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Found 13 results

  1. I'm looking to put together a team to run the Niagara Ragnar. It's a 300km relay race from Cobourg to Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. May 19-20, 2017. We need 12 team members in total. Is anyone interested? I'm not a competitive runner by any means, so it would be more about having a great time, and the challenge of finishing it. Here's a link if anyone wants more info: https://www.runragnar.com/ragnar
  2. Who will take the Iron Throne next? Only the fittest Houses in the Seven Kingdoms can rule – and survive. In this pvp, all participants will belong to a House, as evenly divided as possible. Your goal is to have a successful attack on another House, while successfully defending against any attacks on your House, ultimately hoping to bring down the enemy House’s castle walls. We will use the 4 basic categories of bodyweight exercises (back-specific exercises are bonus as explained below). Upper pull and leg exercises are attack, and core and upper push exercises will defend. Upper pull (archers) attack ---à Core (shields) defend Legs (cavalry) attack --à Upper push (pikes) defend Back Exercises: rebuild castle walls If the attackers exceed defense points in an area, excess points are subtracted from one of the walls. Only 1 wall can be attacked per week, no matter how many Houses attack a single castle. Partially destroyed castle walls may be rebuilt with 2 back exercises for every 1 wall point, but the ENTIRE team must do the same number of sets of the same exercise. If some team members do more, only the lowest number done by a team member counts. To simplify things for the first week, we might just start with 2 Houses unless we have a lot of players join. Rules: - Each weekend (or at the end of the previous week), do a 1 minute AMRAP for 1 bodyweight exercise in each category (see tips below). Points are based on the total number of reps for the week, divided by AMRAP. This helps even the playing field for diverse fitness levels (idea borrowed from the Quidditch Pushups PVP). - To keep the liklihood of fatigue even, reps for both legs or both arms are equal to 1 rep. For example, if I do pushups, 1 pushup = 1 rep. If I do 1-arm rows, 1 row with my left arm, + 1 row with my right arm = 1 rep. Same would go for leg exercises: 1 standard bodyweight squat = 1 rep, but if I am doing pistols, 1 pistol with left leg + 1 pistol with right leg = 1 rep. - For holds, the "AMRAP" is the number of seconds you held until fatigue/failure. Points are determined by the total number of seconds held for the week, divided by that initial "to fatigue/failure" hold time. - Battles are run from 12:01 am Monday – 11:59 pm Saturday, Pacific Standard Time. Any reps not entered in the spreadsheet OR posted to the board by 8 am Sunday, Eastern Standard Time will not count. :-P - If you have something come up for a week and need to take a break or drop out, post and let us know so we can give your teammates a “CPC.†-If there are more than 2 houses playing, choose which House you are attacking before 6 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday. - Each House’s castle has 4 walls. Each wall begins with 50 points. Only 1 wall can be attacked per week, no matter how many Houses attack a single castle, or how few points a wall has left. - Partially destroyed castle walls can be rebuilt by coordinated numbers and type of back exercises. All team members must agree on the exercise, and do the same number of sets. A single set should be determined as the average of all team members' AMRAPs for that exercise. If teammates all do different numbers of sets of the same exercise, only the lowest number counts. - Castle walls that are breached (reach 0 points) cannot be rebuilt. - ANY variant of bodyweight exercise for the appropriate category is fair game, but use the same exercise for each category for the entire week. Some suggested variants are below. - This PVP is open to anyone in any guild, even new recruits. Tips: - AMRAP = As Many Reps as Possible. This means to set a 1-minute timer, and see how many reps of that exercise you can complete in a minute. Take as many breaks as you need to, but only count the total number of completed reps when 60 seconds is done. - Choose a level of each bodyweight exercise that is challenging, but not so hard that you can only do a few in a minute. - I strongly recommend that you take at least 1 break day in the middle of the week’s battle. Alternating days (or alternating exercises each day) can help prevent overtraining. -PVPs are not meant to take the place of your regular challenge. Hopefully, this will support your challenge. But if it does not and you need to choose, we understand. - If you do combination sets of exercises, such as regular pullups followed by assisted pullups, deal with them by doing an AMRAP for each before the battle starts, and use the ratio between them to convert the assisted reps to regular reps. As far as using the spreadsheet goes, it is more work on you, but it would work like this: - Set an AMRAP for both the full intensity and reduced intensity exercise. Enter the AMRAP for the full intensity exercise ONLY on the spreadsheet.- Calculate the approximate ratio (number of reduced intensity reps that equal one regular intensity rep) using your AMRAP. For example, if the regular pullup AMRAP is 5, and the assisted pullup AMRAP is 15, then every 3 assisted pullups equal 1 regular pullup.- Each day, track the number of each exercise separately. Convert the assisted reps into regular reps, then enter the total on the spreadsheet under reps.- The spreadsheet calculates the points automatically. Some Suggested Bodyweight Variants for Each Category Yes, other exercises in these categories work, too. Legs: Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Pistol Squats, Step-ups, Lunges Upper Pull: One-arm rows, bodyweight rows, pullups/chin-ups (negatives and assisted count, too) Upper Push: Incline pushups, standard pushups, decline pushups, military presses Core: Hollow Hold, bicycles, crunches, V-ups, tuck-ups Back: Bent-over Double-arm (or wide-grip barbell) rows, arch-ups (aka superman), hip extensions/bridge, alternating Superman, alternating quadruped Google Spreadsheet for the battles I know this is a complex PVP, so take some time to review the sample battle and ask any questions before we start on Monday. Remember: Winter is coming. We need to be ready.
