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Found 3 results

  1. Around 2-3 years ago I was diagnosed with de Quervain's Tenosynovitis in my right wrist. It's basically carpal tunnel, but in a different tendon. Repetitive movements, like typing and using a mouse (all I do all day at work), as well as lifting heavy things like grocery bags or small children in and out of seats, makes it worse. Dead lifts make it a lot worse. I did dead lifts at the gym yesterday, and full flareup is in progress. This worries me, because I really want to start the StrongLifts program (power clean just looks bad for the inflamed wrist), but I worry that
  2. I have bilateral tendonitis (that just means both arms, in the forearms) and possibly light carpal tunnel syndrome developing in my left wrist. I work with computers for my job, so that exacerbates the issue, but it was primarily caused by the ungodly amount of shoveling I've had to do in the past month (heyo Boston). The pain got really bad this week and I saw a doctor yesterday. My prescription: get PT, use Bengay, wear a wrist brace at night. I've been looking up stretches online and trying to do them throughout the day. I see a chiropractor on Saturday and hope to get more exercises at t
  3. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for a problem I'm facing. I have recurring tendonitis in both of my wrists (worse in my right), and while I don't suffer with it all the time, when I have flare-ups it can make certain activities more difficult. I attempted to do some push ups this morning and while I powered through it, my wrist wasn't thanking me. Is there any modification I can do to my form to help, or perhaps another exercise that will work equal muscle groups? Or should I power through it, logic telling me that continuing to work at it will strengthen my wrists and possib
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