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  1. Living in a post-apocalyptic world changes your perspective of what's really important in life and what isn't. Well, I'm sure it would. I play too many zombie games, shush. When it really comes down to the wire, we humans need but a few things to keep us going. Unfortunately, I don't much like the idea of just 'surviving' being the reason for staying alive - because what's the point in being alive if you can't enjoy it? At the same time, I don't want to waste the time I have still alive killing myself with bad habits , life choices, and company. Also, if the apocalypse ever does actually come,
  2. The last challenge for 2015 has finished, and I need something to keep me on track somewhat, ready for the next year to come. My plans for 2016 include finding out just how far I can push my body and mind, trying new things and embarking on new life adventures. Things coming up for me include: A new Roller Derby Season Our first overseas holiday Buying a house and land together with Mr. Tea A traineeship in hospitality at work All of which will require me to be physically and mentally on my game as an adult. Because let's face it, I'm not a child any more (no matter now hard I try!)
  3. This is my 14th challenge here at Nerd Fitness. You would think I'd have it all together by now and not need to continue to plan my life around every 6 week period of the year. However I know damn well that the moment I stop gamifying my life by participating in these challenges will be the moment I drop everything and revert back to the fast-food loving, couch-surfing lump of flesh I was nearly two years ago. Quick recap for those of you who haven't seen me around - I am a 24 year old human of the female variety living on the southern coast of Western Australia (that's in Australia!) wo
  4. Placeholder. Teagarden's 13th Challenge Stubborn Like a Rock Current Quests Pass Fresh Meat Beat the 27/5 Motivation Spring & summer's arrival More Strength = Better Derby More Protein = More Strength Less Sugar = More Energy to Exercise (1) Nutrition Eat my bodyweight in Protein. Or, just about. 140g a day should do the trick (0.9g*my bodyweight in lbs) Cut 1tsp of sugar out of somewhere in my life every week. Use 1 day a week to prep food to make life easier. (2) Mind Meditate. Whenever, just do it. xD Post a gratitude / reflection weekly on the past week or whatev
  5. I bombed out of last challenge because I took on way too much during a time I knew I was going to be super busy with work, so this time I'm cutting it waaay back down to just two quests. This should also help me focus on a new direction my life is about to take, in that I'm starting roller derby! wooo! I might add in another quest before the challenge starts but right now this is all I'm going to focus on. QUEST 1 - NUTRITION Pt. 1 - On work days, I will eat 3 big meals. Pt. 2 - On days off, track everything that goes in my body. I've put on weight, and I need to stop the upward tre
  6. Main Quest Enjoy Every day of 2015 Current Quests 1 Pistol Squat 5s handstand 1 pull up 1 handstand push up Motivations be strong look good be a show off be happy be content have fun survive winter It's winter here now, and I just want to curl up under my doona until Spring returns. Unfortunately that's very unproductive and counter-intuitive, especially if I want to have an epically strong and shapely bod for when I can finally wear something that shows some skin without freezing my bits off. The lack of sun also makes me quite S.A.D, and I know this, so I'm taking it easy on myself and
  7. MAIN QUEST:Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUESTS:Get strong!do 1x5 pull upsdo 1x5 pistol squatsdo 1x10 push ups 7/05/2015do 3x10 push ups 10/05/2015do 5x10 push upsdo a freestanding handstand for 5 secondsKeep up daily maintenance of house cleaning---------------------------------------------------------------------- MID-CHALLENGE MINI HABIT MINI CHALLENGE! Goals: Continue mobility daily Continue 3-day Bodyweight routine + Basic tidy up of the house - alternate surface cleaning and doing the dishes, add in something else on days off from work. + 30 minutes of yoga on the weekend sometime - s
  8. This is my first challenge as an Assassin, and I'm very excited. Also determined. I'm sick of flaking out halfway through challenges. I want to be that version of myself where I put my whole being into everything I do and rock the shit out of it. Or, at least feel like I tried to rock the shit out of it, even if I fail. Even if I'm aching from DOMS. Gonna be a bit of that this challenge. xD MAIN QUEST: Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUEST: Get strong! do 1x5 pull ups do 1x5 pistol squats do a freestanding handstand for 30 seconds look better naked wear more black Quest 1 - Prepared for
  9. Wow, guys, this is my eighth challenge! This is a placeholder for when I actually have time to finish writing up this challenge. Ugh. This year is getting away from me already! Main Quest: Enjoy Every Day of 2015. Current Quest: Build the ultimate daily routine. One. Stretch 2x per day.Morning Sequence: MindBodyGreen Morning Yoga SequenceAfter work / Before Bed Sequence: MindBodyGreen 10 Minute Relaxation Sequence Need to start up exercising again, but I'm working a lot at the moment so I need to do something that won't totally wear me out. Working over the holiday season is doing tha
  10. Last challenge was a complete failure, so I need to take some time off from Epic Questing to get my head back in the game. My mental fortitude took an ass kicking last challenge and without working on my Wisdom stat I don’t feel like I’ll be able to keep levelling up effectively. I just want to have fun with this one and stop stressing so much! I also miss the druids and now that spring is here I want to be mindful enough of the outside world to truly enjoy it. MAIN QUEST: DIE HAPPY Simples. Current quest: Cheer the f*** up. Step 1 - One long meditation session a week. +1000 points
