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Found 6 results

  1. The theme here is to be a consistency monster. I've realized that Consistency>Intensity so my goals this time is to create a cycle that I don't want to break. 1) Whole 30+ Always one of my goals because of how much it helps me. Eating right consistently means I'll lose weight. I didn't lose 45 pounds by cheating myself. I need to stay consistent with it; no matter how boring it might get. How I felt on the whole 30 was way better than if I wasn't and I need to remember that. +4 Con 2) Walking If I'm going to do a Spartan Race, I need to be able to handle walking long distances. I'm starting off with walking 2.2 miles a day. Once that feels easy for me, I want to steadily increase it. Again- consistency>intensity. No need trying to hike 10 miles and burn myself out. +3 Dex 3) PLP - Pushup + Lunges + Pullup Program. I can't do pullups yet, but that's why I'm going to do heavy rows until I can do inclined rows with my bar + cement blocks. I'll try 10 of each when the challenge starts and do that a couple days and then continue with increasing the reps. Sledgehammer workouts when I feel like I have extra energy worked out great last time, so don't worry- I'll be hammering away yet again (Sub-goal here: do 500+ Pushups over the course of the challenge) +4 Strength 4) Staying Positive. I haven't ironed out the details of this yet, but there is a lot of heavy stuff I'm dealing with right now and I need some mental clarity. If I'm depressed and stressed out- I won't be able to handle the other things. So this has to be a priority. Maybe a positive affirmation a day or something? Not 100% sure, but I'm thinking something along those lines. +4 (Determined Later)
  2. With it being the new year, I've been very reflective and I've never stuck to anything besides nerd fitness. Within 6 months I dropped 4 pants sizes and I'm a lot stronger now. I want this to be THE YEAR. This is the year that I take everything I've learned and finally finish my weight loss quest. Main Goals: Lose 140 Pounds / Complete a Spartan Race I don't know how far I am on the weight loss since I haven't weighed myself since May, but clothes have been a good indicator that I'm going in the right direction. I don't want to get discouraged over how much left I have to lose. I'm just eating healthy and exercising and my body will take care of itself. 1) Do a whole 30. (+4 Constitution) I did a complete one back in september. I did 3/4 of another one in november. Cookie day ruined that and I gained some weight back. I'm completing this one. I started Jan 1st. 2) Sledgehammer Workout 2-3x a week. (+4 Strength) On a whole 30, I lose a lot of energy in the beginning. So when I start this, I'll be working out twice a week. Once I get my mojo back, I'll do 3 times a week. 3) Make more gym things. (+4?) i want to make 2 sandbags with handles for farmer's walks and such. I also want to make another kettelbell so I can be more balanced when I do certain exercises. 4) Read more. (+3 Wisdom) I need to think about this one a little bit. I want to read but I'm just not sure how much would be a goal/challenge.
  3. Round 4 Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds 1 - Food - Complete the Whole 30. So I started the whole 30 and it's a massive pain. I've gotten into yelling matches, gone hungry, and fallen asleep with tears in my eyes because of how defeated I've felt- but I'm going to beat this. Pass or Fail. There is no leeway. I must finish the whole 30. +5 Constitution 2 - Exercise - Warhammer Training 2x+ a week. I had originally done warhammer training 3 times a week. However, with trying to do the whole 30, part of the detox is having no energy and I really feel it now. I'm going to do this training twice a week at a minimum. I will try to do a 3rd time each week, but there's no promises. Pass or Fail as well. +3 Strength 3 - Stretching 2x a week. I tried stretching out last challenge. I want to improve. +1 Strength +2 Dex +1 Wisdom 4 - School. I was going to attempt a bookshelf (still might), but considering all the work I have to do to get an application (3 letters of recoomendation, 8 page essay, etc) I think that'll be my life goal this time. +3 Unsure
  4. Well I'm bummed that the challenge is a 2 week wait but I started this sunday anyway so SCREW IT, I'm doing a 7-week challenge. Bonus point for keeping charisma going. This right here is going to be my rough draft of my next 6 week challenge. Main Goals: To Lose 100 Pounds / Complete A Spartan Race 1) Finish another Whole 30. I started my 2nd Whole30 on Nov 1st, so I'm chugging along with it. +3 Strength, +2 Constitution 2) Warhammer 3x A Week. I want to have a base workout, and then start adding some new exercises into the mix to keep things fresh. I'll also be including stuff from Challenge #3, which is.... +5 Strength 3) Make some new gym equipment. I want to make a kettlebell and a tornado ball. They both look like fun and they're something new to use to mix it up with my warhammer. I want to make a 25lb kettelbell and a 45lb kettelbell. +3? 4) Prepare for hobo xmas. I have created a holiday much in the same light as festivus (although I never knew of festivus before coming up with my idea). It's anti-commercialism. It's all about making gifts, getting joke gifts, and finding the cheapest and worst possible gifts ever. Creepy doll with a black smudge on it from the holiday bazaar for 2 bucks? PERFECT. I have a huge stockpile in the laundry room that reaches the ceiling so I need to sort it all out, make some of the gifts, and start wrapping them up since I DESPISE rushing the holidays. +2?
