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Found 7 results

  1. My Story? Hmmm. Well, my real name is Stan, also known as Ziggy and my online persona is Axiel (pronounced Ah-shell, don’t drop the S ). Currently 50 years old, (6 ft) 255 ish lbs. (Down from 270 4 weeks ago). I’m a 30+ yr Type 1 diabetic that’s been reasonably well controlled with no major complications as yet, other than a slight neuropathy (numbness) in the feet and frozen shoulders (which until recently I didn’t know was a complication from diabetes). For all this time I’ve been following the standard dietary advice of my dietician and endo, and general
  2. Cheechoe's Flying Circus FEATURING... A Cheechoe A Challenge... ...Annnd A Bunch Of Nerds To Help Her Keep Her Head.. (pssst. That's you guys...) 1. MFP Tracking Track ALL THE FOOD 1800 cal/day as a baseline. I add in my exercise and my caloric allotment are adjust from there I get ONE CHEAT DAY A WEEK where I can go to 2500. ONE. TRACK EVERYDAY 2. Eat Primal No Processed Carbs No Nut Butters unless it's a cheat day and within my caloric allotment No Junk Food. I'll allow myself dark chocolate on my cheat days within '' '' '' My ch
  3. Oh dear. This had to happen some day. The Courier has lost her mind for good. Guys! Wait, don't give up on me yet! I'll illuminate you! Reactivity is the exact opposite of proactivity. Figures, doesn't it? … No? Uh ... I came across this term in Stephen Covey's „The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“. It was a fascinating book which I literally devoured (don't worry M, not THAT literally, you'll get it back in one piece). The first big kick in the butt was the following simple concept: That there is a gap between an external stimulus and the behavioural response. This gap contains t
  4. Cheechoe is Sher-Locked This challenge demands constructive goals every week; Each bringing me closer to that which I seek; To be a monk who is reaching her peak; And also Fucking Awesome. Always searching - motivation, self-actualization, wisdom.....call it what you will; this Monk is on a mission. Throughout this challenge I will be unraveling, deducing, and deciphering the small habits that are keeping me from my utmost form of awesome. Every week I unLOCK new habits will lead me closer to my full potential. Elementary, My Dear Nerds. My Challenge is Simple:
  5. NOW. Where did I put that challenge..... ....Oh. There it is. Goal: Becoming a Warrior: Doing it right. As some of you know, at the very end of the last challenge my boxing coach, who had grown very dear to me, passed away suddenly. Part of my life that was quickly growing came to an abrupt halt. But I am a fighter. I pick myself back up and join you guys the battlefield; here among other warriors who are gaining strength, preparing for their own battles. I need to re-gain focus. So I come here. I come to gain strength. I come to fight. I come to win. I Come to Gain: As part
  6. This had to Happen. Letta Slaya' Slay What? Another Television theme where Cheechoe defeats a different opponent each week of the Challenge? I guess she does that... Come on, it's Buffy. She is The Chosen One. She is hot. She kicks ass of all kind. She looks great in a sports bra. She is tiny, but fierce. She has super strength. Did I mention she was hot?? My Overall goal this challenge is to become more like Buffy. I Must Defeat The First. To do this, each week I will defeat a Big Bad and in doing so, I will have achieved the goals of the lowering my weight class in b
  7. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold… Last challenge, I was awaken from my coma. Now... It’s time to KICK SOME @$$!!! Ready. Main Quest: Get in shape for new hobby: ameatuer boxing. To which I will refer henceforth as: Shogun Shodown. Goals: a) Wiggle your big toe Weight loss starts with diet. Before I can move on, I need to stop and master my prey. No processed carbs. No grains. Diet will be primarily meat, egg and veggies. (occasional fruit, legume, dairy) Lenient but aware of calorie count. Once a week I will allot myself an alco
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