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Found 3 results

  1. I figured since I'm new to the community and have only been lifting weights for about 3-4 months now that I'd share my current routine with you all. The individual workouts were designed by a Personal Trainer based on my goals and what I was able to do around a month ago. Day 1, Push: Bench press (5 sets of 10) Pec fly Push up Cable press Tricep pull down Reverse fly (4 sets of 10 as a superset) Day 2, Legs: Barbell squat (5 sets of 10) Dumbbell lunge Dumbbell step up Barbell glute bridge Leg press (4 sets of 10 as a superset) Day 3, Pull: Bent over row (5 sets of 10) Chin up (assisted if necessary) Pull up (assisted if necessary) Deadlift Bicep curl Push up row (unsure of actual name, you hold dumbbells in the push up position and pull them back) (4 sets of 10 as superset) Day 4, rest After day 4 I repeat the cycle unless I'm feeling particularly sore, in which case I take a second rest day before repeating. It doesn't fit a weekly schedule, instead I just repeat the cycle regardless of day. The exercises in the super sets aren't done in a particular order, I tend to mix it up and it varies depending on what equipment is most available. Any criticisms or advice would be gladly appreciated. Thanks for reading, -SB
  2. For my last few challenges, I have been hanging my hat in the Assassins guild. While checking out the new Women's Academy, I decided that a Warrior class was a better choice for me quest-wise, so I figured I'd try this challenge in your area for something different. I'm having a hard time deciding what I'd like to do with this challenge. I know that it ends two weeks before Camp Nerd Fitness, so I'd really like to buckle down and focus between now and then. I've been having a great time with more fun challenges with the Assassins, focusing on hula hooping and decluttering. It's been wonderful, but in the process I kind of lost focus on my gym stuff, and my diet has slipped a little bit. I have 5 lbs to lose in the next 8 weeks to meet my goal before Camp, and if I lose just 2 more pounds than that, I'll be at 75 pounds lost total. THAT would be amazing. WARRIOR WOMAN My main goal for the last 3 years has been to become strong. Strong enough to handle life. Strong enough to overcome chronic pain. Strong enough to be confident. I need to refocus on my strong, lifting 3x a week. If I have to miss a day at my work gym, I have to do a comparable bodyweight workout at home that night. No more excessive rest periods. I have to have the last 13 workouts of my new superset routine done before camp.Track food every day. Only exception will be any days without cell range when camping. My life is not a free for all. Keep carbs <50g a day, except for one meal for glycogen refill. I can be a little looser when camping for after dinner treats, but the rest of my food must be on point.Continue to focus on general decluttering, reorganization, and redecorating. One thing a day at least.SIDE QUESTSDiet Side Quest: W A T E R. Drink more of it! Seriously been bad in this area lately. I bring two jugs of water to work every day. I MUST drink them! Every day! DO IT!Fitness Side Quest: Cardio. Oh how I hate thee. I've been slacking. I want to up my daily step average to 8,000 a day, with bonus points for any 10,000 step days, or days I actively do cardio on purpose.MOTIVATION PROGRESS 3 Points a week for Lifting. 13 points total for superset routine workouts 7 points a week for decluttering 7 points a week for eating (either tracking, or eating appropriately when I can't track) Bonus Points for water and cardio 17 Points a week Total + specific workouts + side quest (1 for getting all my water, 1ea for cardio). Week 1: 22/17 Points Week 2: 23/17 Points Week 3: 22/17 Points Week 4: 22/17 Points - all 13 superset points achieved Week 5: 18/17 Points Week 6: 19/17 Points TOTAL: 126/127 WOOT
  3. This will be my tenth NF Challenge. Wow, that went by quickly. So, why am I continuing the indestructible quest? Because I'm gonna need it. My overall goal for 2014 is to finish the year a lot closer to happy than where I've started it. I'm not unhappy mind you, but there are areas of my life that do not move me farther up the happy spectrum. So, I've come up with some simple year long goals towards being happier at the end of 2014 than the beginning. They are: Physical - Run 3 miles, once a week every week. It always makes me happy.Intellectual - Read 10 minutes a day, every day. I know, 10 minutes doesn't seem like much, but over the course of the year that's 61 hours of reading. That exceeds what I did the last few years rolled together.Emotional - Once a month, an excursion of some kind with my wife without kids. She's my best friend and I don't give her enough time. And when I do, its at the end of the day when we're both tired and exhausted. It didn't used to be like that. So, at least once a month, we will go to dinner, spend an afternoon together, let the kids sleep over at grandma's, whatever. Something. Once a month. I can do that, right?Spiritual - Once a week, 1 question, written in a journal to ponder.All those things increase my joy and I haven't been finding the time for them. So, I made them goals for the whole year. Along with that will be some shorter 3-4 month goals. But, as the year starts out, I'm going to need to be more indestructible to reach that happiness. Quick background: Friends' with a sick baby that managed to out-survive Dr's predictions, but she's not doing wellAnother friend has been fighting a brain cancer for 5 years and Dr's just pulled the plug on his treatment saying there's nothing more they can doMy father managed a successful bout of treatment for his cancer, but he hasn't been given the all clear sign yetLast week, my mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and the treatment plan is pending more testsAnother friend's mother recently passed from ovarian cancer.Am I reciting all of this to be a major downer? No. Cancer sucks. We all know that already. It's more that death has a nasty habit of putting life in perspective. I think we'd all agree we want to be happier. Everyone loves being happier. But, those things I've outlined for the year will be hard to do if I don't come up with some better habits. Especially with what might be some heavy obstacles in my future. So... I will run at least once a week (just not today, freakin' -40 wind chill...are you kidding me?!), and more if my joy/peace reserves are running low I will go back to my MRT and MCT circuits. Don't get me wrong, I love lifting weights and the heavier the better. But, I love supersets and circuits more. I will get stronger just not at the same pace, and I should shed fat faster. This fits better with my reasons for why I train in the first place. To be healthier, to be alive longer, to be able to do what I want, when I want without worrying about my conditioning, to look better, and most importantly, have fun doing it. So, 3 circuit workouts a week. I will use 24 hour intermittent fasting 1x-2x per week. Alright, the goal is once per week, but as it gets easier I might go for more. Essentially, this is skipping breakfast, lunch and snacks (probably on Fridays) from dinner the night before until dinner that night. Hence, no food for roughly 24 hours. Coffee, water, tea, and the like are permitted. I've done this before with the best results in terms of fat loss from diet. So, why have I been tinkering with different ideas? Time to get back in the habit of what works for me instead of looking for something better and not getting results. I will keep my emotional, intellectual and spiritual goals alive throughout this challenge.That's it. I'm letting go of the outcome of what meeting those goals will bring and I'm just following the goals. To quote Dan John, "Let the goal be the goal." We'll see where the chips fall when its all said and done.
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