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Found 3 results

  1. I found this design on Threadless. I think I need this Tyrannosaurus Shirt. T-Shirt. Hehehehehehe Oh man, Rexy and I have so much in common, except I don't have tiny arms, and I am no quitter. We do share a lack of flexibility and balance that is pretty hilarious. I love yoga. I can't do triangle pose without a chair, I can't do downward facing dog without bending my knees, and forget one one-legged poses. So for this challenge, I'll work in my balance, strength and flexibility and really enjoy practicing yoga and never give up. I'm also buying that tshirt. No spreadsheets or grades. I either do it or I storm off like Rexy. November is a hectic month for me. Lots of good things happening, but also some stressful things, and So... simple is good. Have a great challenge everyone!
  2. The Challenge Concludes! The sounds of helicopters, sniper rifles, and the gate's cranking mechanism have become everyday background noises. Another six weeks have passed since the Zombie outbreak breached the Swiss boarders. My family and I have survived, but not without our share of hardships and grieving. Still..in the past six weeks, many great transformations have taken place. Greatest of all, perhaps, is my new role as Runner 5. Abel Township has officially taken us in, and in return for safe boarding I train with Doc three times a week and go on supply runs. Sam and the doctor have also started sending me to outlying settlements for information. I have made myself an asset to these people, and my family is safer for it. In the coming weeks, my training will come to an end. I will be a full-fledged members of the Abel Township Runners--scouting for intel, retrieving important supplies, and always, always keeping one step ahead of the Zoms. Mission Goal #1: Zombie Preparedness Training (+ 5 STA) Complete week six of Run, Zombies! 5k Training app I did not complete week six. In fact, I just completed week five today. However! I am pretty darn proud of myself for getting back on the wagon after a hospital stay threw off my momentum halfway through the challenge. Yeah, I took a 10 day break, but 3 of those days I was kind of not allowed to leave a very small area. The other seven days, I was adjusting to a new medication. There is some big win here. I did not let life deter me, only detour me. Grade for Goal #1: 83% B+ (+ 4 STA awarded) Mission Goal #2: Hone Scouting Skills (+ 1 STA +3 DEX) Locate three geocaches aka “safeholds†and leave a sign for other survivors I let bad weather, house organization, and other adventures get in the way of this goal during the last couple weeks. I really enjoy it though, and we still have plans to go out on my third planned geocaching adventure. Now, if someone could convince Swiss weather to conform to my needs...that'd be great mmkk? Grade for Goal #2: 67% C+ (+ 1 STA + 1 DEX awarded) Mission Goal #3: Monitor food rations (+ 3 CON) Keep a food log for duration of challenge This was going pretty well until I was hospitalized. Not logging for several days in a row, even doing my backlogging after I got home, threw me off. Then I started eating chocolate. And this week, I started drinking wine. And I just hate logging. But I realized some poor eating behaviors that come along with not logging, so I will get back on it for now. Blugh! Grade for Goal #3: 67% C+ (+2 CON awarded) Life Quest: (+ 2 CHA + 1 WIS) Increase communication abilities with local survivors This quest. Biiiiggg ol' fail here. Because....I specifically said "study time." I learned some really important things, though. Things like, I learn German better when listening to the radio, talking to people at stores, or reading through the sales ads. That stuff just sticks for me. I am handling all sorts of actually important stuff with a much better understanding of the language. And it isn't because I spent 1080 minutes in front of my computer doing lessons. I did 400 minutes though. And you know what? I'm giving myself an extra 500 minutes for all the conversing and reading I did in German this challenge. I think that is pretty damn fair, especially considering just being around people I know and love makes me so nervous and terrified I want to vomit and die. So. Yeah! Actually, I'm giving myself full credit. Grade for Life Quest: 100% (+ 2 CHA + 1 WIS awarded) TOTAL POINTS AWARDED: 11/15 OVERALL GRADE: 79% B NEW klaymates: Level 3 Half-Orc Scout STR: 2.5 DEX: 4.5 CON: 6.75 STA: 6.25 WIS: 7.75 CHA: 6 Before & After Pics: Check out how my measurements changed in this body changes spreadsheet on Google drive. Sorry the after pics are so huge. I didn't feel like resizing and all that jazz D:. Front...I'm seein' it! Back...more seein' it!!! Left Side...big difference, but my hernia D: Thinking I might need to talk to surgeon Right Side...recreating my silly poses = hardest part of challenge (I wish) Tummy Close-up...the skins become sadder. Thanks giant babies! Other stuff worth mentioning.... Went gluten-free!Lost 6 kilos and 26 cm!Bought new skinny jeans!Ate lots of chocolate!Got my mojo on (a big deal after pushing a 10 lb object out of the unmentionable zone)!Danced in the street like a fool for tweenagers!Discovered a med class that seems to control stuff and things much better (so far)!Signed up for Hammlin and Pixie's Virtual 5k!Had a blast doing the mini challenges (thanks Q)!
