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Found 3 results

  1. EDIT: By popular demand I am changing my challenge to be about the 3 things most important to me (and my readers) right now: 1. Tats - I am getting my first tattoo and it is impacting my life in a big way as it heals and I continue to get it worked on. 2. Gaming - I am loving the heck out of Assassin's Creed Odyssey right now and it is my new obsession. 3. Ice Cream - I have a couple hundred dollars worth of ice cream that is prepaid and I need to eat it soon or I will lose it. I can't not eat it because apparently I don't even know what 'sunk cost' means Optional Side Quest - avoid misspelling anything that might make people think this challenge is about something other than the above 3 things Original challenge write up is below: ----------------------------------------------- Now's my chance, RUN! Those of you who followed my last challenge know that the biggest thing in my life right now is getting my first ever tattoo. It is a massive thing on my left shoulder that has already had 8 hours of work into it and I still need at least double that before it will be finished. This is going to be pretty much dominating my life for the next few weeks so I might as well plan this challenge around it. (Current tattoo progress in the spoiler for anyone interested) On the advice of my artist, I need to refrain from serious upper body workouts for the duration and at least a week following the completion, which means probably about a month or so. Given that most of my workouts consist primarily of heavy upper body stuff this means I am going to have completely revamp how I get my exercise in. I asked my artist about his suggestion for exercise for the next little while and his response was a shrug and suggestion that "maybe every day can be leg day". And while he isn't necessarily wrong, I am going to modify this to mean things that involve legs, which I am going to break into two main categories: Running: I have been working recently on getting my cardio endurance back up by running on the treadmill off and on over the last year or so. Now that spring is finally here, I can get out and run in the park again. My goal last challenge was 50km and I very nearly hit it without even trying very hard. This challenge I am going to raise the bar and aim for 100km. I probably won't get there, but that's why they call it a challenge Stretching: My last challenge had a stretching goal and I completely ignored it. This time I have much less of an excuse so let's see if I can actually stretch consistently for an entire challenge. Goal is 5 stretch session/week which comes out to 30 session. I probably won't hit this either but let's just call it a "stretch goal" Food: In addition to exercise, I also want to make sure I am getting my nutrition right so I am going to have to put together a menu for each week. I am tired of eating the same things over and over so I will probably do something similar to the 5x5 challenge I did a while back. I will aim to have a meal plan ready in the next few days [Meal Plan goes here] Personal Development: We all know that I spend pretty much all of my time not working out or cooking in front of the xbox. This is a brag, not a complaint Its a great life and I plan to keep doing it, but I also want to do other things that help me to develop other skills as well. For this one it could be anything from practicing the ukulele to reading books or even drawing. Goal is to spend at least 15 minutes a day on something other than gaming, 5 days per week. Will I actually do this or will it end up being my dump goal? Stay tuned to find out. The rest of my time is going to be split between Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider, Elder Scrolls, Forza and my various D&D campaigns so expect to hear a bunch of stuff about that for most of my updates.
  2. It's been a very long time since I did a proper challenge, so I've got a lot of stuff to cover. To help cut this down a bit, this challenge intro comes to you in 3 parts: 2016 was bullshit (mostly whining) Samuel Vimes (mostly philosophical) Challenge Goals (actually germane to this forum) Part 1: 2016 was Bullshit It's my 30th birthday today. It kind of fits that the last year of my 20s was—with no exaggeration—the worst year of my life. Without diving into every gory detail (especially because I've signed a contract saying that I won't dive into every gory detail), here's what happened. Part 2: Samuel Vimes (by zazB) I wasn't going to theme this challenge quite so much, but then I saw @sarakingdom's superior efforts and thought, ah, what the hell. I need to be more like Vimes. Part 3: Challenge Goals 1. Foot Chase Vimes was a runner by nature, and knew all the ways to make progress in the city's crowded streets. He dodged and leapt, jinked and weaved and, where necessary, barged. A rope tripped him up; he rolled upright. A stevedore barged into him; Vimes laid him out with an uppercut and speeded up in case the man had chums around. -- Thud! Goal: Run three times a week, no matter the weather. How can you have fun without a cold rain dripping down the back of your neck? Goal: Stick to New Blood bodyweight training plan from Convict Conditioning. That's two bodyweight circuit workouts per week. Baby steps until I get my strength back. 2. Old Stoneface "Commander, I always used to consider that you had a definite anti-authoritarian streak in you." "Sir?" "It seems that you have managed to retain this even though you are now an authority." "Sir?" "Vimes, that's practically zen." -- Feet of Clay Goal: Meditate every day using Headspace. This continues to be a struggle for me, but it's absolutely critical to my mental health. 