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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, my name is Ayman, I am 17 years old, I live in Bangladesh and I am in high school at the moment and I am very new to nerd fitness. I am here to focus on some of my short term and long term goals and make some friends and find some partners to hold me accountable because inconsistency is an issue I always dealt with in the fitness department of my life, and I'd love to make some new friends too. Cheers to everyone on their journeys and I'll list some of my goals and I will be updating this post hopefully on a daily basis. Long-term goals: 1. lose weight, become lean (particularly around the chest and stomach area) 2. Increase strength (concentrating on arms and legs) 3. Get ripped up! Short-term goals: 1. Workout 4 times a week, building up a habit so that I maintain consistency 2. Eat more healthy (cut down sugar, dairy and snack foods) 3. Be able to do 10 push ups without fidgeting 4. Meditate after my workout and before sleeping, everyday 5. Regularly update this post
  2. I have a younger brother who is tall and strong, but overweight and rather sedentary. He is 19 years old, 6’3", and over 240 lbs. He was always a chubby kid with a tendency to overload with junk food, but I guess my parents never decided to take his bad habits seriously enough, despite my father’s efforts to encourage him to lose weight (which, to this day, consist mostly of him yelling at my brother about how tight his clothes have gotten and why the hell he won’t do anything about it). A doctor’s visit from several years ago revealed that he was pre-diabetic, and I’m assuming he still is. He doesn’t really care about things like simple vs. complex carbs, portion control, or high- vs low-glycemic index foods. And with all this news about young people dying from COVID-19 due to preexisting conditions like obesity and diabetes, I’m really starting to get worried. I (24F) have always cared a lot about my own physical health — I’m actually studying to become a doctor. I try to limit my intake of processed foods, I rarely eat out these days, and I exercise regularly. My BMI has always been in the healthy zone, and over the years I’ve discovered ways to make exercise more fun for myself. I’m actually a huge nerd who loves video games and pretty much all things medieval fantasy, but hobbies like martial arts and LARP have helped me to stay fit over the years. My brother has also always been a bit of a geek. Like...we both like to play Smash Bros and Dragon Ball Z games together, for instance, but I’ve found more satisfaction from learning to fight like those characters in real life than to just be good at button mashing combinations. Unfortunately, my brother does not share those interests. TL;DR I don’t know how to encourage my brother to improve his diet and start a regular exercise routine. I don’t think he’s as willing to suspend his disbelief as I am and use his fictional role models to motivate him to get in better shape. I remember not too long ago that he mentioned he was interested in taking boxing classes, as he is physically very strong and boxing would seem cathartic for him. However, that wouldn’t be possible right now, due to the closure of all non-essential businesses. What would you suggest I do?
  3. I'm male, 16, 259 LBs, and at 34% Body-fat. For fat loss I am considering consuming only 1800 calories (I'd go lower but I'm a teenager) Here are the details. Cal:1,800 Carbs: 90 Grams (Excluding added sugar) Protein: 180 Grams Fat: 80 Grams (Moderate saturated fats and unsaturated fats. No trans-fats) I will also be lifting and doing moderate cardio. Please let me know if this is good or not.
  4. Hi. Sorry for the longish post. A bit of backstory: Since incorporating primal into my life, I've obviously had to refine certain beliefs - y'know the type: saturated fat is evil, girls shouldn't lift because they'll get buff, etc. So now, my questions may seem simplistic; questions a beginner would ask when they just start their sport out. It's not that way: I've been cycling most of my (short) life, and have only in the past year simultaneously quit competitive racing and taken up primal eating. I've always had a bit of a belly, despite cycling absolutely loads and following a "healthy" diet, but I only really noticed when I became a teenager. Disgusted with my body, I began to notoriously cut calories and increase cardio for the sake of losing my belly. I never did, and soon cycling became a means of burning calories and fat instead of a healthy, enjoyable exercise. How sad. When I was 14, I decided that I didn't enjoy cycling any more and quit. I don't know whether it was because I was trying to race a growing body on 1500 kcal or less per day, but I became slower and slower and more and more tired; it was just a task instead of a good environment. Like I said, I adopted VLC primal, and lost weight after two weeks; fwlt great. Spoilt it with a trip to the cinema, a full tub of ice cream, and two big bars of chocolate. became a slave to fat-and-sugar, and ended up with a BED. That's all gone, thank Christ, but I'm still overweight, and trying to lose. Though I'm eating well now, and hopefully my body will regulate itself, as I'm growing and all. I've grown about 2 cup sizes in a year-and-a-half, and have finally grown upwards! (and outwards, it seems...) I'm 15 years old, 5'4", and god knows how heavy. I have a solid frame, though. I'm lifting weights, I'm strong. I eat primal - only just started incorporating more fruit and starchy carbs. However! I think I want to race again. Mountain biking, that is. Specifically. Yet I know the stance on "CC". I suppose cycling would be classed as CC; what with the general consensus being "miles miles miles!!!!1". But the type of racing I'd like to do is around 60-90 minutes long, and with bursts - as we'd be climbing hills and descending. So: how do I train, primally, for a mountain bike race? Intervals, long rides, what? How can I incorporate primal eating into an athlete's diet? Any primal cyclists out there? Ones who race? Are long rides really necessary, or will intervals, short hard rides, and weightlifting suffice? I think I want to lose weight before I start to cycle again. a) to prove I can, and because cycling makes me really hungry and I'd end up eating more carbs and probably not lose weight. I'm working on that (check my journal) and I could really use some advice for it all. Thanks :3
  5. Hey everyone, teenage girl from the UK here. Nerd and fitness together appeal to me greatly, hence why I'm here. I want to lose weight and find something I love to do. I used to do cycling competitively, but I'm not so sure anymore. I guess it's just growing up. What I want in life... - good, strong relationships with awesome people - to be fit, strong, and healthy - to be great at something I love (not sure what that is yet) - to experience all that needs to be experienced We live in an era of information overload. So I guess I'll just try to get good grades and learn more about health and nutrition and go from there. My friends are typical teens in the way that they don't give a damn about nutrition (they don't have to, they're all young and slim) but maybe I'll meet more people who share the same interests as I when I grow older. I like video games, books, movies, metal music, rock climbing, and mountain biking; even though I rarely get to do the latter. So yeah. Hi.
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