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  1. I am more than ready to get back into the swing of things... I can only relax so long before I get bored of it. When I start looking around the place and trying to figure out how difficult it'd be to paint the walls in the dead of winter, and whether or not I'm really so terrible at sewing that I can't patch all the older pieces of bedding (for the record: Yes, I am. In home ec they banned me from using the sewing machines after the third time I accidentally sewed my fingers to my project - then a few years later when working at a living in history museum, they had a rule to give me any craft project except for quilting. My lack of talent for needlework is spectacular) it's time to get back. Two more days until I go back to work. Today is laundry and errands, tomorrow I will probably devote to some of the chores I don't do as often as I'd like because once I start cleaning I have a hard time stopping until everything is to my satisfaction... and I was raised a base brat so "my satisfaction" is perfection, and I'm a little too black and white in my thinking on the cleaning front. I have a bad habit of holding off until I can be perfect because I was raised to think if you're not going to do a job "right" (read: perfectly), don't do it at all. The principle is to strive for excellence in all things. In practice it looks a whole lot like me not cleaning at all and leaving too much on my partner's plate unless I have a whole day to sink into cleaning everything with doesn't come along often and tending to get ridiculously, irrationally irritated/anxious if I start cleaning and have to leave it stop. This is not fair, not healthy and not a rational fear - I'm in my own damn place now, it's not like anyone's going to breathe fire at me if I only clean the stove instead of the entire goddamn place top to bottom. So I am going to face it. I just hope my partner can deal with me being as prickly as a briar patch for the next few weeks until I manage to show the lizard brain the sky will not in fact fall if I only clean one thing instead of all the things. Also picking this keeps my unofficial pattern of 1 mental goal (facing my pefectionsim fears), 1 physical challenge (work out 30min every morning), 1 lifestyle habit goal (wake up on time, no snooze, no excuses). Anyway, I'm also more than ready to get back into exercise. Well, my body is. My lungs disagree. My folks have a farm. I am allergic to hay, horses, dogs and cats, among other things. So my lungs get progressively more wheezy and less exercise tolerant the longer I visit for. Each year my lungs seem to get more and more tetchy about it - sooner or later I'm going to need to start finding a hotel to stay at so I can sleep somewhere that doesn't make me cough. Which has, in turn, royally messed up my sleep schedule. So today I refill my asthma meds and start sick plan to get my asthma sorted and then my challenge this month is all about self discipline and getting myself moving even when I don't wanna. Like mornings. I hate mornings. However, in the past when I've been able to get my arse in gear to move early in the morning I genuinely do have a better energy level and mood all day. So my challenge is going to be one of consistency and self-discipline this month. Get up on time. 6AM during the week. No excuses. If I can do it when I need to for work trips, I can do it at home. Week 1: M ☒ T ☒ W ☒ Th ☐ F ☐ Week 2: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Week 3: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Week 4: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ 8 AM at the latest on weekends Week 1: Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 2: Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 3: Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 4: Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Move for at least 30 minutes each morning Strength W/F/Sat Stretch T/Th Cardio Sunday - run at the track Recovery Monday - walking or something Tracking: Week 1: M ☒ T ☒ W ☒ Th ☒ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 2: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 3: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 4: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Perfect is the enemy of getting shit done. One extra "clean up" task per day. Doesn't matter what. Pick one thing and do it, and only it. Week 1: M ☒ T ☒ W ☐ Th ☒ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 2: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 3: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐ Week 4: M ☐ T ☐ W ☐ Th ☐ F ☐ Sat ☐ Sun ☐
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