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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! So I did my first (and only) challenge quite a while back. I never followed through with it much and didn’t seem to take advantage of the goals I set out for myself. I tend to do that to myself. I set some great goals, but then begin to over think, over analyze, and let life/stress get in the way to the point where I give up all together because I either can’t make up my mind, or don’t know what to think all together. I am the type to go into the gym overthinking my routine so much to the point where I am exhausted from it and skimp out on the workout itself. Normally, my goals are pretty aligned with a ranger. My BIG goal in to obtain the Spartan Trifecta in 2019. I recently ran the Warrior Dash, and will be running the Savage Race in October, just to keep me motivated to get better. So strength, mobility, and endurance are my main fitness focuses. HOWEVER, because of all of the overthinking and stress that comes with work/family/life in general, my brain is always so scattered that I have a problem sticking to my goals and having the mentality and motivation to give my all to becoming a better version of myself. I am constantly second guessing if I am training correctly, eating the right way, should I run or do something else, heavy or light and more reps, body weight or weights, program after program, research this method and that method, morning or afternoon, etc, etc, etc…. Theeennn… *burnout* SO, after some deeper thought, I have decided to shift my focus from “what to do, how to do it, how to manage it in the midst of a busy life, etc.”, to focusing on slowing the world around me and clearing my mind. Taking the time to step back from the thoughts and worries of everyday life and learn to meditate and channel my energy to what is most important at that time. Focus on who I am and what my purpose is rather than what I should be doing. I believe this will help me work more efficiently, be more present at home, and ultimately achieve my goals with a better sense of focus and determination. Now, I will still continue to strength train and run. I enjoy working out and want to keep myself at least active while going through this. I am simply forcing myself to not think twice about what I am doing, how I am doing it, and what I will do next. The actions I am going to take: 1. I have just chosen a simple strength training plan I found, run a couple times a week, and not think about it again. Simple as that. The program I choose is not what is important. I have to continue to remind myself that. 2. I am going to start doing yoga. I have done it a few times before, and it was a great way to loosen up and free my mind, simply focusing on what I was doing right then and there. I’m sure it will also help with some recovery from weight training, so there is an added bonus. At work there are yoga classes at lunch time M/W/F, so that will line up perfect to do right after my workout. 3. I am going to find a place or way to meditate when I can. I would love to find somewhere near me with a drop-in meditation space, take some Tai-Chi classes, maybe even just going on a hike and getting lost somewhere. Just somewhere and somehow that I can break away from the world and clear my thoughts and become more spiritually aware. I am not Buddhist, but I think that their beliefs on the importance of meditation and channeling your energy is vital. SO, time to put away my ranger boots and channel my chi. Danny Rand would be proud. I will keep myself accountable and keep anyone who cares updated on this journey over the next month, maybe more. Consider this the Prologue in the archives of my journey to the Trifecta. Steve starts with mindset, and that is what I am going to do as well (again lol). Thanks for reading!
  2. Newbie here! This is my first challenge and I'm setting real simple goals Goal One : Tai-chi :5 times a week , for 30 mins . Goal Two : Wake up 5 min earlier everyday..I get up at 8 am ..and want to be able to take a morning walk at 5 instead of 8:30 , so 5 mins earlier everyday . Goal Three: Get my best friend out of depression . Spend 20 min everyday , just talking to him . No advice. No 'I told you so' . Just plain friendship.
  3. For my first challenge I think the following goals should be good enough. #1 - Full Paleo & lose another 15 lbs - Down from 192 to 170, and want to hit my target weight of 155. #2 - Increase Handstand Push-ups. - Currently can do 8-10 depending on day. A = 15, B = 14, C = 13, D = 12, F = 11 #3 - Workout at least 5 days a week via Yoga, Swimming, Running, Tai-Chi, TRX System, or OmGym #4 - Start and complete C25K system in the 6 weeks. Bonus if I can get from 2 up to 5 pull-ups.
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