  5. OH MY GOD! It's been forever and I'm excited to start getting back to business. Family showed up during the off-week and there was just garbage food after garbage food and more garbage food. My 'never eat again' list has expanded quite a bit. It was a bad experience overall. I've been detoxing so this week will still be a little rough but I am back and ready to do this! I haven't given much thought about goals/challenges since the last one ended but I'll edit this post as I think of stuff. I'll have it ironed out in a day or two. Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds. Goal 1: Food! Like I said, detoxing now and this is a really hard part. I really need friends and accountabilibuddys (spelling?) at the start of this. I've reduced my non-paleo meals to twice a week now. Bagels are officially on my 'never eat again' list so that means there's no point in having a cheat breakfast. It's roughly 1 point a week. There's some leeway the next few days but by the end of the week if I'm screwing up I start losing points. +5 Constitution Goal 2: Warhammer! My sledgehammer(Jackson) has been a dear, dear, workout buddy but it's time to retire him.... FOR A WARHAMMER. The old sledgehammer was 10 pounds and I was able to work out with it for 20 minutes without breaking much of a sweat. So easy that I was getting bored- and that's a bad sign. So I'm ordering and will hopefully get by the end of the week- a 20 pound sledgehammer. My tentative workout is as follows: 10+ Minutes of Warhammer training 7+ Tire-ups 30+ Reverse Crunches 30+ Incline Crunches (getting too easy, hope to increase difficulty soon) 5+ Random experiment - either 1 leg deadlifts, or trying new sledgehammer exercises, or doing some tractor-tire flips. Each time I'll try something out and see what sticks. If nothing strikes me, then I'll get into full-body weight squats. +5 Strength. Goal 3: Unity! I couldn't think of a better word. I would like to focus on stress relief with some sort of meditation. I'm horrible at it. In fact, I think I have really bad ADD but was never diagnosed. I also feel after a stretching mini-challenge that I really should do some sort of stretch-related goal. I know they're technically 2 things, but I'm going to try to do them both as a package deal- like a yoga-ish thing. breath deep, clear my mind, and try and get some stretching done for my legs, knees, and back. Once a week, but I'll gun for twice a week. +3 Wisdom Goal 4: Hardware/Guitar! The desk and end table was a great success. I either want to improve the desk (sawing, sanding, priming, painting, fitting a side board to the desk and then having pins in the legs to hold actual shelves- which can then be used to hold my game consoles and other knick-knacks.) -OR- Guitar. I've put it off a lot because I'm really insecure. my g/f thinks that I'm dexterous enough that I should be able to do pretty well if I just stick with it. idk. +2 Whichever With that all done; hello and welcome back!
  6. Goal 1: Standardize and DO Workout- *UPDATE* It is now standardized so +1 Wisdom. Now I need to continue doing the workouts: Standard Workout(3): shovelglove & incline pushups & reverse crunches & incline crunches & (when knee is better) full body squats Tire Workout(1): shovelglove & tire flips (count and try to increase) & tire whooping & tire lifting (custom tire dumbell/barbells) +3 Strength +1 Wisdom +1 Stamina Goal 2: Building- Recently getting tires inspired me to create more DIY gym equipment, so I'm having a goal pertaining to that. This consists of a few projects that I want to get done. By the end of this, I should have a nice home gym. -Project 1- Power wash all the tires -Project 2- spray paint all the tires and 'whooping stick' -Project 3- get more tires for dumbbell/barbells. (power wash+spray paint new tires too) -Project 4- get heavy duty PVC pipe and bolts -Project 5- craft dumbbells/barbells Since there's 5 parts to this, each 1 will be worth 1 point. More possible options as well, such as making a medicine ball and sandbag. But that's an ongoing thing to adjust as the challenge continues. +2 Stamina +3 Constitution Goal 3: Eating- I've been doing pretty good with paleo for the whole 6-week challenge. I think my issue is going to be persistence. I would also like to cut down a cheat meal. I was doing 3 cheat meals instead of a cheat day each week. I've been lowering the portions on the cheat meals, so I think continuing on this route slow and steady is what I need. I need to get some more vegetables into my meals as well. +3 Stamina Goal 4: Life Goal- Mini-projects: sanding, priming, painting endtable sanding, priming, painting desk break window, plexiglass cut and assemble summer frame, plexiglass cut winter frame +2 something
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