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Found 3 results

  1. Main Quest: Ready myself for the races. Run twice a week. I have four races coming up this year. I am actually doing well, all things considered. I haven’t run since January, and since October before that, and I was able to kill a mile in 13:41. My best yet. The goal is to keep training. I want to see a 13 minute mile, straight by the end of the season! (2 points per run) T25 6 days a week. A huge factor in my motivation lately has been the progress I’ve seen with Focus T25. I’m down in inches, I’m down in weight, and I’m feeling pretty stellar. The goal here is to keep that motivation and run with it. It’s a great cardio workout as well as muscular workout, so this will be my gym for the next 6 weeks (and then some). (1 point per workout) Shakeology DAILY. I have been a morning shake drinker for years, and now I’ve got Shakeo. I’m frankly loving the stuff, and I can tell when I’m not having it. This is my diet side. I need that nutrition, daily. The nutrients keep me running and jumping and skipping and smiling and they motivate me to stay away from the other crap. Plus, this stuff has killed my cravings for junk, so I don’t crave that McDonald’s or Cheeto reward anymore… Gotta keep that up for sure. (1 point per day) Side Quests: Life – Get organized I am sick of thinking I’ll get that craft room organized tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow. No – it’s going to be today. I am going to get those boxes sorted and ready for good will. I am going to set up my old computer to make an office/yoga space. I will post weekly progress shots. (0 points for nothing. 5 points for part way. 25 points for completion) Fitness – Get back into yoga I love my aquafit class, but I miss yoga. With T25, I have seen increased flexibility in my legs, but my hips are still a HUGE issue. This goal will be focused around my HIPS specifically. I need to do yoga 3 days a week, but I will be happy with one. A class at my gym – my friend’s class – online videos… It needs to happen. I will post a starting shot of my hip flexibility and we will measure progress by the end of the six weeks! My goal is to work on three specific positions: Frog, Pigeon, and King Pigeon. (1 point per yoga work out, 3 points max per week) And last but not least… My motivation is… My progress. I am finally seeing some, so I’ll be damned if I let it slide!
  2. Usually I super lurk here and not say anything at alll. However today I am super happy. I did my weigh in and I am officially in ONEderland. That's right I am finally under 200 lbs (total 30 lost this year). It is the first time for me in 4 years. I have no intention of letting myself go back above that number ever again. Now to reset my goals and aim for 180 lbs.
  3. Main Quest Loose weight - be under 150 lbs. Smile more. Goal #1: Get healthy! Zero binge episodes over the next six weeks. To accomplish this: - I will mostly cook meals at home. - No secret eating - No eating alone. - No emotional eating - I will plan my meals the night before. - No eating for the purpose of getting sick/emotional relief. If I'm not hungry, I'm not eating. - Since grains/gluten provoke a binge, I will prepare all meals without gluten, grains or processed subsitutions for six weeks. Grading: A - No binge eating in 6 weeks B - Binge 1-2 times in 6 weeks C - Binge 3-5 times in 6 weeks D - Binge 5-8 times in 6 weeks F - Binge >10 times in 6 weeks (To define a "binge" for this challenge will be: eating will be more than 2,000 calories in one sitting, eating any gluten/grains intentionally, eating stolen food, eating in secret, eating when not hungry.) Goal #2: Get strong! Weight train 5x per week for at least half an hour. Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week Goal #3: Endure! Swim (or run) 5x per week for at least half an hour. Be able to swim 30 laps in an Olympic swimming pool without stopping by the end of six weeks. Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week Life Quest: Slow down! Meditate (read scriptures, pray, practice yoga) for 20 minutes a day Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week My Motivation I want to learn parkour. Run faster. Climb higher. Jump distances and swim faster. I want to gain confidence and strength. Stats: Weight: 170 Height: 5'5" Photos will come when there is an "after" picture.
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