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Found 20 results

  1. Well... the good news is, I know why I was getting so sick and passing out when I worked out! My resting heart rate without medication is between 140-200 bpm, and when I would exercise, it could easily go over 400 bpm with very little effort on my part. I am medicated now, but it's still going to be a long haul, and I have to take it easier than I have in the past. It's been 5 years since I have been on this forum with any regularity. In the last two years, I have been in 5 car accidents, had 4 surgeries, went from one medication daily to 13+ medications a day, and I've gained 50-l
  2. My arm hurts. It didn't hurt bad at all right after the surgery*, and I thought I had gotten off super easy. Now the nerves are starting to heal, which is GREAT, but also neuropathy = ow. Okay, moving on ... I am seriously recovering WAY faster and better than I had any right to expect. I was back in the gym 3 days post-op. Can't do anything with barbells yet, living on leg press and one-armed DB/KB stuff, but at least the habit remains intact. And if I keep progressing the leg press, theoretically I shouldn't lose too much on my squat. I hope. Anyhoo. 20
  3. Whoa! What? Who is this rebel tucking her tail and returning to the rebellion? Oh, it's Angela The Geek! Holy crap, guys... It's been like a really, really long time. It's been over a year since I started and didn't finish a challenge. Well, I'm back! And lots of stuff has happened in the time that I've been gone. Where to start... 1. I spent most of 2016 going in and out of the Emergency Room and Hospital. I went to the ER over 25 times in 2016, and added a few more times in 2017 to get up to a whopping 32 ER visits. It impacted my training
  4. It is time for me to commit to respawning. This summer I had back surgery, a fusion at L-3 through L-5. I spent most of two months barely able to walk and stayed with my family. I regained about 20 pounds of the 200 I lost. I feel like a failure. The time off of work for the surgery really wreaked havoc in my life by putting me in debt, getting behind in work, and worsening my anxiety. I finally was cleared to start exercising again and have moved back home so I can control my diet. It is time to respawn. Even though I am sad that I cannot go back to serious barbell training
  5. I didn't put anything up last week, because I was still trying to figure out what was going to happen this month. I've been hit in the nose a few too many times, and it's developed into a deviated septum that is severely restricting the amount of air I'm getting. (Less than half of what it should be). I went to an ENT about it last week, and hopefully will here back from him today or tomorrow and as long as he doesn't find any other problems, should have surgery to correct it pretty soon. Until the surgery, I'm going to keep lifting and working on getting stronger. After the s
  6. So I tore my ACL back in October and it has been a slow road to recovery. I can definitely get around fine, but when it comes to the more strenuous activities I struggle. I would appreciate some helpful hints from anyone who has also recovered from this injury - any specific exercises, supplements, etc to a quicker recovery?
  7. Hey Druids! Seeing as this is my first ever Druid challenge I thought I should introduce myself with some context, hence the life story below… I’ve fallen so far off the wagon that there is no wagon to get back on. The wagon has left and I need to find a new one: a wagon called ‘2016’. In my line of freelancing it’s feast or famine, so when I do work it’s all-encompassing and I’ll miss a few days, then a week of workouts, then I’ll feel I’ve failed the challenge and want to quit to start over again. Since I was last active on here a few months ago I’ve been running and
  8. THE BOSS: I've been doing battle with endometriosis for YEARS. I tried everything: ablation, hormones, and simulated menopause (which worked, but wore off, and then it was back to pain and suffering). THE IDEA: Since nothing else worked, at least not for more than three months at a time, I asked my doctor for a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. "Hey Doc, can I please have major surgery that will remove some body parts and probably shorten my lifespan?" Since the pain went away with simulated menopause, and was limited to my uterus and ovaries, he agreed to do it. He tried to talk me out o
  9. Greetings Nerds, I joined about a year ago and was mildly successful. I've had a long tough year and I'm having trouble getting back on the train. Through family genetics I was found to have a BRCA 1 gene mutation and with my family history I was given a 68% chance of getting ovarian cancer and a 92% chance of getting breast cancer. I'm very pro-active so in the last year I've had a full hysterectomy and double mastectomy AND my reconstruction. I didn't want to live the rest of my life (I'm 39) looking over my shoulder because with those odds it's not "IF" I would get cancer, but "WHEN."
