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Found 2 results

  1. Challenge #7 Waldgeist trains like a Werewolf Backstory: As William Waldgeist stumbled through the river of Valkyrie the waves clinged onto him, trying to drag ihm down and swallow his body into the deep dark waters. But he resisted their pull. This wasn't the first obstacle he'd had to overcome but it seemed like it was the last one. At the bank of the river there was a fortress and many people in black clothes were jumping around on the field below. With his last ounce of energy William left the water, stepped on to the field and collapsed. Later he awakens in an infirmary, the smells of potions and creams leave no room for doubt what this place is used for. An old man with healer's crest tattoed on his left hand approaches: "Good, you are awake! After you were brought in we were worried, they tell me you came out of the river? But that river flows directly from the vicious wodds..." "Yes, that's were we've been, for a long time. I was trapped there, but we managed to defeat it's master and that opened a way out. Not an easy, open road of course, but a narrow path full of obstacles, that seemed unconquerable, but we did it anyway!" "Who is this we you speak about, are there others we need to look out for?" "No, just me? What do you mean?" "Nothing, maybe your nerves are still rattled. Surviving and fleeing from the vicious woods is a great feat. Not many manage to do that, at least to my knowledge.You must have many strong abilities. " "Yes we possess great talent and training. Bitten by a wolf, touched by the Force, trained as an agent and in the ways of magic..... My head hurts, I see so many picture, hear so many voices in my head...." The old healer guided the mind mage gently into the infirmary. "There he is, he fainted again after he awoke for a couple of minutes. Physically he is fine, I healed his wounds, there is nothing more I can do. But I fear for his mind and heart." The mage grabbed Williams head with her left hand and pressed her other against his chest. Mumbling spells of old she closes her eyes. The healer with his second sight observes how the aura of the mage merges with the one of the patient. When she openes her eyes again she sighes. "Interesting..." "I think he'll want something more when he gets up. And so do I actually!" "Well, it's simple. He is several people." "Could you make it more complicated? I don't understand simple things." "Several men were lost in the vicious woods, the only way to survive for them, was to merge into one person. But that's not the interesting part actually.." "Hahahaha, oh, you are serious?" "You know how we are near the edge of this universe and that there are others behind the rift? Each of this personas – I counted 5 if I'm not mistaken – comes from a different universe..." "What can we do to help him?" "Not we, him! He has to go to each universe and (re)live the life of each persona, probably several times. Then maybe there will be chance that they will be seperated again." "What if he does nothing, just ignoring what happened to him?" "He will go crazy, sooner than later actually, nobody can be several people withoung lossing it completeley....." First Werewolf chapter As I set foot on this earth the memory of Person #2 hits me (yes, I numbered them: 1 Jedi, 2 werewolf, 3 shield agent, 4 mage) hard. He was just a regular college student, pre-med/exercise science, when one night a wild animal (or so he thought) attacked him. The more I remember, the more I loose control. They are not just fading memories anymore, but it feels like I'm actually there, reliving his life from the moment he got changed minute for minute...... Challenge Goal: Get the basics down (Bodyweight + KB + Food) As you can guess from the backstory and the pictures below, this challenge has a TeenWolf theme. Quest 1 – "Tansformed by the Bite" Armstrong Workout Time to work on that pull-up, bitch. Last challenge I got in the habit of doing them regularly again. Now it's time to step it up and concentrate on increasing those reps. My maximum for an unbroken set now is 6 pull-ups. The ambitious goal for this quest is to get to two digits. The Armstrong workout consists of two parts: Max push-ups in the morning and an actual pull-up workout in the afternoon/evening. And that for FIVE consecutive days a week. Just one more.... Grading: Reward (2 STR I 1 STA I 1 CHA) 5 days = A 4 days = C 3 days = D Quest 2 – "Move like a Fox" GMB Floor 1 Phase 2/3 Continuation of last challenge. Basic strength training was phase 1. That is finished. Now to the interesting part: working on my skills. No mobility sessions this time, just 3 different skill sessions, twice done each week. Phase 2 should take only 4 weeks, but longer is always possible I guess. But if I finish there is still work to do in form of phase 3. Handstands, cartwheels, pirouettes whatever bring it on. Grading:* Reward (3 DEX) 6 days = A 5 days = B 4 days = C 3 days = D *If I finish phase 2 I get an instant B+ at least, even if I would've gotten a lower grade normally. Quest 3 – "Beast Mode On" Strength & Conditioning workout This is basically a kettlebell plus whatever bodyweight only exercise aren't covered in Q1+2 quest. I want regulary do swings and TGUs (like 4-5 days a week) plus occasionally (read: no more than once/twice a week) snatches, military/push presses, jump roping, maybe even some running or whatever I can think of. I AM STRONGER! Grading: Reward (1 STR I 1 STA I 1 CON) 4 days = A 3 days = C 2 days = D Quest 4 – "Druids know stuff" Study I like to learn, I really do. I just have to get motivated for the studying part. Last challenge this was 8 hours per week, which was amibitious. I managed about a third. This challenge same time but harder grading. I wish I had studied more, so I would know what this shit is.... Grading: Reward (2 WIS) 8 hours = A 6 hours = B 5 hours = C 4 hours = D Quest 5 – "Don't eat like a wendigo" Nutrition Last challenge this didn't go so well either. Different approach now, very basic. First, keep an eating diary. Second, do intermittent fasting on every work day. The first part doesn't need any explanation I think. The second part means on work days I'll eat only at work, which is an eating window of about 5-6 hours per day. I'm still going to prepare those meals at home and on the weekend I don't restrict myself at all. I'm just so hungy! Grading: Reward (2 CON I 1 CHA) 12 IF + diary days a week = A 10 IF + diary days a week = B 8 IF + diary days a week = C 6 IF + diary days a week = D Challenge Start Measurements: Belly 90 cm Chest 95 cm Arm 26 cm Arm (flexed) 30 cm Good luck!
