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Found 5 results

  1. I've always been a fan of the hashtag #becomingbatman so I thought I might use it as inspiration for a few challenges. So, here goes, possibly my first fully themed challenge thread... Okay, let's get going on the whole superhero transformation Get strong, get swole. Continue strength training three times per week. Unlike last time, I'm not going to be foolish enough to plan for 100% on this one again. Target: 10/12 sessions Get Superhero shredded. Track my intake. I've clearly not had much luck with this in previo
  2. My first ever Warrior challenge!! I am SO PUMPED to crank out this challenge and really blow my numbers out the water! Challenge 1: Raise my Squat to 185 lbs, Deadlift to 195 lbs and my OHP to 130 lbs -Do my Strong Lifts 5x5 workout Tues, Thursday, and Saturday (or 3x week with 1-2 days off for recovery) -Grading will be as follows: A: Reach or exceed all stated goals B: Reach 90% of stated goals C: Reach 70% of stated goals D: Reach 50% of stated goals F: Either no gains or actual strength losses Challenge 2: Decrease my body weight by 12 lbs, with at least 80% fat loss -Continue to
  3. Hey everyone! Been checking out this forum for a while and decided to make an account and become active on here! So Here is a little about me. I am 21 years old. I began weight lifting and going to the gym at age 19 when I realized how overweight I was. I lost 65 pounds, and began my bodybuilding journey! I finished my first real bulk in February and now I am about 6 weeks in to my first cut and it is going awesome. My real plans are to pursue a career in professional wrestling and work for the WWE. In May I will be moving to Canada for three months to train with former WWE and ECW superstar L
  4. A Brief Introduction Hello warriors! I just finished my first Nerd Fitness challenge and I'm ready to get swole. The focus was on strength training a little bit of weight loss and body recomposition. I am continuing on with these goals, but this time stepping it up. On the last challenge I managed to lose about 8 lbs and lost about 3 inches from my waist. A friend of mine, who I'll admit tends to exaggerate, said it looks like I'd lost about 20 lbs. I have lost about 15 over the summer, but we all know how weird and tricky weight by itself can be. Main Quest: Get in shape by the time I fin
  5. Avast NF Crew! I'm ready for my second challenge! I got into some good habits the first time, so here's my plan for the next six weeks: RUN LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! (+2 STA, +3 DEX): I will begin a 12-week half marathon training program that will end with me actually running a half marathon at the end of the next challenge- May 19th. Here's a link to the training plan I'll have to modify it a little to fit my schedule by doing the big runs on sundays and the cross training at the gym on saturdays. Otherwise the plan stands. Grading: (days ran)/24= % of grade. GETTIN' SWOLE! (+3 STR, +
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