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  1. It is finally that time, that I can see the edges of twotopia land. It has been a few years since my last visit. This time, I don't plan to turn back. I'll stay awhile, then take off for an area called Onderland. I may not be able to hit this during the challenge, but I am sure going to try! So far since coming back to Nerdfitness, things have been going well. The last couple of challenges were not 100%, but I learned from them. I continued on. The real hero of my challenges has been Keto. In the past, Whole30 was great for me, but I just was never able to stay with it. Years ago,
  2. This challenge will be a two part challenge for me. One part of this challenge will be everything at home. The second part involves me traveling to New York City. I am bowling in the USBC Open Championships on March 29th and 30th. This year, it is being held in Syracuse, NY. Having never been to New York, we are flying out a few days early. We fly red eye from San Jose, Ca on the 23rd, and come home on the 31st. Challenge Part 1: This will be for all the dates I am home. Actually trying to start during this off week. Goal#1 - Ket
  3. Challenge #2 of the year. Let's do this. My last challenge went really well for me. 96% overall score. It was exactly what I needed in my return to the Nerdfitness forums. With in one month, I have stopped taking all my medication and lost 22 lbs. With seeing success in the last challenge, this challenge will be very similar. I will add in a few more upgrades to my challenge goals, to push myself a bit more. Hopefully, this will enforce the habits to have them as a good base for the rest of this year, and beyond. Now, on towards the goals for this challenge!
  4. Hello Fellow NF Rebels I'm Tateman. It's been awhile since my last challenge. November of 2016 to be exact, and it was a fail. That comeback was after another break where things got away from me. This time though, I have to get things done. Things got bad enough that my Doctor wants me to get weight loss surgery. This is my last attempt to avoid having to do that. A little back story: Taking the way back machine back to 2013. I started my NF Journey at 333lbs. (Highest ever was 388lbs recorded) My Rebel Intro and eventually My first Challenge May 30th, 2013 Things
  5. Late in the day, but I need to get this thread posted! No fancy theme this time, only me building the better version of myself. Goal #1: Increase the Gym presence I got the M-W-F gym visits down. No I want to increase it. Eventually, working different muscle groups etc. For now though, just getting there. My plan is to continue my normal M-W-F type workout for now, and adding cardio type exercises in on the T-Th-Sat. The first couple of weeks might just be like some treadmill work. I might add in planks or some other exercises in there. I just want to get that habit of me gett
  6. Here we are at yet another challenge. I was going to keep on using the Pokemon theme, but decided to switch it up for Stranger Things The series was so good, I watched it all in one day. haha. I hope during this challenge, that I build up on some good habits. This will lead to goals next challenge, and well into the future. If you have watched Stranger Things, you know that you don't want to stay in the Upside Down Goal 1: So this goal is to workout 3 times each week. I've done it 4 weeks in a row now, so this challenge should really lock it in for me.
