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Found 8 results

  1. Hokay, so. No but seriously. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, and it's not really good. It's not end-of-the-world stuff, but I'm having enough trouble with my everyday activities that the added stress is not helpful. Mr. Mir and I returned from Jamaica on Thursday, we had a great time, and I am not ready to be back at work (even though I am at work). I didn't really do any of the stuff I had written down in my planner, partly due to laziness and partly due to aforementioned life stuff. I have only been scheduling activities (like housecleaning) a week or two out, and so I haven't written anything for this week yet. I would do it now, but I don't have a pencil. I know that is a lame excuse, but as soon as I write something in my planner in pen, I have to cross it out. I haven't made the decision to find another therapist yet, although I think I need to. My current guy is on vacation right now, and so I won't see him for another month. This seems almost like an ideal time to make the jump. I went to the dr for my back when we returned and he diagnosed me with a muscle strain. I was super paranoid that it was a bulging disc or something, but he told me I would have shooting pains down my leg, which I don't. He was concerned that I haven't gotten better (it's been two weeks) so he referred me to a PT. I'm planning to call and schedule something with them this morning so I can get started. As for goals, I actually do have a few in mind. I am somewhat limited at the moment with the fitness stuff since I don't know how much I should be doing, if anything, but hopefully I will know more soon. Goal 1: Lose the non-baby belly. I need to get serious about this because frankly, it's ridiculous. I don't know if it's fat or what, but I'm tired of bitching about it and not buckling down and really making an effort. Since my blood tests and ultrasound were normal, that indicates (sort of) that it's just fat, right? So I'd best hop to it. Even though it doesn't look like a typical fat belly. It looks like an old man fat belly, very taut and not saggy. Anyway. I'm starting at 1700 kcal/day and will adjust based on exercise and results (or lack thereof). Goal 2: Drink moar water. I suck at drinking enough water. I have no doubt that I'm quite dehydrated. And hopefully the water drinking will help with the weight loss. I have a 16 oz (I think) water bottle at my desk. I want 4 of those a day. So 64 oz. Same on weekends, although I leave my water bottle here so I'll have to figure something else out. Like, maybe a glass! What a novel thought. Goal 3: Complete this list of tasks. Make (and commit to) a large personal decision and follow through. Make dr appt to talk about belly (since we never finished that discussion) and ADD and meds Make PT appointment - COMPLETED! 2/24/14 Find new therapist Get my bedroom cleaned up (again) Get on psychiatrist waiting list Goal 4: Do the things I say I am going to do in my planner. I was really good at this for the first few weeks of last challenge, and it really helped me keep things together. I've been thinking about establishing some kind of routine because I've found it helps me. But then if one thing goes awry, the whole deck of cards collapses. Pics:
  2. Okay guys. I have to do something. And my last challenge petered out, so...here I am again. I'm putting the backstory/what I've been up to behind a spoiler tag because there's been a lot going on and I don't want everyone to have to read it if they don't want to. To put it simply: I'm a mess. However, I have a Plan. Sort of. I have an appt tomorrow with a psychologist who was recommended to me by the Employee Service department here at work. The place doesn't have a psychiatrist available, but apparently they work closely with PCP so hopefully I can get on some new meds. And figure out what the hell to do with myself. Frankly, right now I don't even know what my challenge goals are. I bought a planner hoping that it will help me stay organized this year. Mr. Mir has been doing the bulk of the housework, and I figured that if I wrote down things to do every day, I might actually do them (I love lists). But besides that, I don't know. The gym? I don't know. This next week it's supposed to be so cold - below zero. No way am I running outside in that. Food? I don't know either. Booze? That has got to stop. But how many things should I be doing at once? Anyway. There's my update
