends have a nickname for me: Superman. I have not turned back time by going in reverse, nor have I sacrificed myself to save the universe on any occasion. I haven’t even thrown my insignia at someone and have it turn into dangerous entrapping cellophane. I’m not sure why the name stuck, but it did; maybe it was the dark hair and glasses, maybe it was my dedication to ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way.’ (pauses for grad school deconstruction of all those words) The fact is that I haven’t felt like Superman. At best, I have felt like Superboy: half the powers of
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