  3. It's my first challenge here at Nerd Fitness! Yay! About Me: Age: 25 Sex: Lady Height: 5'4" Weight: 138 Race: Halfling/hobbit I've chosen to side with the assassins because I've always wanted to be that slim, strong, rock climber, gymnast kind of person. I'm making this a T-Rex challenge because that's how I feel my body is like right now; I have great muscular legs, and wimpy arms. Thus, my fitness goals are going to revolve around getting my upper body up to speed. Goal One: Fitness I can't do one, and I really really want to. If I can only do one at the end of this challenge, I'll be a happy T-rex. I also want to form a plan and stick to it. I'm really good at either going into the gym with no plan at all or making a plan and doing it for two days then quitting. Method: Following an adapted Nerd Fitness beginner body weight plan. Updating this thread daily with the results of my workout. M/W/F Performed as a circuit, as many times as I can handle 20 Body weight squats10 push ups (gradually decreasing incline)20 walking lunges10 dumbbell rows 30 second plank I cut the jumping jacks because I really really hate them, added time to the plank cause I'm awesome, and made the push ups incline because I want to get better at standard push ups (not girly knee ones). Always warming up before and stretching after! Seriously, I love stretching; it's the carrot on the end of the workout stick for me. T/TH Running/ Sprinting. I like the Zombies, Run! app. Mostly running out in the real world, but I'm willing to treadmill it up if it's rainy/stormy/uber humid out. I live in florida and it's getting to be summer, so I'll try to avoid heatstroke Sat/Sun Active recovery, rest. I have a 30ish minute Yoga Stretch Dvd that I love. Stats: +3 Strength +2 DEX +3 STA Goal Two: Nutrition! Seriously, I'm terrible at this. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do love me some salty fried potatoes! Chips and alcohol are my two biggest trigger foods. I cannot buy a bag of tortilla chips and expect it to last more than a day. Method: Planning out my meals and not keeping trigger foods in the house. Four days at a time seems to work for me and it's really just me saying "that's when I'll cook this" and "that's when I'll eat those leftovers". If I try to do a whole week, it gets overwhelming. Maybe one day I'll track calories/nutrients, but for right now I just want to focus on forming good paleo/gluten free habits. Also, food tracking can take me into weird, disordered eating territory that I don't want to deal with right now. Stats: +2 CON +2 WIS Goal Three: Lifestyle This is really a collection of mini goals that don't really fit in nutrition or fitness; just little things and habits I want to build on. Method Getting my vitamin D on: 15 minutes of no sunscreen out door time a day. Keeping it clean: Staying on top of my dishes and clutter; Wiping down counters, cleaing dishes right after I cook, one put-things-away sweep a day. Also doing laundry before I run out of clean clothes. Read: I used to read a lot, but it's been slowly getting replaced by more and more computer time. 1 hour (at least) of reading a day! Put that scale away: Not weighing myself until after the challenge is over. None of my goals are really weight oriented, so I need to stop multiple times a day weighing. Stats: +2 CHA +1 WIS I just need to take it one day at a time and keep my eyes on the prize (and really stop using awful cliches).
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