  3. Okay so I wasn't sure I was going to do one again, but I miss the community and the accountability. I don't know if I'll be great at posting on other people's stuff because I kind of feel like my life is a clusterfuck right now. Some of that is due to me being really good at beating myself up, but some of it is shit I need to get in order. Because I'm an adult, dammit. I gotta vag up at some point. However, this challenge is not going to be my typical balls-to-the-wall, do everything challenge. Before I get my shit together, I need to get my mental health in order. So, I'm working on healing myself this challenge. Main mission: Get to a place where I am happy and (mentally) healthy (or at least well-adjusted). Make decisions I can be proud of every day (thanks for that, Mom). Become the kind of person I want to be - the kind of person I know I am inside. I am intelligent, funny, fun to be with, driven, ambitious, and intuitive. I am social, empathetic, and I like to help people. I'm sure there are a lot of other awesome things I could say about myself, but those are what come to mind at the moment. Goal #1: Do at least one thing every week to combat depression. This could be doing an activity even though I don't feel like it (going for a walk, a run, something to get me out of my head - reading, sleeping, playing video games, watching tv/movies, and being on the computer don't count), going to a therapy session (although I have yet to actually get anything set up - not my fault, I'm waiting for callbacks), pretty much anything that might help. Suggestions welcome! Goal #2: Take my meds. Every day. I have gotten better at this but I am not perfect. I need to set up a system where I can take them every day and it does not rely being at work. Goal #3: Do something every week to destress. Again, no video games here. This is more of an organization/to-do/planning kind of thing. Can also be replaced by once-a-week journaling. And that's it.
  4. Chapter Two: A Tribute to Survival! They say I am just a few weeks away from taking on full-time Runner duties, but I feel like I still have so far to go. Finish this D: It's never finishing is it??? Challenge Theme Song: Movitvation: Mission Goal #1: Zombie Preparedness Training (+ 5 STA) Tribute: Grizzy, Runner5, Scurry, and all the other Rebel Runner 5’s I met last challenge out to save Abel Township I'm not quite able to run a full supply mission on my own yet, so I must continue my endurance training with Sam and the doctor. Complete week eight of Zombies, Run! 5k training app Continue with 3 runs/week for remainder of challenge Bonus Quest! 100 badass points: Run the “exercise trail†in Orphund and try each station. Completed! 100 badass points awarded Mission Goal #2: Bodyweight conditioning for better evasive maneuvers (+ 3 STR + 2 DEX) Tribute: Syren, bgvanbur, BarefoodDawsy, and all other Scouts who made a point to add strength training during the last challenge to improve their focus My running has improved, but running alone isn't enough to secure survival against a zom. Full body conditioning will assist me in headkicks, fence jumping, or pulling myself into a tree. Begin Convict Conditioning, 2 x 3 exercises a week Day 1--Pullup, bridge, handstand Day 2--Squat, leg raise, push up Bonus Quest! 100 badass points: Perform a freestanding head- or handstand by end of challenge. Completed! 100 badass points awarded Mission Goal #3: Reconnect with things that remind me I’m human, not zom! (+ 1 CON + 2 WIS) Tribute: MissMormie, Quentin, MirGSS, and all other Rebels who improved a fun skill, found something good, or did something fun last challenge Going out with Runner 4 reminded me that it's important to keep ahold of my humanity. Many of the other survivors at the base rekindled an interest or found time to be grateful in the past several weeks, and I should aim to do the same. Knit something: A new cowl for me Read a book: A Short History of Nearly Everything Bonus Quest! 50 badass points: Dancewalk on Hauptstrasse for 60 full seconds. Diet Side Quest: Slay the chocolate dragon! Max of one chocolate bar (or ice cream lollie) a week). Life Quest: Champion a cause for the survivors of Abel Tribute: Hammlin, 18ck, LorenWade, and all other rebels who make charity work an important part of Self Even with the runners going on daily missions, there is a lot to be wanted at the base. I will find a way to raise awareness and bring in more supplies for an important cause. (+ 2 CHA) Organize a donation drive for a charity meaningful to me. Bonus Quest! 250 badass points: Raise $500 USD for my cause Metrics and Pics! I'm still tracking my body changes on this spreadsheet. The link should take you to the Google doc. I'll try to take better quality pics this time around! Will have them up in the next day or so. Front... Back... Left Side... Right Side...