  7. Last time, I was unable to defeat any gym bosses. This challenge, I will be more focused. I've brought many of the goals from last time, just modified a bit. It's hard getting the groove back, so hopefully, this challenge gets it done for me. Goal1 - Gym Battles Last challenge I wanted all the Stronglifts. Once again, it slipped from my grasp. So I will be training to get there. One thing I have done now, is that I signed up for a personal trainer at my gym. Twice a week I will see him. The challenge will be to make sure I go on the 3rd day. Workouts are Monday(w/t
  8. Welcome to my latest challenge thread. Pokemon GO edition. I was sick most of my last challenge, and the challenge before that wasn't so hot either. Time to get back, and have a good challenge. Since Pokemon go was release, I have gotten myself back out there. I've been walking each day. Since I have been so motivated to get out there now, I figured I would structure my challenge around it My goals are pretty similar to what I had last time. This time, I am just not down and out right away Goal1 - Gym Battles Like an aspiring Pokemon Master, I need
  9. Hey everyone, sorry about waiting so long to get my challenge thread up. I had a really back time last challenge. Just pretty much bailed the whole thing. This time I was going to come back firing all cylinders, but I am really sick. My kid got his first ear infection. He wasn't do so great last week. So of course, the wife and I are now all sick too. Two days ago, I thought I was already doing better. I have gotten a lot worse the last two day. With that said, my first week of this challenge, is going to be cootie recovery. Assuming that it does
  10. So last challenge had lots of wins for me. I am going to continue with the same goals, just some of them are going to be amped up a bit Goal 1: 3 Gym workouts, and walking everyday So last challenge, I had just got into a gym membership. I had failed doing body weight workouts. The gym, might actually work for me this time. I also had stopped walking because of foot pain. I had a doctor visit to verify it was just the plantar fasciitis. So I need to power through it. I have some inserts for my regular and bowling shoes. I'm also going to be doing things to help it lik
  11. So here we are again. Ever since deciding to get back on track, I just haven't been able to get it going. Time after time, I stop. I get myself into a bad mental state. With this in mind, I started to go back to my first every challenge at Nerd Fitness. Reading all the comments, and kind of reliving those moments. It made me feel good. I was getting great support from people, and I was also supporting others. Something that I am going to try to do a lot more of this challenge. So with all the success I had in the beginning, I thought I would bring some of those g
  12. So I had signed up for a local gym. I have signed up with other gyms before. It usually goes like this. I sign up. Then when I go, I want to do things like weights etc. Instead, I hit the treadmill. Sometimes I keep going for a bit, but I always just hit the treadmill. I don't know why. Gym intimidation, that feeling people will make fun of me, or whatever the feeling. Then it seems like I eventually stop going. Then like a year later, I am paying for a gym membership, and not even going. So this new gym is cheap. There are trade offs of course from going to a bigger gym
  13. OK, ok, not man bear pig cereal. Haha. This challenge, I need to get my stuff together. Last challenge I did in fact survive the family vacation. I just never came back to report on it. So far this new year, I am still struggling to even complete a challenge. So this challenge is going to be the one. At least the last few challenges, I have been learning a few things. Some things, just were not working out for me. Other things were fine, but I just stopped doing them for whatever reason. This challenge I want to have a couple of habit building type goals. I've not been happy with m
  14. A little backstory: So my comeback in the Adventures last challenge wasn't as successful as I had hoped. Holidays made for a rough time at it all In general though, I feel like I am starting to get back to healthier way of living again. My last challenge in the adventures, I made a big post about my recent struggle with gaining weight back. It was something that I even posted about to all my friends on facebook. It was the first time I was pretty honest with a lot of people. before I tried to basically keep it all to myself. Only family, and a few people knew what was going on. Other
  15. Well hello guys. I am back for my 11th challenge here at Nerd Fitness, and it might just be my most ambitious challenge yet. So last challenge ended up being a bust for me. A few things happened and I let things steamroll into bigger problems. Despite that, I did have some success. In my quest to get healthier, I find I am finding more ways to try to push my limits. Things that seem impossible, I sudden want to see if I can do them. Like the first 5k I ran. I still have only one official 5k, but I have run a few 5k in my last challenge. So before this challenge started, I signed up
  16. Well hello there Scout people! I figured it was time for a change of scenery. So here I am join up with the Scouts for my 10th challenge here at Nerd Fitness. My main quest and motivation: The quest is always to be a faster, stronger, and healthier version of myself. Previous challenges it was more a focus on losing the weight. That goal is still there, but this challenge I am not going to focus on it. I want the weight loss to be a side effect of the hard work I am putting in. Also as I become healthier, I have a much better chance to get off the diabetes medicine I am currently
  17. Challenge #9 is here! So in this challenge, I am heading back to Spartan Race. This time I am going to the San Francisco Spartan Sprint on August 9th. It is a part of their stadium series, so it takes place at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Giants play baseball there. Not a fan of the team, but it sounds like it will be awesome to run around in the stadium. So only 2 weeks to go till the race! Yikes! Last challenge I did successfully run my first 5k. So I am feeling much better with running. Since I ran one Spartan Sprint in Malibu last year though, I know it is no easy task
