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Found 14 results

  1. Hello to everyone! I'm Ingagr, just turned 38 and been overweighted for 15 years. Back then I used to play rugby, strenght train and low speed medium distance running for cardio three times a week. I got married, a degree in forestry engineering, a house, a couple of dogs and a small pack of cats. I quit all my sporty activities, settle down as sedentary and started gaining weight. One good new: four years ago I managed to quit smoking. Now I feel I can move forward and begin training and building healthy habits. So I sign up at a gym (functional, bodyweight train, strength train and cardio mo
  2. POP QUIZ: what's the difference between being a truly successful (potentially mad) scientist and just messing around making things explode here and there? THE QUALITY OF YOUR NOTES. I was here last in June (oh god so embarrassed) and since then I've still been super busy, still been going to cross-fit 5x a week (I KNOW I LACK MODERATION OK), tae kwon do 2-3x a week, and eating not terribly. Over the last couple of months though I've said to myself: SELF, you know what would make you a more effective human being? if you were keeping better notes. * I don't know how muc
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR PEACHES! It's back to basics for me this year. I need to be ACTIONABLE and ACCOUNTABLE. I know I know, that's what my GOALS are supposed to be. but it's not about them, this is about ME. I need a firm reboot and a hard reset and I need to get my head back into the game and out of the clouds and some other silly analogies etc etc etc. I have too many I WANT TO DO'S and not enough THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING, and I need to get back on to a plan before I can start to really attempt the millions of shiny that I want to chase. So,
  4. Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws is my cat, potentially an ensorcelled fae creature, and a pretty good example for what I need to do this challenge. So I'm going to emulate my witchy familiar beast and get on track! Goal 1: Have a routine. Every morning Ella does the same things. She wakes me up, snuggles in bed, walks me to the bathroom, races me downstairs, questions me loudly on why her favorite treats aren't immediately available, herds me around the kitchen, and then takes a nap in her kitty bed overlooking the yard. If I am out of her routine - lik
  5. Why hello, friends. I think I can do this again. I came to post a challenge and I guess this is a zero week too! awesome! I don't feel under any pressure at all! UM last challenge was a little meep. I got through the first two weeks really well! of course, I was pre-vacation, and then on vacation. and when I got back and my knees started hurting and I realized that I was suffering from an anxiety hangover from the last..... oh 4-6 months.... I shut down a little. week 3 was a bad week, and week 4 was a week of doing JUST ONE THING. I would go for a walk. or do a yoga thing. or
  6. HI TEAM AWESOME. So, last challenge I tried to have fun. it's important! I did ok at it, but it was still hard work. I'm realizing that I need to get off the STRUGGLE BUS and get on the SPARKLE BUS. before I can do that, though, I need to practice a tiny bit of austerity. The last several months have been all about being sweet and kind to myself as I work through a ridiculous schedule and a lot of family pressures and crap like a tree on my house. I've been super gentle with myself and not managing my diet carefully, allowing myself to sleep in more and go to bed later,
  7. ERMGAH I AM LATE. I don't have a challenge figured, out, so I think I'll do the same thing last time. it.... kind of worked out? stemmed the upwards weight, anyway. got me back in the habit of gymming. MAIN QUEST LOSE FAT. This could be signified by either losing weight, or using fancy schmancy tracking tools (wifi scale, skulpt device, measurements, photos) to double check. * so.... actually compare photos this challenge, hmmm? Goal 1: Exercise More / Don't Break The Chain I need to do something every day. Running, TKD, going to th
  8. I'm busy, really busy. I have a lot of things that I do and that I want to do well. I'm kind of in a funny exploratory place right now, where I'm trying to figure out how to do all the things I want to do, how to do them well, and how to feel like doing my very best is enough. Maybe I am totally delusional but I'm starting to wonder if maybe it IS possible for me to DO ALL THE THINGS. let's see, ok? I mean, it feels delusional, after I could only barely check in during the last challenge. but I'm up for it. * restrict the calories last challenge remi
  9. Wow, May was... May was a lot. it was a lot of stuff, and I did it all, but I didn't feel awesome while doing it. June is here and I feel like I'm not prepared for summer! So I'm doing a "SUMMER I AM HERE AND I AM LOVING IT BY GEORGE, LOVING IT OR ELSE" challenge, in the sense that I need to have some regular things figured out so that I can be my awesomest all the time. So this challenge I WILL SEIZE SUMMER LIKE I SEIZED THIS TINY FRUIT SNACK FACSIMILE OF RAPHAEL. MONKEY WRENCH we are going on an Epic Journey with the boys cross country for 10 day right
  10. Quick intro! I'm karinajean, 38, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way (so lots of time in the car). I joined the NFA in October 2013 and over the last 2 years I've gone from 206 to around 180. I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and have an overarching fitness goal of doing good form push- and pull-ups. I have a crazy mean (yet super sweet) cat and live with my husband full time and my stepdudes 1/2 time. I motorcycle, knit and spin, and am endlessly ignoring how messy the house is. I'm an ASSASSIN because I like doin
  11. Quick intro! I'm karinajean, 38, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way (so lots of time in the car). I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and am trying super hard to do really good form push- and pull-ups this year. I have a crazy mean (yet super sweet) cat and live with my husband full time and my stepdudes 1/2 time. I motorcycle, knit and spin, and am endlessly ignoring how messy the house is. I'm an assassin because I like doing all the things, and because I want to be able to do push-ups and pull-ups -- if I can do those
  12. Ahhhh, spring. The roses are blooming, and a new challenge approaches!
  13. So I totally bombed the last challenge by getting sick and only sleeping and working for 3 weeks. Couldn't quite get it back together after that. So I'm going basic on this challenge, to get myself back in the groove. Long-term goal - to get and stay fit and healthy. Motivation: my son and husband - I want to enjoy a long and healthy life with both of them. I will be 55 when my son graduates from high-school. I do not want to be a burden to him. Also, I want the term "bad-ass chick" to apply to me! My husband and I started Tae Kwon Do 2 weeks ago (our 6 year old son has been going s
  14. Right. So here it is. I attempted another challege a few months ago, and failed. I was trying to do too many things at once. While I think taking away the attribute points is a bit extreme (and while I'm confused about how people could be confused about calculating them--it's not very complicated) in some ways I think it is a good idea. It might help me, anyway. Here's the background for my challenge. I've been a 1st Kyu Brown Belt for more years than I care to remember, and that needs to change. Pretty soon, I'll be leaving for college and I won't be able to continue at my studio.
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