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Found 16 results

  1. Hi! I'm pretty much brand new here. I've just signed up and gotten started. Here's the thing. I am terrible at keeping myself going. I love having other people around me to encourage and motivate me. So I think to myself, "San Antonio's a huge city. There have GOT to be some kind of crazy nerdfolk in the area who would want to engage in some sort of fitness-related social activity!" Maybe we could have social runs, or find local places to play with fitness challenges, maybe we just want to find a nice healthy restaurant, have some food, and swap notes, share ideas or workouts, and n
  2. HI! I'm new to Nerd Fitness and am looking for people in the Ark-La-Tex. I'm currently in Texarkana and would love to set up times to be road warriors together and make challenges and destroy them :D. Krissy
  3. How tough are you? Are you one tough mudder? My sister and I have signed up for the Tough Mudder run in Central Texas. It is to take place in Smithville, about 2 hours outside of Houston. My sister and I are going to volunteer on the 21st and run it (on a volunteer discount) on the 22nd. We are looking for two things: 1) Nerds who want to run this mug with us. (neither my sister nor I are going to run the whole distance, we are not scouts ;)) 2) A place to stay near the location. I am kind of poor and can't afford to spend too much money on lodging, bu
  4. There is a plan to ruck at Enchanted Rock State Park and climb the Rock on October 27th. We originally started calling it Camp Ranger Fitness, but of course everyone is welcome. I know that's a Thursday, but it's the day those of us planning to go all have off. So far the plan is for those going from San Antonio to meet on the NW Side and caravan to the park, it's just north of Fredericksburg. Those coming from Austin would likely go a different direction We'll make a long loop of the park, which comes out to about 5 miles, then walk up the Rock. It's challenging but doable. When Wild Wolf an
  5. Playing catch-up: 1/12/2016...Weight: 180...Daily Calorie tracking continues...Shoulder workout today 8x4 (110 lb military press, 30 lb (ea) side raises, 25 (ea) lb front raises (both arms), 35 (ea) lb bent over raises, 90 lb arnold presses...15 min Spin.
  6. The 2016 Texas Warrior Dash is March 5, 2016 in Cedar Creek, TX (East of Austin). This is the thread for anyone interested in going so we can coordinate a time and other logistics.
  7. I missed the 6-week challenge, but I've got my own 8-week challenge that I started last week. And like the board says: "Nothing says accountability like letting the world read what you're doing." So here goes nothing! I plan on posting raves, rants (damn you, Taco Bueno), and just any general thoughts that may come to me while I go on this journey. I'm always open to any words of encouragement from my fellow Rebels! Fitness Goal Average Weight on 8/3: 168 Workout Plan Heavy Weights, 4x per week Fasted workout Nutrition Plan Intermittent Fasting (at night) Life Goal Save for
  8. Just married, starting a family with a couple of fur babies, getting noticed by your awesome bosses at your awesome Texas radio station job, then... BAM! The same day I get promoted is the day my husband gets the job he's been waiting for since leaving the military... In Pennsylvannia... When life hands you lemons, I am right? We had our first real-life, grown up talk that day (on Valentine's Day, 😓) and as much as we hated to admit it, both of our life changing job opportunities were something we couldn't pass up. He had to move to PA and I had to stay in TX. I gave my bosses a "1-year gar
  9. Greetings fellow Rebels! I've been following the NF blogs for a while, but this is my first post. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. I have one "simple" goal: I turn 50 in March and I'm determined to be in the best shape of my life by then. My primary focus is weightlifting because it's what I enjoy and it gets me to the gym at least 4x per week. Diet is definitely my weak spot. I'd love to get advice in both areas because I'm still learning. May the Force be with us all!
  10. Hi everyone! I just moved to Houston, more specifically North West part, and was wondering if there is any fellow member that lives near by. I go to the LA Fitness, Katy Freeway. If you live near by send me a post! I would love to meet you. AramisN
  11. Hey fellow nerds! How are you all doing??? So, I have decided it's time for a change in my life. I have never been the fit kid, and I never really eat healthy food as much as I should, but I want to change. I am a 21 year old college student at Texas A&M University studying... wait for it... computer science! So you can't get much nerdier than that folks! But actually, you can! I love video games, and I especially enjoy Nintendo games! My favorite character is Luigi, so if you like any of that stuff, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. But enough introduction. Last time I che
  12. Greetings from central TX! I'm an average guy, with a newfound love for rock climbing, parkour, and nerdly fitness! I've been following the NF blog for awhile, and decided I should check out the community! Seems like a lot of knowledgable people like to hang here, so I thought I'd join. I've been rock climbing for about 6 months, V4+ now, and practicing parkour at a couple of the local gyms once a week. And I wear black. A lot. So, TX Assassin reporting for duty!
  13. I guess I'll start here, hello everyone, my name is Knichtus. Do not let the masculine name fool you as it always does I am female (however I feel more comfortable with a male persona so he or she is fine though i really prefer he ) *cough* Anyhow. I am right now a student at University of Texas at Dallas (just turned 18 actually), my goal is to become a Design Engineer, double majoring in Engineering and Arts and Technology (yes i know, this is gonna take me like 8 years, I know.) However I strong with the one thing that every Monster Hunter needs: self-esteem. Monster hunter is my favori
  14. Hi yall! TexasToast here. If ya wanna know more about my Epic Quest, check the signature. I'm hittin up the Level 0's who might reside in the South Texas area, namely the greater Corpus Christi area. If you live in the area, who'd like to get together once a week or so for some vigorous physical activity, coffee, or maybe even a friendly D&D session. Just tryin to find like minded people in my area who would like to keep each other in check and track each others progress. Hit me up your interested. I'd love to find some fellow anglers who'd be down to kayak the intercoastal with me and
  15. I'm just curious if any fellow rebels are going to be going out to Scarborough this year. It's in full swing right now and is going on every weekend till May 27th.
  16. Looking for other rebels in El Paso Texas to encourage and motivate each other and get together to stay active on weekends. Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Lean.
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