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Found 6 results

  1. So time to try again. As I figured out a lot of times before I need to keep this simple in the start. so Week 1 is a warmup and then its a 3 week challenge 1: Successful defend the thesis so I can get my bachelor of physiotherapy. 2: be active in here at least 3out of 7 days pr week in the assassin guild 3: sort and upload at least 5 india pictures pr week in the last 3 weeks of this challenge 4: Hangdstand - accumulate 5 minutes each of hanging and handstanding every day for the remaining of this challenge. @@mu ill try to make you proud
  2. Bards, Paladins, Innkeepers, Clerics, Healers (and more?) of All Guilds... TAG! You're IT! A tag matching system to help nerds find other nerds of the same role-play occupation... Our primary objective for this round is to encourage others to apply the tags we developed last challenge, by spreading the word and teaching others how to apply the tags to their challenge threads. To Dos for Challenge #2 of 2016: 1) Create a short guide for how to apply tags to your challenge 2) Develop a message template with links back to the tagging guides and spread word on all guild genera
  3. Working on benching bodyweight, and trying to get a little more limber and getting the spring back in my step. Something about an action movie and doing my own stunts. Goal 1: Gym twice a week. Goal 2: Hit nutrition goals: 3200 cals/day, 150g Protein Goal 3: Get Bendy once a day Goal 4: Jump, core, or pullups once a day Not a verbatim repeat of my last challenge, but that's the gist. LUYL1: Finish a draft of my paper. Just have a first draft, complete by the end of challenge. I spent the last week in Madison (w
  4. Add new tags to an old topic you posted or change/delete tags already there? Can you make a tag in a reply?
  5. Bards, Paladins, Innkeepers, Clerics, Healers (and more?) of All Guilds... TAG! You're IT! A tag matching system to help nerds find other nerds of the same role-play occupation... With the new changes on Nerd Fitness, the old questions of "Why don't we have a Bard's guild?" or "How can I best find other nerds with the same 'class/occupation/interests'?" have surfaced again. After reading people's ideas on the CHALLENGE AND CLASS CHANGES AND UPDATES thread, I realized we don't need any new features or additional guilds. We have the necessary tool already at hand! All it will take is
  6. The Scout Forum will be rocked for the next 6 weeks by a series of titanic struggles taking place in the skies overhead: Fitness #1: (pu)S(h)uperman Vs Flex Luthor: I'll be continuing with strength work from the last challenge, applying lessons from last time to my regular workouts to achieve better progress. I'll also be bringing in some flexibility work: At least 3 sessions per week, following other workouts, of stretches for scullers, mainly aimed at things I'm not so great at: neck rotation, and hamstrings, plus back mobility work to keep that bendy. Points available will be +6 divided be
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