  5. Main quest: Get big and strong. How to get there: Eat stuff. - I need to eat the food to fuel my gains. I still don't want to track because what a pain in the ass, but I'm going to focus on eating lots of protein and good carbs. And yummy veggies. And not so much cake and ice cream and things. Lift stuff. - Continue my workout plan. Because I lurves it. But lift stuff wisely. - I'm really getting to the point where I need to be doing stretching, foam rolling, etc. So I want to do this at least 3x a week. Life side quest: Don't suck at life. So...here's my plan. -build up 12 hours of sick time at work (I think). I get 4 hrs per pay period (2 weeks). So, yeah, 12 should be doable- as long as I don't call in sick. Haha. -take my meds. Every day. This is also going to require a dr appt because I am almost out. Sigh. -spend 15 minutes a night cleaning/decluttering/doing dishes/something. This is going to be challenging but seriously. I'm an adult. I need to learn to not suck at life. Fitness side quest: Complete the exercise physiology course I signed up for on Coursera. Even though I'm totally overwhelmed by it right now. If I can't complete the course due to not having enough basic knowledge (sarcoplasmic reticulum, wtf is that?!?!) I want to get through Hank Green's biology crash course (thanx Catspaw!).
  6. The Challenge Concludes! The sounds of helicopters, sniper rifles, and the gate's cranking mechanism have become everyday background noises. Another six weeks have passed since the Zombie outbreak breached the Swiss boarders. My family and I have survived, but not without our share of hardships and grieving. Still..in the past six weeks, many great transformations have taken place. Greatest of all, perhaps, is my new role as Runner 5. Abel Township has officially taken us in, and in return for safe boarding I train with Doc three times a week and go on supply runs. Sam and the doctor have also started sending me to outlying settlements for information. I have made myself an asset to these people, and my family is safer for it. In the coming weeks, my training will come to an end. I will be a full-fledged members of the Abel Township Runners--scouting for intel, retrieving important supplies, and always, always keeping one step ahead of the Zoms. Mission Goal #1: Zombie Preparedness Training (+ 5 STA) Complete week six of Run, Zombies! 5k Training app I did not complete week six. In fact, I just completed week five today. However! I am pretty darn proud of myself for getting back on the wagon after a hospital stay threw off my momentum halfway through the challenge. Yeah, I took a 10 day break, but 3 of those days I was kind of not allowed to leave a very small area. The other seven days, I was adjusting to a new medication. There is some big win here. I did not let life deter me, only detour me. Grade for Goal #1: 83% B+ (+ 4 STA awarded) Mission Goal #2: Hone Scouting Skills (+ 1 STA +3 DEX) Locate three geocaches aka “safeholds†and leave a sign for other survivors I let bad weather, house organization, and other adventures get in the way of this goal during the last couple weeks. I really enjoy it though, and we still have plans to go out on my third planned geocaching adventure. Now, if someone could convince Swiss weather to conform to my needs...that'd be great mmkk? Grade for Goal #2: 67% C+ (+ 1 STA + 1 DEX awarded) Mission Goal #3: Monitor food rations (+ 3 CON) Keep a food log for duration of challenge This was going pretty well until I was hospitalized. Not logging for several days in a row, even doing my backlogging after I got home, threw me off. Then I started eating chocolate. And this week, I started drinking wine. And I just hate logging. But I realized some poor eating behaviors that come along with not logging, so I will get back on it for now. Blugh! Grade for Goal #3: 67% C+ (+2 CON awarded) Life Quest: (+ 2 CHA + 1 WIS) Increase communication abilities with local survivors This quest. Biiiiggg ol' fail here. Because....I specifically said "study time." I learned some really important things, though. Things like, I learn German better when listening to the radio, talking to people at stores, or reading through the sales ads. That stuff just sticks for me. I am handling all sorts of actually