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  1. An Oblivion Crisis! The main quest of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is to find and close all of the oblivion gates that have been popping up and pouring the evil Daedra into the land. As this game is my current addiction of choice, it makes perfect sense to build this challenge around the theme. My mission is to close oblivion gates by entering the gate, defeating the daedra inside and recovering the sigil stone that keeps the portal open. Each gate will have a specific goal tied to it and by meeting the requirements of that goal I can successfully close the gate. I don't have to close all of the gates, just enough to get things under control. The gates are The Kvatch Gate: Exercise - I was originally planning to have the seccess threshold for this be an average of 3 park workouts per week over the course of the challenge. I think that may be aggressive so I am going to say I need to get in 15 workouts at the park over the next 5 weeks, which comes out to be 2.5 workouts per week. I think that should be doable. The Anvil Gate: Cooking - Following on from the success on my last challenge, I want to continue here as well. To close this gate I need to cook 20 different meals (no repeats) over the next 5 weeks. The Bruma Gate: Food - I have discovered that cooking good foods is not a key indicator of my pant size. It helps, but not nearly as much as controlling the consumption of said food. Or, more accurately, the consumption of food beyond the meals I cook. I have discovered that I am most likely to fall of the wagon in mid afternoon, just between lunch and dinner. I suspect that my problem is having too small of a lunch (especially as I am not eating breakfast). In order to close this gate, Ineed to eat a real proper lunch everyday and then no snacks in the afternoon except 1 single protein bar. I can accept 5 variances from this rule over the next 5 weeks to still acheive this goal. The Skingrad Gate: Flexibility - I have really been slacking on this recently and I don't have a good excise for it. I have purchased a very good program (2 in fact) but I am not getting any benefit from them if I don't even use them. To close this gate I don't need to be great at this but I need to do something. The specific something for this challenge is going to be at least one MyFlex session per week. The Chorrol Gate: Scripture Study - Ghostlet asked me to teach him some Old testament stories because he feels like he has no idea what it is even about. To close this gate I need to have one evening per week in which I spend time with him going over Bible stories The Cheydinhal Gate: Ukulele - For this gate I need to identify and learn 1 new song each week. I don't have to memorize it but be able to play it (and sing along) The Bravil Gate:: Xbox - I am going to be doing this anyway so I might as well make it a challenge item. To close this gate I need to finish at least two side quests by the end of the challenge. I expect these will be the Theives Guild and Mage Guild side quests. The Leyawin Gate: Piano - In order to close this gate I need to memorize and be able to play relatively smoothly the first 9 measures of Kiss the Rain The White-Gold Tower Gate: Jewelry - Ah the White Gold Tower, home of the Emperor and Seat of the Empire. This gate cannot be allowed to remain open. Ghostess has recently gotten herself addicted to pearls. She first started buying loads of them, and then went even deeper and started learning about the different kinds and qualities and then moved on to making her own pearl jewelry. This led to us havong way more pearl jewelry in the house than she could ever wear, so she has expanded her side gig (a beauty salon) to include jewelry sales. This new libe of business for them starts today. She has been feeling very overwhelmed by how much there is to do and I offered to help by seeing if I could learn to make the jewelry as well. In order to close this gate, I need to make an item of jewelry and have it be purchased by a customer at the shop. I will need to close at least 8 of the 9 gates to be considered the Champion of Cyrodil. 7 of 9 will make me the Hero of Kvatch and 6 out of 9 will make me the Grey Fox. Anything less than 6 and I am just an escaped criminal from the imperial prisons.
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