  10. Let's try this again! I really considered this time posting in the druids or adventurers, but then I saw "Strength, Functionality, Mobility." That's exactly what I want, if a little more rudimentary, so I'm here to stay. I want a grass hut. Now before you go thinking, “what?†allow me to explain. My friend has an uncle whose life quest was to marry a nice girl, have a great family, and retire to the beaches of Hawaii where he would live in a bungalow (grass hut) and surf all day. The grass hut isn’t something that can be arrived at, photographed, and left with nothing more than fond memo
  11. Okay, so, I'm taking a quick break from warrior training to get cut open. So, seeing as I've already been told that post surgery I won't be allowed to workout the way that I've fallen in love with, I've decided to pop in here and see what the whole adventurer life is like. Backstory: I've always been bigger, but during University I packed on a lot of weight, and then got a job that was mostly inactive and gained more weight. Then got another job with even less activity (i.e. completely desk bound) and peaked at around 147.2kg around the age of 27. That was a few years ago now, and after
  12. Hey all, has anyone on here had surgery for endometriosis or a similar laparoscopic abdominal procedure? I am having surgery this week and I am hoping that I won't have to be out of the gym for too long!! Unfortunately, from what I have read, I will probably be out of commission lifting-wise for a few weeks.
  13. I want a grass hut. Now before you go thinking, “what?†allow me to explain. My friend has an uncle whose life quest was to marry a nice girl, have a great family, and retire to the beaches of Hawaii where he would live in a bungalow (grass hut) and surf all day. The grass hut isn’t something that can be arrived at, photographed, and left with nothing more than fond memories; it will be a continual journey through life. My first challenge was about doing my physical therapy after surgery and creating good habits. It wasn't perfect, but that's kind of the point of a first challenges isn'
  14. My Main Quest: In October I had a minor surgery. Unfortunately, I have to have a second very soon, likely in within this next 6 weeks. The recovery period from the first surgery did two things: 1) It inhibited my ability to work out for months. 2) It brought on about a week of intense anxiety attacks and about a month of not being able to fully control my stress levels. Going into this a second time my main quest is to make sure my body and my mind are as prepared as possible for the second recovery process. I want to be as capable of healing as I can be. My 3 Goals: 1) Record everythi
  15. Hey all, Next week I'll be undergoing some fairly intense jaw surgery to correct an underbite. Long story short, as my jaw recovers I'll be restricted to a purely liquid diet for 2-4 weeks, with soft foods being introduced gradually thereafter. I'll also be very limited in the amount of physical activity I can get during this time . After about 8 weeks I should be back to chomping on anything I please. How can I maintain a healthy diet (and maintain as much muscle mass) during this time? Typical advice for 'nutrition' during this time is to fill up on meal replacement shakes like Ens
  16. Oh Assassins my Assassins. I was happily and productively participating in my VERY FIRST CHALLENGE here at NF and rapidly achieving my goals of strength, endurance, and skill with an eye towards my main goal of being prepared for my third degree black belt when... A burly 15 year old (with a heart of gold and a brilliant smile) muscled me through a shoulder throw in tae kwon do class and I tore my ACL. oh that poor kid. oh, my poor ACL. Since then I've had to chuck what seemed like super achievable goals of running fast, doing lots of bodyweights, and practicing tae kwon do 3x a week i
  17. Hi, Chris Hefley here. "indomitableHef" I'm 39, and live in Franklin, TN. Over the past 2 years, I've lost almost 100 lbs. I've always bee an active person, and into outdoor sports, even when I weighed 285lbs. And I had successfully lost 70+ pounds twice before, and gained it all back. So, in July of 2012, I took the drastic step of having a weight-loss surgery. It's called a "Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy". Unlike a lot of the horror stories you may have heard about some weight loss surgeries, this one is very simple. They simply remove a large portion of the stomach. There's no foreign ob
  18. I'm sure NF frowns upon passing around medical info, and I'm not really seeking that. I just found out that my climbing accident last Saturday led to two fractured bones, as well as a fully torn MCL and ACL. So, now I'm more than a bit scared, as well as totally depressed about being so badly injured. Have any of the rest of you had surgery for a torn ACL, and if so, how bad was the surgery and recovery? Was it really possible to continue working out, or were you just stuck sitting around a lot for the first few months? If you comply with the physical therapy, did your knee end up as st
  19. Hiya ladies! As my first post for NF, I wanted to briefly get a little support and recommendations (beyond what the doctor orders) from the community. The background: At the age of 30 and as a mom of 3, I wasn't liking what I saw in the mirror. While I'm not overweight, that doesn't mean I'm healthy or in shape. It was time for a change. To the internet! So, I found Nerd Fitness a bit ago and was all excited to get up and moving! Then WHAM! I was diagnosed with cervical cancer a couple of weeks after signing up and purchasing the strength training guide. (Let's face it... Staci is
  20. Main quest: Lose weight to get surgery Side Quests: “I will work out 5 days a week for an hour"A= 5 days a week B= 4 days a week C= 3 days a week D= 2 days a week F= 1 day a week “I will go for a walk of 30 minutes every day.â€A= 25 minutes every dayB= 20 minutes every day C= 15 minutes every day D= 10 minutes every day F= 5 minutes every day “By the end of these six weeks, I will only drink two soda per week instead of six.â€A= 2 sodas per week B= 3 sodas per week C= 4 sodas per week D= 5 sodas per week F= 6 sodas per week Life Quest: Pay off my credit card What motivates me right
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