  11. You find a book, next to another book, on a shelf. You open the first book. It chronicles the journey of a creature coming from nothing, finding her way in this big world. It ends in rather an anti-climax, with the creature realising that without a specific, measurable way of knowing she was making progress, and no reason for her to want to be making progress, all she did was flit from one goal to the other mindlessly. You open the second book. The front page says, "The following pages are the continuation of the chronicles of just one of the billions of sentient creatures inhabiting thi
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Quest: Improve physical strength through sensible eating and body weight workouts. Side Missions: Improve quality of life through positive affirmations, gardening and house maintenance. Epic Quest: Survive the apocalypse! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- My sixth 6WC finally involved a plan, taken directly from my Epic Quest of Awesome to slowly and surely improve my life. That worked well, so I'll be continuing on from that. Why fix what ain't broken? Food: Maximum on
  13. The Apocalypse, Day One. "The day the apocalypse hit was a day like any other. It was slightly overcast with more then a slight chance of rain, and so I had locked myself inside with nothing but my dog and my computer. The middle of winter is a real motivation drainer so I have found herself drawn to the warmth of the gas heater and cheesy reality TV shows more and more as the cold months have progressed. That was until, my partner (henceforth known as Mr. Tea) came roaring home from work one day, flung the front door open, flung himself through it, and slammed it shut, back pushed firmly ag
  14. My whole childhood/teen years I was told many things, such as the following (with the best of intentions); "Oh, you're a great drawer, very artistic!" "You should be a designer!" "You're a good student, you could do [insert higher education purpose here]" "You're not even trying!" "You can do anything!" Which was great. Except inherent talent didn't do shit when I didn't have the push to improve, to excel, to better myself. People assumed I was doing well and left me to it. Well, instead of excelling, getting great at everything, I slacked. Got lazy. I did things to benefit myself in the mom
  15. YOUR QUEST, Should you choose to accept it; No Jiggly Stomach. Also known as Teagarden's Quest for Self Acceptance. MISSIONS that you should complete to achieve your objective; (1) Thou Shalt eat no processed food that comes in crinkly bags (or other wrappings) (2) Thou Shalt commence bodyweight training at least once a week, twice if the opportunity presents itself. (3) Thou Shalt continue yoga classes (with a vengeance) AT LEAST once a week, but 3 times if the opportunities present themselves. (4) Thou Shalt follow the teachings of Steve of Nerd Fitness as if you are a hardcore r
  16. Last challenge I found myself a little bit vague and wandering, lacking a sense of purpose. Without set restrictions on what I could and couldn't eat I found myself indulging more and eating more stuff I knew I shouldn't be. I still made improvements physically - running for longer and doing more push ups - but I know I can do so much better. So this challenge I'm going to be focussing on improving my physical form more then any higher consciousness type challenges typically found over at the Druids. Shape shifting as a druid requires a certain knowledge about one's true form… And mine has
  17. My entire life I've never been known as the light sleeper, but for the last two weeks I've been seriously struggling with getting and staying asleep. I haven't made any drastic changes to my routine - not drastic to me anyway - and don't have anything worth stressing and worrying about that should be keeping me up, and I'm running out of patience. Also dishes. They don't get done when I'm walking around like a zombie. Forgive me for ranting and/or not explaining. It's 4:48am. Quick background: 22y/o, female. Unemployed for 2 months. No money worries as of yet. No lack-of-job anxiety - c
  18. Feral druids are like the swiss army knife of the druid population. They will fight when needed, heal when needed, or hinder enemies to help friends escape danger. They have a distaste for closed in places or places with a high concentration of other humans, and prefer to spend days wandering the wilderness changing shape and using their multitude of skills and one-ness with nature to survive off the grid. Now that I've become a happy, healthy druid, it's time for me to start improving and training for real life situations. My short term goal was basically to get my body to a point where I
  19. This will be my first official challenge at Nerd Fitness; I've been waiting for this since I signed up 6 weeks ago! I could have jumped straight into the previous challenge but at the time my motivation was running on fumes so I thought I'd ease into it before tackling anything scary like a real challenge. Gotta complete the tutorial before playing the game! The challenge doesn't start for another couple of days which will give me time to nut out the details, but I'm not too worried about stat points at this point because hell, I'm level 0. Just getting to level 1 will be a big deal! But I w
  20. My main quest when I started this mission was to drop from 21% body fat to 15% body fat... Well I measured myself this morning and I SMASHED that goal!! 13.9% body fat. Just to illustrate, here is what I looked like on the first day I joined the Rebellion; (I've no idea what my BF% was, and I'm not putting it all back on just to check!) I hated myself pretty much. I wanted to change everything about my body; be someone else. I was the "skinny-fat" type of unfit and despite family and friends telling me I looked fine I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. Yet I was too lazy to get up off m
  21. After three months of yoga, today I did a backbend for the first time ever!! You know, the one where you stand up on your hands and feet with your hips in the air? YEAH! I haven't been able to do that since I was like, 8! I also bent all the way forwards and got my forehead to touch my shins! (With only a little adjustment by my teacher) (shut up, it counts!) I had to stop myself from yelling in happiness in the middle of class, probably would have messed up some people's zen. But that's why we have the woot room! YAAY!
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