  3. I hella-failed my first challenge! I had no team! I need a team! So! I'm a very enthusiastic and loud adventurer who's all-for calling each other in the mornings to kick each others butts, or just logging in every day to tell each other how we're doing! If my teammates and I work out well, I will probably write fantasy-adventure fictionalizations of our NerdFitness characters and Quests to keep me going. Who's in for the next challenge and wants to group up??
  4. Yes, I recycled the thread name. This is our third challenge as a team and we've got an awesome crew. We are open to new members as well :-)
  5. Hi all, Anyone fancy forming and joining a team? I was thinking of an X-men / justice league style newbie group. Maybe like a Teen Titans thing....but I am thirty. So you have to be level 0 and just starting your first challenge. A different guild goal for every member. Not a hard or fast rule but it's a team of variety so we can learn from each other in a more contained group. It doesn't matter where we are in the world. I would love it if you came up with your own character or just pick your own superhero. With a back story of course, just for fun. We could even pick each other's code name. I think I am becoming a ranger type, but can't pick Batman because he is like level 50. So I would say I am more of a Robin. Maybe for example - Superboy / Wonder girl - Warrior I think 7 would be the max number of members. The teams mission is to become the best version of ourselves. We have our 'secret identities' which can also come in handy. I am an MRI tech, so if you are having a scan, I can fill you in on what the experience is like.....hmmm I work with a really strong magnet, maybe that should be a back story to my hero. I have done lots of other jobs and love to motivate people. I have a qualification in team leading and lean thinking. I love to problem solve. So if your interested, let me know. We can vote on a proper team name and go about posting a quick background story of your hero self. Let's be having you....
  6. Welcome to THE accountability team for Arrow fans. This is currently an Assassins team (but that might change). We're here to keep each other from FAILING THIS CITY. Yes. That just happened. Headquarters: We train together at an undisclosed location, located centrally in the Glades. We have everything that you need to train for anything you'll run into in Starling. We just made an addition of some closet-sized rooms with cots, for visiting vigilantes. Roster: Pathfinder (AKA "Volk") - "For ten years I was stranded on an (annoyingly allegorical) island with only one goal - survive. Now I will fulfill a promise I made to myself - to live a life I can be proud of and never look back. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else." Happienumber (AKA "Ravеи") - "Upon running away from a violent family at home, I was immediately recruited into a secret inteligence organization. After spending the rest of my teenage years in training, I discovered that the organization I thought I was working for was in fact a corrupted criminal ring. I abandoned my training and have been laying low, on the run from the ring's assassins. But now I know I must return to training, this time with the right side, if I am ever going to bring the ring to justice. " Cmhutch (AKA "the Nightengale") - No super powers here, but I've always had a knack for blending in, for moving about unseen or unnoticed. Thanks to that, I learn a lot--especially from the kinds of people, both good and bad, who like to keep their activities secret (how do you think I found Team Arrow?). Now I want to do more than just recon, though. I want to take action. And to be able to do that, I need to train. That's why I'm here. FiOWNya (AKA "Dauntless") - Backstory Placeholder Assignments: We need to take care of some business around Starling City. Pairing off is the best way to do this. We'll each work two names. Glades Patrol, Shift I Volk and Nightengale patrol the first shift. There's a lot going on in the Glades after the Earthquake, and someone needs to step in to clean it up. So we'll have two shifts of patrols. Glades Patrol, Shift II Dauntless and Ravеи patrol the second shift, pairing strength and parkour again. We'll see what bads you run into. Get a Line into the Police Station Nightengale and Dauntless need to use their flexibility skills to fit through a small window in the police station to get a line into their databases. They know we're hacking them now and it's getting harder to access the information we need. Get a Lead on Deadshot Ravеи and Volk need to talk to the Bratva to see if they can get another lead on Deadshot. This means Ravеи needs to keep up with her Russian to pass this mission, and Volk needs to brush up her people skills.