important stuff with a much better understanding of the language. And it isn't because I spent 1080 minutes in front of my computer doing lessons. I did 400 minutes though. And you know what? I'm giving myself an extra 500 minutes for all the conversing and reading I did in German this challenge. I think that is pretty damn fair, especially considering just being around people I know and love makes me so nervous and terrified I want to vomit and die. So. Yeah! Actually, I'm giving myself full credit. Grade for Life Quest: 100% (+ 2 CHA + 1 WIS awarded) TOTAL POINTS AWARDED: 11/15 OVERALL GRADE: 79% B NEW klaymates: Level 3 Half-Orc Scout STR: 2.5 DEX: 4.5 CON: 6.75 STA: 6.25 WIS: 7.75 CHA: 6 Before & After Pics: Check out how my measurements changed in this body changes spreadsheet on Google drive. Sorry the after pics are so huge. I didn't feel like resizing and all that jazz D:. Front...I'm seein' it! Back...more seein' it!!! Left Side...big difference, but my hernia D: Thinking I might need to talk to surgeon Right Side...recreating my silly poses = hardest part of challenge (I wish) Tummy Close-up...the skins become sadder. Thanks giant babies! Other stuff worth mentioning.... Went gluten-free!Lost 6 kilos and 26 cm!Bought new skinny jeans!Ate lots of chocolate!Got my mojo on (a big deal after pushing a 10 lb object out of the unmentionable zone)!Danced in the street like a fool for tweenagers!Discovered a med class that seems to control stuff and things much better (so far)!Signed up for Hammlin and Pixie's Virtual 5k!Had a blast doing the mini challenges (thanks Q)!
  7. New Goals, Mission, etc. Name: Hammlin “Hammi” Race: Wood Elf Class: Scout Attributes: Strength (STR): 18.5 Dexterity (DEX): 17.75 Stamina (STA): 21 Constitution (CON): 17 Wisdom (WIS): 18.5 Charisma (CHA): 16.75 Total: 109.5 Level 10 Motivation: Hammi’s Main Quest: Run Painlessly Faster (July 29- Sept 8) Missions: 1. Run. I am starting my training for my next half marathon- The Area 13.1 September 14th. I need to be more consistent with my running, so this mission is to log 3 runs per week. 16-18 Runs= A 13-15 Runs= B 10-12 Runs= C 7-9 Runs= D 0-6 Runs= F Reward: (+2 STA +2 CON) 2. Painlessly. I hate my foam roller. There is no love/hate aspect to this. I need to be better about stretching and rolling to keep my hip/knee/IT band issue at bay per doctor’s orders. Rolling and stretching once per day that I run is key. 16-18 Rolls/Stretches= A 13-15 Rolls/Stretches = B 10-12 Rolls/Stretches = C 7-9 Rolls/Stretches = D 0-6 Rolls/Stretches = F Reward: (+2 CHA +2 WIS) 3. Faster. Oh, speed- how to get faster? I had to really sit and think back on my training and how I got to my PR (the Turkey Trot 10k that I ran in 59:09) I was lighter, from eating better. I have since gotten away from tracking all my food (it’s what works for me) so for this challenge I will track again in an effort to get a bit lighter. Focus will be on better eating and not a specific weight loss, so scoring will be based on tracking (MyFitnessPal) and accountability (Team Girl Crush). 36-42 days = A 29-35 days = B 22-28 days = C 15-21 days = D 0-14 days = F Reward: (+2 DEX, +1 WIS) Life Quest: 4. Research. For my life goal I want to start making progress on a dream that Pixie and I have had for a while now. We want to figure out some way to either become a non-profit that raises money for a cause or figure out how to partner with one that does. I am passionate about mental health research and abolition of the stigma surrounding mental health issues, as I have loved ones who struggle with bipolar, depression, and anxiety. I want to spend the next 6 weeks researching nonprofits and how to get our toes in the water without looking like fools. 