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Found 2 results

  1. "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day." It's been a gloomy, stressful week, and I've been a lazy, lazy butt... but I am ready to overcome the heffalump laziness and conquer some woozle stress over the next month. Beware, beware! Heffalumps and woozles! Tendinitis I stopped doing my physio routine after a while... and I can feel the difference. I need to get back into it, again. I'm also creating a very small routine for my left shoulder to get that improved a little too. I will post both routines here. Also adding in yoga/tai-chi/pilates class 1x/week. Dehydration Goal is to drink 1.5L of water daily. Weakness Lift 3x/week. Routine linked here. I've started replacing some lifts with bodyweight exercises... i.e. I've found push ups to be way more effective than benching 50lbs. They're also a lot more fun. Stress Read 30 minutes every night. Need to step away from the computer and focus on something, that I enjoy. Books! A heffalump or woozle is very confusel, The heffalump or woozle is very sly! They come in ones and twoosels, but if they so choosels, before your eyes, you'll see them multiply.
  2. I'm baaaaaaaaack. A lot of this is going to go along with my battle log that I created off-challenge, which I will leave on pause while I do this challenge instead. What's happened since my last challenge (or really all in the past couple weeks): Applied to Grad schoolMade a huge mess of an "internship" (really a repeat of my last wildlife internship) - Long story short, felt I was being used and quit, somehow still manipulated into volunteering 2x/week for February, which will be a pain the ass. Expect some rants through this challenge. Got hired by my gym!Accepted to join a research expedition in Honduras this summer studying bats!Got an interview for a third part-time job, also working with animals. So... GOALS THAT I GOT: NO BURNING OUT If you know me at all, you know I am a ball of stress. Most important goal is to stay level-headed and find ways to destress at least once per day (videogame, draw, read, Netflix, listen to music, etc). STICK TO WORKOUT PLAN [clicky] For now, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for dumb internship. That's 10-12 hours walking on my feet so they're hardly rest days. PT PT AND MORE PT Physio routine as posted on my battle log. Daily. Treating tendinitis and also strengthening muscles to prevent future problems. FOAM (ROCK AND) ROLL Important stuff. All leg muscles/some tendons, even the arches of my feet, minimum once a day.
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