  2. Summer Challenge [ July 27th - September 6th ] Backstory "...." Challenger Overall Goal: Finish an OCR the weekend after this challenge ends (September 12th or 13th) and conquer every obstacle. Explanation: I've wanted to do one for ages, but there was always something that preventet it. Not this time! Last weekend I found out that there will be two races in September close enough to where I live and I decided that I'm gonna finally do it (either a Tough Mudder in Bavaria or a Spartan Race in Austria). There is enough time to prepare (I'm not starting from scratch!), I've got the financial means and the time to do it and there is nothing else on my mind right now that could distract me. After that decision was made, I sat down today to plan my preparation for it and since it is almost exactly 6 weeks away, it crossed my mind that a NF challenge would be a perfect preparation option if one started right about now.... And thank god, this one actually did. Okay, I'm three days late, but what the heck. I've had good experiences with challenges, although not the last couple of them. But that was probably because my overall goals were to broad; and you can't get much more specific than "finish that race". Since my last challenge try I've been working out more or less consistently. Short recap of the last year: I did standard calisthenics mixed with some crossfit-type bodyweight workouts, finished GMB P1 at the novice level last winter, started kettlebel training a couple of months ago (I actually did a beginner class with my mom, which was pretty awesome for her and me) and I started GMB F1 (also novice) a couple of weeks ago. On to the SUB-GOALS 1) Continue with GMB F1 also known as my Star Wars Goal: Jedi Training Stats: DEX 2 I CON 1 I STR 1 Grading: 4 workouts and 2 mobility sessions per week are 100% (=A). 5 sessions equal a B 4 sessions equal a C 3 sessions in total (50%) equal a D 2) Calisthenics and kettlebell workouts also known as my Agents of Shield Goal: Operations Bootcamp There will be pull-ups, won't there? And push-ups, swings, snatches, running and what not more. To weed those out, who'd better stayed at communications or science. But not me.... There will be a big variety, some short, some medium and some long workouts, But they're all gonna be intensive. Stats: STR 2 I STA 2 Grading: 6 workouts per week are 100% (=A). 5 workouts equal a B 4 workouts equal a C 3 workouts in total (50%) equal a D 3) Supported by a good nutrition also known as my Teen Wolf Goal: Avoiding Mountain Ash This means a paleo-inspired way of eating, especially nothing with a label that has words like "sugar (no matter what alias)" or "askllksjhgs (also known as words I don't know the meaning of) or can't pronounce". Also no cakes and sweets, even if homemade, because they are my personal mountain ash. Stats: CON 2 I CHA 2 Grading: 6 clean days of eating a week = A 5 = B 4 = C 3 = D Complemented by LIFE GOAL 4) Study also known as my Old Kingdom Goal: Learning the Charter Although I'm working now, I'm still studying for two things: A] psychology, I'm finally gonna get my degree next summer B] languages, because I like learning them, this may include brushing up on my Spanish and Japanese but mostly concentrating on Czech, which I just started. Stats: WIS 3 Grading: 8 hours of studying a week = A 6 = B 3 = C 2 = D Because my challenge goal is a week after this challenge officially ends and because week 1 has already started, the rest of week 1 will be a transition period. Meaning I will do it as good as I can and I will also grade it, but it will not count for the overall grading (Instead week 7 will). Now, lets see if I can overcome those obstacles and finally leave these crazy woods.....
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