  18. Created this thread to start using for my challenges. I want to document daily food and exercise.
  19. So hey everyone. I'm back for round 8! Man, it is hard to believe it has been a year already since I signed up. Before I move onto the goals I have for this challenge, I figured I would take a look back over the year. I put together 3 pictures of me today from where I think I was my heaviest (396lbs) up to a picture I took today. The middle picture was during my first challenge at Nerd Fitness. I can button that jersey up now that I was wearing in that picture I have still struggled with weight over the year. Mostly moving in the correct direction. I have been adding my weights in
  20. So a little back story. I have been trying to do the C25K app over the last year. About 3 times I started it over. I originally signed up for the 2014 Sharks Fitness Faceoff earlier in the year. I thought by the time the 5k comes, I will have completed the C25K, and been training more. My last challenge I had gotten into Week 7 Day 1. So a 25 minute run. At that time, it was my longest ever. Then I hurt my hamstring, and didn't run for 3 weeks. This latest challenge I was able to get back out there. Though I repeated week 6. Of course I wasn't even close to 5k distance yet. I en
  21. Hey all, I am back for challenge #7! I ended up bailing on last challenge. During that "off" time I started to think up my own 14 day challenges. I created a new Battle log: Tateman's daily 14 day challenge log The premise behind this is to get me more motivated to focus on my exercise. Similar to the Whole 30 idea of "hey, it's only 30 days, you can do that" For me, thinking "Hey, it's only 14 days. I can do that" Of course, then I just continue the cycle So motivation wise, I am still in the I want to lose weight group. Plus get stronger, better, faster! I am going to run anoth
  22. So I am back for my 6th challenge. The last couple were not so hot. Especially the 5th challenge. I was sick almost the whole time, and I gained 11 pounds. End of challenge I was 289lbs. I want to prepare for a bowling in the USBC Open Championship in Reno, Nv. We bowl May 17th and 18th. The team I am bowling with, I have been with for a couple of years now. I want to deliver a little Shock and Awe when they meet me this year. Last year I was around 340lbs when I bowled. This year, I want to get down as much as possible. We all buy the same shirts there so we can match as a team.
  23. Back again for another Nerd Fitness Challenge! This is my 5th challenge now. I've come a long way, and had a few set backs as well. This challenge, I am going to continue to move it forward. No fancy gifs this time. Just time to get back to business. My main goal this challenge and motivation Continue to build the better version of me. I really need to try to get these healthy habits to stick. I trained to run the Spartan race, and it was almost all downhill after that. I've gained weight back simply because I started eating poorly again, and cut the exercise out almost completely.
  24. http://www.spartanrace.com/malibu-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html So the time is finally here. My Spartan Sprint Race in Malibu happens this challenge! My Main Quest: The true goal is for myself to get healthy. I want to reach that under 200 mark. That will take awhile. I'd like to be as close to 250lb as I can before the race. I won't get there, but as close as I can This challenge My quest is to get ready to finish my first Spartan Sprint Race. Goals this challenge to help me complete my quest: #1 Don't eat the bad things! I am getting back onto strict Whole 30.
  25. Activate Interlocks! Dynotherms connected! Infra-cells up! Mega Thrusters are go! Let's go Voltron force! Main Quest: Continuing adventures of training for my Spartan Race. Last time I slayed the sugar dragon. Now I need to form Voltron to help slay the Burpee robeast. In general, I need to lose more weight and get stronger. My next goal weight is to reach 275lbs. Exercise will help me form Feet and Legs. Then Arms and body. I'll form the head with Tracking and reading. 1) Track Exercise and food intake It's hard for Pidge to work on Voltron if he doesn't know everything that
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