6 study sessions= A 5 study sessions= B 4 study sessions= C 3 study sessions= D 0-2 study sessions= F Reward: (+2 WIS, +2 CON) TRACKING My Story (challenge history): 1. Wandering across the mountain ranges of the west, I came upon another wood elf, who was running through the tree lined forest. I tried to keep up, because I knew he was waiting for me, but nothing I did would keep me at pace with him. Eventually I slowed, to catch my breath and I lost him. Dejected and worn out, I decided to dedicate my life to keeping up with this other elf... 2. Sneaking through the woods I can feel my senses getting sharper and I begin to wonder if the elf that I'm following, is actually following me... 3. Catching my breath I slow my run as I approach a clearing. Did I get lost? I don't know where I am and the elf I had been following has picked up the pace. My mind... it's jumbled up... my thoughts are foggy... I need to focus. I'll stay here for a while, find my center, and then continue on... 4. After pausing in the clearing to refocus, I see what looks like a beaten down path off to my right. Have I been here before? Walking up to the path, it looks familiar, but overgrown. I take out my sword and slowly start hacking away the brush that seems to have grown in over the years. Yes. THIS is my path. 5. Following the path for what seems like a lifetime I suddenly find myself at the tree lined edge of a beautiful meadow. The sun in the sky that is glaring down on me makes me realize something glorious- I have made it through the woods! Over the hill I see the elf that I have been tracking this whole time. He is napping… This is my chance!!! 6. Running up to the elf that I have been following for what seems like forever, I find myself out of breath. As I slow down and approach him, I see him slow down and turn to me. I don't know if he knows that I have been following him, but I can tell by the look in his eye that he's ok with this. As we start to wander the forest together we notice that things aren't quite as bright and cheery as they were months ago... something is wrong... 7. As we continue to approach the edge of the forest we can feel something bearing down on us. Picking up the pace we stay laser focused on getting out of here. The night has grown darker and the forest is eerily quiet. The wood elf and I look at each other and begin to run. I can tell that the time where we have to battle is near and we really need to stay focused... 8. Standing on the front line, victorious, I wonder "Now what?" I ponder with wise words of a foreigner who taught my people to stay motivated when they feel like they have arrived. The skills I have learned in the past keep me pushing forward. I move confidently north, to find new lands. And that other pesky elf can come with me… 9. On the north side of the valley I see something far away that I can’t take my eyes off of. It almost looks like the mountain side is glistening and the sun is dancing with the peaks. I fall into a trance, staring off into the distance, as if I'm under a spell. A few minutes later I am able to snap out of it, but the lingering desire to see who, or what, had a hold on me begins to push me forward. Is some powerful mage up in the hills, drawing people to him? Or is someone sending out a distress signal, begging for help. All I know is the allure of finding out what is in those hills is forcing me onward. We have mountains like these back home, but I am far from that place, and out of practice. It will take some time to traverse these mighty giants, but I have no choice but to start… 10. From the top of the mountain I can see everything. I have a level of clarity that I've not experienced before and it makes me take notice to my surroundings. I have an epiphany and realize that I need to race home to my family. They have no idea what’s in store! As quickly as I can I need to make my way back down the hill and back to my village…
  8. No fancy storyline (I have a blog for all that- it's linked at the bottom) My Mission is simple: LIVE AND ENJOY a HAPPY LIFE How the hell do I do that?!?!?! 1. Eat clean -when I eat right, my body is happy. My tummy isn't bloaty and if I lose a few inches: woohoo 2. Follow Training plan. I keep running and getting stronger. Running releases endorphins that make me a pleasant pixie. DOMs make me happy! For this mission to be successful I will have 2 life quests 3. Prepare myself and home for temporary single parent life (this means decluttering, simplifying and organizing my home) 4. Do the necessary things to prepare for home ownership - credit repair- etc. No attribute points will be assigned. No tracking document will be created these things have a tendency to stress me out & that defeats the purpose of this mission
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