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  1. “Ow.†Veshki awoke and groaned. It was noteworthy that, while she lay very still squinting her eyes against the obnoxiously blue sky, there wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t hurting. Ever her teeth seemed to be in on it. She had been laying here a while, her leather armor had warmed from the sun, and chafed her in all the places she wouldn’t admit. Damn stuff must have shrunk or something. Leather shrinks in the winter, right? “Not dignifying that with a response.†She muttered bitterly. Sitting up slowly she raised her bruised arm to shade her eyes and looked out across the pine crowded mountain side at where the lost Feytower-of-whatever had stood. Holy crap, there was nothing left but sunlit debris made up of the weird grey stone shot through with purple, piled a couple stories high, but nothing that resembled its original alien sweeping design. Veshki tried to stand and then put it off for later. Looking around she saw none of the other hired muscle or Boss Ur’Trag. Looking about the collapsed ruin she could only make out a fleshy bit near the base, possibly an arm. Looked like Talg’s. “Nice.†She grunted and happily recounted the snarky comment the flatlander had decided to make about her weight just within earshot. She had been ready to respond violently but the group entered the weird ruins to go hunt down some other non-tithing group who decided to explore the tower that was debatably within Boss Ur’trag’s territory. She managed to stand upright painfully, it’d been two years since she actually done any real work. Two years and 3 stone or so’s weight. Ugh. Talg wouldn’t have been an issue back then. Look at the size of that bloody buff arm under that rock. It had been pretty dangerous when attached to the rest of Talg, but she had been very fast. Had been. After her theft of the Badronis Diamond, she had gone soft two years later found herself almost broke and few remembered her, or recognized her. The wagon ride up into the Kam Laro’s had seemed like a easy way to get back into things. Sit there, shoot things, etc. Guard a wagon while the rest of the hired jackasses went into some ancient creepy feytower chasing some other group of idiots who liked playing in tombs. Veshki preferred robbing the living, they generally smelled better. It was at least 4 or 5 days down the mountain to the first village. Welp, best get moving. A huge crashing sound tumbles down the valley from nearby, rock shifting and falling as something, something big, was moving. "Of course." Starting Statistics: Howdy! I'm a part time student, 3/4 time gm, part time activist (oh noes!) and full time geek. I am a trans woman with all the fun and excitement that brings. Fun. Excitement. Oh, and danger! One of the reasons I want to get back in shape. I am married to Noor's player and copying most of her formatting here because, umm, she was done before me? I am 5'11'' 234.6 lbs and my current sedentary-style is very lifey. I mean, I need to get off my ass. I am primarily interested in Assassin and possibly Ranger or Druid. Will decide the secondary class later. Main Quest: To attain my old goal weight of 165'ish and perform several one armed pull ups. Because Linda Hamilton damnit. Goal 1:(CON) I need to make good grub at least 4/wk. A= 24 days B= >20 days C= >16 D= >12 F= <11 Days Goal 2:(CON) I will log my food daily and remain under my calorie goals A= >37days B= >33 days C= >29 D= >25 F= <21Days Goal 3:(STR) I will complete the Beginner Bodyweight Workout training circuit three times a week.Each completed circuit will constitute 2 point, leaving a possible 108 points in 6 weeks. A=90 – 100 pts B=80 – 89 pts C= 70 – 79 pts D=60 – 69 pts F= 59 pts or less. Life Goal:(WIS) Get it down on paper. I write a lot of beginnings, a lot of notes, a lot of ideas. I enjoy them greatly but I never finish or complete any of them. I want to complete at least one story of 10,000 words or more this first 6 weeks. Should be easy but I know it’ll put up a fight. Motivation: I want to be faster, stronger, and able to perform tasks without panting like a dying catfish. Weekly Challenges: One Two Three Four Five Six
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