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  1. So, for zero week we are keeping it simple - post every day! Challenge will probably revolve around lifting things, eating things, and maybe a slight dash of cardio. There will also be random gifs, because I am terrible at themes and completely okay with that! And we have GOALS! This is not a drill people! I finally did the Challenge Planning worksheet (hey, I'm only one challenge behind!), and it was super helpful (Planning worksheet is here if you haven't seen it yet) My four smart goals for this one will be: 1) Fruit or veggie each day 2) Track in MFP 5x per week 3) One relaxing or nice thing a day (mental health) 4) 2x per week - do a yoga class or 10 minute mobility session   And since excel doesn't work, posting daily doesn't work, I'm going to try.... STICKERS! I love stickers lol. So I'll give myself a sticker for each thing, and then I'll post a pic at the end of the week of my calendar At least that's the plan - can always be adjusted. Maybe I'll buy some cute star wars stickers or something.... hmm....
  2. Hey everyone I am back for my 4th challenge! I am using Deadpool as my inspiration for completing this challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to work on my weak links so to say. For me right now the three main things are core, flexablility and networking with other people. So without further delay here are my goals: Core routine 1X a week\ Handstand 1X a week +3 (STR) +3 (CHA) How can I be the mercinary in red if I can't manage to fit in the uniform?! so my abs routine is this: bicycle crunches 15-20r hanging knee lifts 15-20 r wood chops on cable 15-20 r swiss ball crunches 15-20 r russian twists 15-20 r ab wheel from knees 15-20 r and I will do this for 4 sets. Also I will be upping the reps each week by 10. 6Th week = 60repsX4sets Also I will be working on my handstands. nothing fancy just need to get more comfortable upside down. I will be following the video below. It takes me through a progression starting with the hollowbody progression. by the end of the challenge I hope to be able to do a handstand. the progression is: Hollowbody Wall facing in Wall facing out L-Stand Freestanding Will try to get pics of me attempting each step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3FSeSecjKA Yoga +3(STA) +3(DEX) So my flexibility skills have suffered lately and I have been feeling really stiff. So I am just going to throw in some yoga 2X a week. I am going to start with power yoga but will most likely try out different styles. I might check out the gymnastics stretches I did in a previous challenge. Either way its time to get stretchy! Community +3 (CON) How can I be the Merc with a Mouth if I don't get out there and chat it up?! I will dedicate myself to participating in all of the mini-challenges that come up for the guild. As well as checking in on everyone's progress. Side note I recently quit smoking, and I also kicked my caffeine habit. So no point for this but I will maintain no nicotine and no more than one caffeine drink a day. And that's it! I look forward to seeing how everyone does. Miska23
  3. At this moment in my life: My office is sorta clean, still have to dust, but most of the paperwork is sorted out. My bedroom is sorta clean, I still have to put away some books and dust. My car has been washed. All the bookshelves in the house has been sorted. I've mowed the lawn, cut up all the branches and burned the leaves. We've cleaned up most of the workshop. I am on track with Nanowrimo, actually a day ahead. And I bought myself a new phone, the first time this year I have something I can trust. My finances are in order. I have a range of good habits, including enough sleep. My weight is within 5 kg of my goal weight. I have finally found myself a class, I always just used blacksmith, but I am a Wizard Blacksmith. And most importantly, my mind is good. For the first time in years: Life is good. For this challenge: 1. Use my words Something I am not good at is talking. I tend to give up when I have to talk to people. I will speak my mind, express myself clearly and make my wishes known. 2. Write my words I am busy with Nanowrimo. When it is finished I have to go on writing. Keeping a journal is fine but at least 1000 words a day minimum. I have 2 book ideas in my head and they need to get out. And in the process I have to learn how to touch type. I can do it, but the speed I need for nano I can only do with two fingers. 3. Exercise L-sit progression: I am still busy doing it, it is going slowly but I will get eventually. Stronglifts. I didn't do anything last challenge, I was waiting for my finger to heal. I will start again from the beginning. 4. Life quest Before the end of this challenge I will have a personal website up. It may be very simple, but I need an online portfolio, and I have to start somewhere. This also means I would have to work through all the files on my old computer, make back-ups and get to know Photobucket and Dropbox. And I still have to find a theme for this challenge. But I would like to share this.
  4. I won't bother with the txtwall introduction. Long story short, I want to become a Wizard, I multiclass, and I recently got this book and I've wanted to become a mentalist since then, which is probably the RL equivalent to being a Wizard. Unfortunately, I don't have the mental abilities required to accomplish this...yet! So I am developing them here. Druids, Wizards, we all meditate, right? My last challenge turned out to be a fail halfway through. I was going for confidence, which is one of the most important characteristics to have if one wants to become a mentalist. Mine happened to be sitting at 1/10. The problem with goals related to confidence is that, well...they're sort of hard to measure, which was probably my biggest goal-setting mistake last time. What if I set goals that are indirectly related to confidence, instead? One of the main things that make me burn up with shame in social situations is my speaking ability...or lack thereof. If I improve this, I'll become more confident, and have an easier time getting a job. Double win. Main (life) goal: becoming a mentalist. I also need to become better at meditating and focusing to accomplish this, so some of the goals from the last challenge are still present. Especially since the last challenge didn't really count anyway ;P 1.1: Meditation: pass/fail. I usually go to the gym at 6:30, get back around 7:50, and then leave for school/work around 9:00. Everyone in the house is (usually) still asleep during that time, so I WILL USE THAT TIME TO DO MY MEDITATION. During the last two challenges in which meditation was a goal, I was often interrupted by family members, or unable to focus do excessive noise. This is going to stop. Also, how does one pick a mantra? "Om" just doesn't seem to be doing it for me. 1.2: Lumosity: pass/fail. Self-explanatory. I should also focus on the attention and problem-solving exercises. Especially the latter, because it's my weakest area right now 1.3: Nax speaks! I loathe the sound of my voice, and the way in which I often mispronounce words, mumble excessively, and fail to enunciate. I used to be in the campus ToastMasters club, an organization dedicated to helping people become better speakers and leaders. It was really fun...until I got on the exec and the club fell apart, but that's another story for another time. Anyway, for a while it seemed that my speaking abilities were improving, and it felt great. This was about 3 years ago, though, and while there are other ToastMasters clubs in the city, I currently lack the time and money to rejoin. I do, however, still have the beginner's manuals... 1.3.1: Perform speaking exercises from the TM beginner's manual...which I just realized I can't find. I'll find it before the challenge begins. Pass/fail. 1.3.2: Record myself speaking on webcam once per week, and post it. The fear of looking retarded on the Internet will hold me accountable for quest 1.3.1. Pass/fail. Life quest: Finish my thesis...or find a job I enjoy. I have no idea how to accomplish this yet. I just know it will have to be broken down into more manageable goals. I'll do this before the 24th. I'm also adding some side quests that won't be graded. These are habits that I (mostly) developed in previous challenges and that I want to keep improving. At the very least, I don't want these habits to go away, so seeing them here every day will hopefully be helpful. 3.1: Reduce nuts/trail mix intake 3.2: Increase vegetable intake 3.3: "Win" the staring contest 3.4: Don't pick at face 3.5: Alcohol on 2 days per week, ONLY
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