  7. Hello! There is a tough mudder coming up (well, eventually) just outside Toronto (Mount St. Louis Moonstone, 24 Mount St. Louis Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K 1E0) on August 16th & 17th 2014! Is anyone heading out to it? It's my first one and I'm determined to complete it! "This year’s new Tough Mudder Toronto venue is epic. Be sure to check out lodging options here – we’ve got a bunch of rooming plans at Mudder special rates. Book a room now so you, your teammates and your spectators can all stay just steps away from the action." " Travel TimeToronto: 1 hour, 35 minutes Buffalo, NY: 2 hours, 45 minutes Ottawa: 5 hours, 15 minutes" http://toughmudder.com/events/toronto-2014/
  8. Hi! I'm Lauren, let's do this together! I know we can! : D
  9. So I am going to add this team to the spread sheet right now. If you are entering this challenge with the specific goal of taking your life back; if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, please join me in the quest for physical and mental wellness. You don't have to be diagnosed with anything Wideeyed (aka Marge)
  10. Hey everyone. Beck here, Canadian newbie bound and determined to be a rebel extraordinaire, and hopefully bring a few people along for the ride. Here's how: There's this crazy obstacle course, and I do mean CRAZY. "10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie" -Tough Mudder website [ http://toughmudder.com/about/ ] Crazy is good though, right? Or at least a whole lot of fun. It has accountability: NO REFUNDS. NO GIVING AWAY YOUR TICKET. When you've payed for your ticket, that's that. You don't show, you've basically piled up some money and set it on fire. Also the earlier you pay, the cheaper it is. The price range generally is somewhere in between $80-$200, so paying earlier is better for sure. Rewards! A free beer at the end of the course! How cool is that?! Plus beer you can buy, food, partying, ect. A high fitness level is not required, but is definitely recommended. The lowest amount of training recommended is 3 days a week/40 minutes a day. That is where I will start, and will work my way up the ladder. Another thing suggested but not required is a team! And you, my fellow nerdites, are the very first people I thought of. My reasons for wanting to do something like this is because I used to do things like this. I know there's a golden rule of not looking back here at nerdfitness, but that's exactly where I want to get back to fitness-wise. Back to the days where I had 4-pack abs and could climb all the things without thinking twice or breaking a sweat. It was awesome. And I had fun with it by doing stuff like this. So all in all, I'd like to build a team for the Fall 2014 Tough Mudder course in Toronto Ontario CANADA, but it would also be ridiculously cool to hear about other NF fighters/rebels/whathaveyou toughing this course out around the world. Let me know what you think!
  11. Hi all, My name is Chris and I am new to the Nerd Fitness community. I am looking for a support team to back me up on my endeavors! First, a little bit of my story up until recently. While going to high school and being an all around teenager, I suffered from depression. This led me to drop out of high school, work crummy jobs through my twenties, gain a lot of weight, and never finish college. When my Grandma passed away when I was 13, I never realized how much it had affected me. I had gone down a path of depression. Until a few years ago I decided enough was enough. I decided to go back to college, dropped fifty pounds, took up weight lifting, and running, made new friends, got back in touch with old ones, took the Fire Fighter exam in my state (NY), branched out to new jobs like teaching, and read tons of self help books. Until recently it all seems to have fallen apart. I quit my job in November because I hated it, my girlfriend dumped me a few weeks later, and I had a hold on my account at college so I missed a full year. Not to mention my sister tried to commit suicide in December. So far I am back in college after fighting the hold on my account and looking for work all of the time. I am diving back into fitness heavy like before as well. All-in-all I am looking for some people to be on my team, and help me while I help them. If anyone is interested please email me/IM me at csouter02@gmail.com or contact me on here. Thanks guys!
  12. The Dúnedain are a race of men/women descended from the Númenóreans. Closest allies of the Elves and Valar, the island of Númenór was considered the greatest realm of man and as a gift to the rangers of the north many of them (Aragorn included) were gifted with exceptionally long life! *Nevermind that whole fall of Númenór concept where they stopped serving Eru Illuvator and then the island sank into the sea. :-P Elves, rangers, men, women, hobbits and all NF rebels are welcome to join! Hopefully you join because you love Tolkien as well! I'm not sure if there is anything further I need to add here but note that we're here to help keep each other in check and support people on any fitness struggles they may have. So far we have the below people in the team, if you'd like to join please say hello to them and check out their challenge thread. OKLibrarian Daisy88 JarrodCL Let the challenge begin....
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