3. Lean Against a Wall “I let you sleep, Sam," said Lady Sybil. "You didn't get in this morning until after three." "Everyone's double-shifting, dear," said Sam. "I've got to set a good example." "I'm sure you intend to, Sam, but you look like a horrible warning," said Sybil.” -- Thud! Goal: Go to bed on time the whole month, three exceptions allowed. I've gotten into a bad habit of staying up. Playing video games, scrolling the internet, anything except go to bed, and for no reason. I've been operating on 5-6 hours, which is right on the edge between acceptable and Bad News Bears. Stuff happens and I may not get to bed as early as I like, and that's OK. It's the part where I keep staying up for no reason that I need to quit. Special: Summoning Dark tattoo I've wanted a tattoo of Vimes' Summoning Dark scar for years and years (my profile icon is the Summoning Dark symbol, and has been since, like, 2012). When Pratchett got sick, I decided I'd get a Discworld tattoo in memorium after he died. He's been gone almost two years, and I still love the idea. Now more than ever, the idea of making friends with my inner demons—and keeping that shit locked down—really appeals to me. Goal: Design tattoo has 3 milestones 1. Find inspiration/style pictures 2. Find artist who can draw up the design in that style 3. Decide on size/location I probably won't get the tattoo until after the new year sometime, but I'd love to stop procrastinating and actually get a design set. High-five if you actually read down this far. Here's a puppy. Future updates will be shorter, I promise.
  3. For those who saw this under battle logs before, you'll have to excuse my mistake. I've cleared my battle log to include more current goings on. Anyway, my named is Ink. OK not really but that's kind of what I think of my potential self would call herself- like a superhero moniker. Basically I'm the kid that grew up running around and playing sports and still carried a bit of fat with her. In college, I joined a martial arts group and was slowly working towards physical health until my knee and then spine got injured. I still practice in a limited fashion while I heal but I am tired of feeling partially human. Over the last 8 month, I've had little boom and bust cycles as I heal. I've knock my weight down from 215 (which occurred from a few months of not really being able to walk and only having food as a friend) down to about 195. By an estimate, I've be around 20% fat closer to 170- maybe 175. I'd like to get down there and then build back up to 195 with muscle! Goals Fitness Reach 20% body fat Reach 18% body fat Reach 16% body fat Be able to do 20 push ups. Be able to do 50 push ups. Be able to do 100 push ups. Be able to do 20 one armed push ups. Be able to do 50 one armed push ups. Be able to do 1 pull up. Be able to do 10 pull ups. Be able to do 20 pull ups. Be able to do 1 muscle up. Finish the doyogawithme.com's beginner course. Finish the doyogawithme.com's beginner to intermediate course. Finish the doyogawithme.com's intermediate to advanced course. Finish the doyogawithme.com's martial art course. Be able to do a handstand with wall support. Hold a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds. Be able to walk 1 city block on my hands. Hold a planache for 10 seconds. Bench press 1/2 my weight. Bench press 3/4 my weight. Bench press my weight. Bench press 1 1/4 times my weight. Be able to do a split. Be able to kick leg to head level and hold. Hold crow for 30 seconds. Hold Warrior III for 30 seconds. Hold crane for 30 seconds. Hold eight-angle pose for 30 seconds. Hold forearm-stand scorpion for 30 seconds. Be able to carry Voodoo (dog) for 1 city block walking. Be able to carry Voodoo for 1 city block running. Be able to fireman's carry BF for 1 city block walking. Be able to fireman's carry BF for 1 city block running. Nutrition 60 Day primal without eating out. All meat grass feed, pasture raised or wild caught. Eat dirty dozen organic only. Career [Working on IDing goals.] Other Regular sleep schedule. No back pain. Be able to walk Voodoo 1 a day. Be able to walk Voodoo 2 a day. Be able to wrestle with Voodoo without pain afterwards. Be able to run neighbor with Voodoo. Reach black belt in Seidokan Aikido. Reach black belt in a hard style martial art. Reach godan in Seidokan AIkido. Open dojo. Train 1 student to gokyu. Train 1 student to shodan. Left buttock heal seal tattoo. Spinal back tattoo. Left leg alligator oorobros tattoo. Addition to left shoulder tattoo. Circle and one point tattoo. Right side armor tattoo. Ear strips tattoo.
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