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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all. Callanthae here. I had a previous account on Nerd Fitness a long time ago, so I decided to skip the Level 1 Challenge and come straight to the Rangers. My challenge doesn't really have a theme, but it does have an inspiration. My favourite anime of all time, the reason I got into tennis, Baby Steps. For those who haven't seen it, Baby Steps is a tennis anime. What makes it so fantastic in my opinion is a host of factors: - Maruo Eiichiro, the protagonist, doesn't have impossible skills. He starts out as a complete beginner to the sport. While his eyesight and his studious nature are
  2. "For the Year is Long, and Full of Binges" Priority 1: No 70 course dinners I've been trying to lose weight via tracking Calories In-Calories Out (CICO) for the better part of this year, and have been failing miserably. Not because CICO doesn't work, but because I consistently undo my good deficits with binge eating. Since insanity is popularly defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I'm trying a new approach for this challenge. I'm taking a mental health break from all the tracking: - I will not weigh myself during the challenge; -1 point for ever
  3. ♫ I wanna be the greatest master of them all! ♫ So you wanna be the Master of Pokémon! Do you have the skills to be Number one!? Quest 1: "Snorlax is fast asleep" Sleep like Snorlax. Last challenge, there were a few times when I got behind on sleep, and I found out how hard it is to stick to other goals when you're tired. So, priority #1 should be sleep. However, I know that life happens and I can't always control how much sleep I get in a specific night or what time I get to bed. Thus, my goal for the challenge is to average 8 hours/night, thereby accumulating 392 hours over the
  4. Hey everyone, About me: First posting here, long time fitness/nutrition student and frequent athlete! I live/work in Denver, CO, and play tennis, throw discus, play video games, and chill out in my free time. I love playing tennis, but I know that my body fat and weight are seriously hindering my performance on the court after the 1st set, and I want to compete at a higher level and win local tournaments. I know there are an infinite number of resources about weight loss, but now that I've gotten the general principles down, I've run into some confusion given all the wild debating about
  5. Intro and Long-Term Goals I’m Presea, and this is my second 6WC. I am a 25 y/o 5’ 7’’ female, currently weighing 183.6 pounds (4/7/15). My over-arching quest is to lose weight, with an initial goal of 160 pounds, at which point I’ll reassess. For this 6WC, my goal is to lose 5 pounds. I live in the Midwest region of the US, and I have a desk job (actuarial work). I enjoy many types of exercise and feel better when I work at least some activity into every day. Edit: Starting weight morning of 4/13 was 182.5, so my goal for the end of the 6 weeks will be 177.5. Need to take mea
  6. So I guess I'm not really new, because I've technically been a member for about a year. I just never got into the forums or challenges, and I haven't yet officially introduced myself. My name is Sarah and I just finished my first year of college. I'm really good about working out and staying active; I do crossfit, yoga, and occasionally play tennis. I hate running, but I'm trying to make myself enjoy it because I want to be a more well-rounded athlete. My real problem is eating. My boyfriend is literally the healthiest eater I've ever met, so I always ask him to help me eat better, but I jus
  7. Hello, I, TennisGeek took a off from previous challenge. And, I'm also late for this one too. Earlier this year, I had to go back to Japan for a few weeks to take care of my family situation. Well, my mom passed away in January. I'm sad but I'm over it because we knew it all along. She was 81. Nonetheless, I a little got out of whack. My weight is up to 168lbs this morning. Due to weather, my tennis club was out for like 2 weeks. I haven't played tennis for a while. I was not in mood to watch out for food or drink, after over 2 years of diligent MFP logging, I'm not keeping it up. Good
  8. It's clear that I suck at sticking to the regimen, and "motivation" sucks. I need to make things more automatic because I don't love any of work outs, diets, etc. Things I love - playing tennis, riding bike, eating good food, cooking relatively healthy, I have no problem with that. As a result, my body stays the same (pretty healthy), and not much of "maintenance" like crazy diet or exercise needed. Just auto-pilot the food and regular exercise and my body stays at 165lb with 18% body fat. The question is, how to develop the good habits that stick. I'm not going to say "I'm going to this f
  9. I need a place to keep track of my training log other than my challenges. It would be fun to keep track of my tennis matches I play too. I may not put in food log as I use MFP. All exercises are done in my basement with very limited weights or the locker room of my tennis club with body weight.
