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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everybody, Made it to the gym for the first time in months because I was pumped to dive into the challenge. On my mission to complete I pull-up I thought I'd start with Steve's recommendation from his post here. I thought I'd try an inverted/body weight row to see how well I could hold up. Though my gym has a smith machine, they recommended I try the same exercise with a suspension TRX system instead. From what I can tell the exercise IS very similar to an inverted row, except instead of pulling yourself up to a bar you pull yourself up using hanging straps with handles. Can anybody vouch for these? Thanks!
  2. 2.0 for two reasons. 1. I'm back. It's been a rough summer, and I've missed a challenge and a bit. I've not been idle, but I haven't been updating. And I find updating has been helpful and kept me focussed, so I'm returning. 2. I completed a big fitness challenge at the weekend - the Thames Path Challenge - 100K walk in 24 hours along the Thames Path from Putney to Henley. It was physically and mentally really tough, but I did, and I'm really proud of myself. I feel like I've proved something to myself about what my body can do and my mind can bear, so I can step up! Life triumph this summer has been paying off a credit card. A whole credit card. Like a grown-up. I'm going to concentrate more on strength and flexibility for this challenge, as endurance was pretty much covered by the walk and the training for it. I'm sticking with bodyweight training, because I figure if I can't move my own body around, it doesn't really matter what else I can lift! And because I've had a gap, I'm going to take it slowly. So: 1. Bodyweight training three times a week, with a suspension trainer. Push, Pull, Core, Legs and Spine. 2. I'm going to try out Parkour. I'd love to get into it, and I've got a beginner's lesson on Saturday. Don't know whether I can afford to do it, or take on another thing, but 'trying it out' as a challenge seems safe enough. I want to think of a third, either life or food, but I think this will do for now. Getting back on the horse and all that.
  3. Finally got my TRX Tactical Kit today in the mail and I'm pretty psyched (especially with the military discount I got)! Despite being fairly sedentary off work and command PT I can still rock out 70-80 pushups, 95~ situps, and hold planks and bridges for a few minutes at a time. So I decided I wanted a way to take my body weight training up a level to kick off my NF lifestyle. Now I've done a few workout sessions during command PT (turns out if a Navy SEAL develops something and gets famous for it the Navy likes to have us use it lol) but otherwise I haven't had any serious time logged using this system, though I have enjoyed the couple times I have done it. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who might have one or used one enough to recommend certain workouts or if they'd had exceptionally good results or fun routines with the system. Personally I'm just happy to have something I can take with me when I travel but outside opinions are always nice to listen to when getting something new. Thanks in advance! (If you've done a routine from the guide/app but can't remember it just describe it. I got both of those with my bundle so I'm sure I can find it if you tell me what you did!)
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