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  1. Fiscal year end is coming. Year-end is normally a very busy time at work. Everyone in my life generally gets warned that all plans are subject to cancellation if I need to work late in December. It affected my challenge to a noticeable extent last year and I should have planned for it. Doing so this year. It's set up as a two phase challenge so I can have standard goals and pursue those but the backup set of goals is there for if everything goes to pot at work. If all goes well, I will be in phase 1 for the whole challenge. It's possible but history tells me to plan for everything to get very busy at some point. Phase 1 - Business as usual Judo & Studying: x/18 overall Judo Class twice/week unless class is cancelled x/11 (No Judo on Remembrance Day) Study at least one high belt technique or aspect of Judo each week x/6 Physical Balance: x/42 overall Recent challenges have involved trying to work out a good balance of all of the aspects of exercise I consider important. It's had mixed success. Last challenge had the downside of de-valuing my Judo, since it was weighted the same as anything else but dominates my work week. So Judo is out of the balance goal and on it's own now. Here's my latest idea: split strength training and do a little each morning. Better than deciding that I just don't have the time for it. Then do a few bigger things on the weekend. Monday to Friday - Short morning BW workout (pullups, squats, pushups, bridges, HLRs) Saturday - striking practice, preferably with Chris. Sunday - yoga session In addition, I stretch before bed and walk most everywhere so I'm also getting in ~5 hours of walking per week. Keep these up. Running is out until spring unless there's a nice day with no slow on the sidewalks and I get better sneakers. Make Presents x/6 Make at least 6 small gifts with yarn knitting, maille knitting, crochet, cross-stitch or cooking. I love to make people gifts and they seem to like them. Priority: Dad's Socks! Edit: decided that the life balance one is crap this time of year any way and changed it to making Christmas gifts :-) Life Balance - Version 2: x/30 overall Each item is pass or fail/week. It lets me keep an eye on life in general and how well I'm handling things. It also reminds me to prioritize sleep and meditation. SleepMeditationFoodChoresWork Supply Chain Management Course: Complete/Not Complete This course is teaching me great things and will definitely help at work. It's eating 6 to 10 hours per week but that's what it takes to get the material. The course is finished on December the 16th and I'm keeping up so far. If at all possible, complete this course. Additional Long Term Life Goal - Improve my wardrobe (probably will not be finished this challenge) I tried doing this before but I went about it in some inefficient ways. I bought dresses that I like but don't really have anywhere to wear. As much as I like them and they may be useful in the future, they were not practical. Do it right this time. Purge wardrobe of things that don't fit, I never wear, or are just in too bad shape to keepWardrobe diagnostics - look at the breakdown of what I need versus what I haveFigure out style(s) that I like - post pictures, read advice and check out what's availableIdentify minimum number of needed items to allow me to dress well for my regular activitiesBudget some money for clothing each monthBuy and hang a mirror - would be nice to not need to stand on my toes in the bathtub to see my upper body in the bathroom mirrorBuy and hang a hook for longer dresses/skirts - I have nowhere to store longer items as my closets are too lowMaybe knit a nice cowl? Would be a good relaxing Christmas break project. Phase 2 - Don't Panic Phase 2 kicks in if work gets very busy and I'm doing a lot of overtime. Admittedly, my version of a lot of overtime is about 16 extra hours per week. 56ish hours/week at work overall. I know a lot of people work more than that, but it's a lot for me. These goals sub in for the ones above. Goal 1 - Do whatever is most important right now Remember Essentialism and try to keep a handle on everything by focusing on one task at a time. Not a SMART goal, true, but it will be the best thing I can do. Goal 2 - Take 30 min before bed to calm down and relax. Meditation, reading, whatever. It will pay off in improved sleep. Goal 3 - Get up from my desk every hour and do something. During the standard work day I can go and check for mail or packages. After hours I can do whatever if nobody else is there. Stretch, work on one of the striking techniques or Judo turn-ins, pushups/whatever else. The little bits of exercise will let me feel better and be more focused the rest of the time. Goal 4 - Still try and finish the Supply Chain Course
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