  10. Hello, fellow rebels. I, TennisGeek, am feeling down. I became an empty nester, along with other life events, my energy is not there at the moment. So, I started the challenge late. And, that's a good reason to start a new challenge. I need to pick myself up. During last challenge, I somewhat let go some of control on food. Not that I ate terribly, but certainly I ate a lot more food and gained 4 pounds or so. In previous challenge, I basically laid low during the transition of my daughter. It's time to pick myself up. I think that the hardest is to find the motivation right now.Stayi
  11. Hello, hello fellow rebels. It's me, TennisGeek, the man who is obsessed playing tennis. I do a few other things but it's all about tennis seriously. The main quest - I'd like to be the best tennis player I can be, but, sometimes the life calls for a break, just like any tennis match takes 90 second break every two games. This is my 3rd challenge as a Ranger, and 7th overall. This challenge is not a level-up challenge but I'll maintain the body until my kid starts college. It would be a bit of change in my life. Goals 1. PLP Challenge Continue PLP I started after the last challenge. Toda
  12. The main quest - The best tennis player I can be. First, I beat everyone in the tennis club. There is a town tennis torny (Arlington Tennis Open), and I'm going to play. That's July 11th. I'd like to do well in it. Last challenge was a fail. I think Goals 1. Stronger Strength training 3 times a week. Full score is 18. I need to keep the training simple however, because my priorities are life, tennis, bike rides, and training. I have to keep each session pretty short. STR+3 2. Faster I want to get faster with my bike ride. The best way seems to be to time the morning comm
  13. The main quest - Win a Wimbledon Championship. I know it's a rocky road. First of all, I have to beat the guy above. That probably means that I have to be way better than anyone in my tennis club which is already difficult. That means, I need power, endurance and time to practice tennis. Oh, right. I moved from Adventurer. Hey, every one! The goals: #1 Organize My Room completely You'd say "Huh?". But that way, I don't waste time anymore to look for stuff in my room. So, it makes time to play more tennis! In previous challenge, one of goals was "throw one thing away every da
  14. Looking for local workout partners. I live mid-peninsula. I don't want to work out anymore. I had a weight plate come lose and give me a concussion. I would like a partner in fitness. Let me know if you are interested.
  15. Hello! TennisGeek here. This is my 4th challenge. For first 3.5 challenges, I've put in a lot of work, time and effort into each challenge. I felt exhaustion just keeping up with my own challenge so I'm going to change the tone completely. For this challenge, I've decided to not put any stress on myself. My challenge is to simplify my life including the challenge itself. Main Quest: Becoming a Wimbledon Champion Goals: #1 - Sleep better. Don't sleep on couch. Count night that I went to bed. CON+3 #2 - Throw one thing away every day for the duration of challenge I want to cl
  16. The time has come. The mission is to bash and chase away my most hated enemy. It has been compromising my health, eating, relationship and productivity. It's been really long time that I don't go to bed to sleep. For last two challenges, fixing up the sleeping was my side quest, and didn't do anything, therefore it cannot be "side" any more. I need a real attitude change about sleep. There are only 3 things that affect the body - food, exercise, and sleep. I'm doing fine with food and exercise, so the sleep has to be addressed this time. Main quest Goal #1 - Go to bed every night.
  17. Main quest I don't want to be "skinny fat", and play better tennis. In the first challenge, I was able to get into the groove with my workouts, so I want to build the success on top of it. Main Goals: #1. Shave off another 2lbs of fat based on Fitbit scale. I average 5 days of weight x body fat % at the beginning and ending and see the difference. A: >=2lbs: A (CHA +3), B: >= 1.5lbs (CHA +2), C: >= 1.0lbs (CHA +1), D: >= 0.5lbs, F: >= 0lbs. #2. Strength training for tennis I play tennis regardless at least 4 times a week. (I already played 4 nights this week, not c
  18. Tennis is considered an edurance sports. However, it's actually one-on-one battle consisting of power, speed, technique, endurance and mental abilities. Mental ability is a big part of tennis match and that makes the game interesting and really fun. So, which guild? I think of tennis as non-contact martial arts. It's often compared to boxing match than anything else. The description fits fine with martial arts except we don't hit each other, we hit the yellow ball with a weapon called tennis racquet. But, if I go to monk, I'd be an odd ball out. Ranger or Scout don't fit too well with the co
  19. MAIN QUEST My life's goal is to win the Wimbledon. However at age 52, I don't think I can get there that easily. I need to level up my tennis game a lot to get there. For immediate goal, I'll start by beating everyone in my tennis club which is not that easy. In terms of weight, I've already gone down my weight from 188 to 163 in 4 months since May, but I can lose some more so that I can move quicker. Losing unnecessary weight also saves my knees, so it allows me to play longer better. The reasons I gained weight in first place were, A: I did not know what to eat. - ignorance. B: I had an il
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